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Case Study: EA Sports


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Against a hard deadline, IdeaScale and EA SPORTS collaborated to create an ideas forum that was fully integrated into the EA SPORTS web experience and drew on IdeaScale’s API.

Learn how EA SPORTS:
- generated more than 4,000 product ideas and a very active community
- increased engagement by managing the idea lifecycle
- worked against a hard deadline to create a fully integrated brand experience

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Case Study: EA Sports

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 Electronic Arts Inc. is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. EA SPORTS is a division of their company that creates connected experiences that ignite the emotion of sports with games like Madden NFL and FIFA. These games are available across multiple interactive platforms on a worldwide stage, from mobile phones to gaming consoles. Over the years, EA SPORTS has cultivated an active community of super fans called Game Changers. Game Changers use their expert game knowledge to inform EA’s game development and assist other gamers. EA  wanted  to  offer  their  community  members  a  forum  to  collaborate   and  communicate  with  the  whole  EA  SPORTS  community, a place where new ideas could be generated and new customers could become engaged. Against a hard deadline, IdeaScale  and  EA  SPORTS  collaborated  to  create  an  ideas  forum  that   was  fully  integrated  into  the  EA  SPORTS  web  experience  and  drew  on  IdeaScale’s  API  for   cross-­‐login  so  that  EA  SPORTS  users  did  not  have  to  make  a  separate  account (further lowering the barriers to participation). The team also used CSS integration to skin the community to appear completely in unison with EA’s look and feel. IdeaScale and EA met their deadline and the new Game Changers Ideas Forum has resulted in: • More  than  4,000  ideas.  Some  of  those  ideas  have  been  included  in  new  versions  of  the   game, including Madden NFL 13 player editing in franchise mode or custom rosters for connected careers. • Almost  100,000  votes.  EA  SPORTS  has  been  able  to  improve  engagement  by  flagging   which  ideas  have  been  reviewed  and  stewarded  through  to  compleQon. For example, when the site went live, the community rallied behind the idea of including fantasy draft in Madden NFL 13 with more than 2,000 votes. When EA moved that idea to the completed tab, users were able to see how their ideas and votes made a real impact on the product and were more likely to engage in the community in the future. • Nearly  7,000  acQve  users. Users include Game Changers, but also a broader community and the Ideas Forum has been a great place for the EA SPORTS team to gather information for development, design, marketing initiatives, and more. 2IdeaScale  Case  Studies EA Sports A Fully Integrated Community
  3. 3. 3IdeaScale  Case  Studies “IdeaScale  was  an  incredible  partner  to  work  with,”  says Steve Kwan, User Experience Designer for EA SPORTS, “they helped us develop a community under a tight time crunch and we now have a way for our Game Changers to unify in a very visible way that helps numerous internal departments as well as our fans.” IdeaScale’s API offering uniquely suited EA’s community and will be a key part of the Game Changer’s Idea Forum in the future. To learn more about the Game Changer’s Idea Forum, visit the site FOR  MORE  INFORMATION Global  /  Americas   +1  800-­‐549-­‐9198 New  Zealand   +64-­‐080-­‐099-­‐5088 Australia   +61-­‐02-­‐9037-­‐8414 United  Kingdom   +44-­‐0-­‐808-­‐189-­‐1476