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mobile app development proposal for myjoyonline


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mobile app development proposal for myjoyonline

  1. 1. Proposal for the development of a mobile news app for myjoyonline By: Aganzy Networks LLC Contact Iddrissa Tel: 026 500 2639
  2. 2. Introduction/Objectives As more and more people continue to access news content on their mobile devices, content owners are looking at ways of providing their subscribers with a dedicated, user friendly and easily managed dedicated apps. News and content providers are now encouraging their subscribers to get in touch with them through their app, thereby ensuring loyalty from their followers. In other words, apps are the best mode of engaging users, and monetizing through ads.
  3. 3. Project Description ● Our team of dedicated professionals seeks to develop a dedicated news app for smartphone users in order to capture that growing demand of users. ● Using the latest web technologies, and no-coding approach, our team can design and publish mobile app for android devices through Google Play for download, as well as IOS through the apple store. ● by using the state of the art development platform, all our apps are managed in the cloud, and administrators are provided with a backend access, to update and manage all aspects of the app.
  4. 4. ● Our platform allows full monetisation of user engagement through ad insertions and push notifications. Monetization
  5. 5. ● Our platform allows for a full integration of web page (html) contents. ● based on a template based design approach, pages and contents can be added and deleted with a click of a mouse. ● full videos, audio, images format, and files are easily incorporated into neatly designed sections Features
  6. 6. Social Media integration ● Viewer based (social media) content such as facebook comments, tweets are incorporated to provide user engagement ● Youtube videos and instagram photos are part of the rich features that are easily added ● Live Radio is also included into the app.
  7. 7. Conclusion Our team can put together a fully integrated, feature rich, design and publish a mobile app for a short time of one (1) week and hand over all backend management to client. we would then train administrator(s) to manage all contents. Our platform is cloud-based and comes with a full support service. we are ready to provide further deliberation and discussions...