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Tribute to ISU and its Communities

  1. 1. 280 degrees and certificates offered 15,553 students (Fall ’09) Students from 63 countries
  2. 2. Clinical Psychology Ph.D. rated #1 among 207 programs by Psychological Report, 2008 More operating accelerators than any university in North America 100% pass rate on national exams Audiology, Dental Hygiene, Idaho Dental Education Program, Pharmacy, Radiographic Sciences, Speech Pathology, Aircraft Maintenance Technology Cosmetology, Early Childhood Care and Education, Dental Laboratory Education, Law Enforcement, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapist Assistant
  3. 3. Rising Above the Challenge Record Enrollment 16,000 15,500 15,553 Headcount 15,000 14,500 14,520 14,361 14,174 14,000 13,929 13,500 13,000 Fall 2005 Fall 2006 Fall 2007 Fall 2008 Fall 2009
  4. 4. Collaborating with School Districts across the State Intermountain Center for Educational Effectiveness Partnership with 56 school districts in eastern Idaho Total Instructional Alignment Align Idaho’s entire education system to increase student achievement Nationally unique program
  5. 5. Early College Headcount 3,000 2,500 2,412 2,000 2,012 1,730 1,595 1,500 1,161 1,000 500 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009
  6. 6. Idaho University Comparisons Graduate Full-Time Equivalent Students Fall 2009 (10th Day) University of Idaho 1,114 Idaho State University 1,270 Boise State University 1,149 1,000 1,050 1,100 1,150 1,200 1,250 1,300
  7. 7. Serving the Citizens of Idaho ISU Student Headcount by Residency Status 3% 7% Fall 2009 (10th Day) Idaho Residents 90% From Other States International Students
  8. 8. Health Professions A Major Economic Driver In 2009, 39% of ISU’s awarded degrees were health-related
  9. 9. Health Professions Degree Programs at BSU, UI and ISU 9% 16% 75%
  10. 10. Health Care Partnerships ISU has more than 1,500 affiliation agreements across the U.S. and more than 250 in Idaho, including: St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center Idaho Department of Correction Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Eastern Idaho Public Health District Idaho Falls School District 91 St. Joseph Regional Medical Centers Moscow Family Medicine Idaho State Veteran’s Home Public Hospitals Cooperative Portneuf Medical Center Pocatello School District 25 Gritman Medical Center
  11. 11. ISU Health Clinics Quality Health Care in Idaho Operate 12 clinics 29,000 patient visits a year Generates more than $4-million Visits 29,099 29,765 27,714 29,102 24,258 18,787 19,212 19,963 17,720 17,521 15,543 FY 99 FY 00 FY 01 FY 02 FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 FY 08 FY 09
  12. 12. ISU Health Clinics Quality Health Care in Idaho Dentistry (Pocatello and Boise) Speech Language Pathology (Pocatello and Boise) Counseling (Boise) Audiology Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Balance Clinic Dental Hygiene Wellness Center Psychology Clinic
  13. 13. Comprehensive Health Science Centers Meridian Pocatello
  14. 14. Community Support ALSAM Foundation Delta Dental
  15. 15. Research ISU Focus Areas National priorities Grant and contract funding opportunities Potential for economic development Research and technology transfer Workforce development
  16. 16. ISU External Funding Grants & Contracts FY ’04 FY ’05 FY ’06 FY ’07 FY ’08 FY ‘09 Number of Proposals 381 381 408 508 435 460 Submitted Funds Awarded $28.1 M $28.5 M $33.1 M $31.2 M $31.1 M $28.5 M Federal R&D Funding $8.4 M $12.1 M $11.6 M 11.9 M $13.0 M (NSF data) Total R&D Funding $14.4 M $19.7 M $16.7 M $19.9 M $20.7 M (NSF data)
  17. 17. ISU Funding from Industry Grants & Contracts FY ’05 FY ’06 FY ’07 FY ’08 FY ‘09 Funds Awarded from $2.0 M $2.6 M $3.9 M $4.4 M $5.2M Industry External Funding from 7% 8% 13% 14% 18% Industry
  18. 18. The CORE ISU—Meridian Health Science Center ISU is the educational anchor in THE CORE Business cluster of public/private partners in Meridian Fusion of health sciences, research and technology Goals: drive innovation and sustainable growth, and create jobs and community assets for expanded opportunities 60+ medically-related businesses
  19. 19. Industry Partners Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC Lockheed Martin Corp. Corporation for Public Monsanto Broadcasting North Wind, Inc. Dewberry Placentazyme Holdings, LLC Ecosystem Sciences Precision Nanoparticles, Inc. Family Medicine Residency of Premier Technology, Inc. Idaho Strategic Fishing Systems General Electric Company S. M. Stoller Corporation H. F. Magnuson Company AREVA Health West, Inc. Kootenai Medical Center
  20. 20. Energy Research Nanoparticles Project Novel nanoparticles for more efficient solar energy panels Collaborative Partners ISU (chemistry & physics) Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Precision Nanoparticles, Inc. $1.4-million funding to ISU Intellectual property ‘09 Idaho Innovation Award: Early Stage Innovation of the Year Future research and job creation in Idaho
  21. 21. Energy Research Idaho Accelerator Center Applied nuclear science research Medical isotope production Non-destructive testing of fissionable material Research partnerships U.S. Departments of Energy, Defense and Homeland Security National laboratories, including INL Lockheed Martin Positron Systems, Inc. $8M annual external funding (grants & contracts) 78 employees 96% funded by grants & contracts
  22. 22. Nuclear Engineering Only undergraduate program in Idaho “Nearby” sister schools—UC Berkeley, Oregon State 96 undergraduate and 35 graduate students Agreement forged between INL and ISU to create true, long-term appointments
  23. 23. Medical Research Idaho Accelerator Center Medical isotope project Urgent national need for isotopes in medical diagnosis and treatment Novel method to produce medical isotopes In research and development stage Patent application in progress Goal: license technology and/or form startup company within 3 years
  24. 24. Energy Research Center for Advanced Energy Studies CAES delivers innovative, cost-effective, credible energy research leading to sustainable technology-based economic development Energy perspective includes fossil, renewable, and alternative energy Research partnership between INL and three Idaho universities $15.9-million total grants to the universities since Oct. ‘08 ISU as Principal Investigator $7.9-million
  25. 25. Dramatic Increase of NIH Grants Michelle Brumley (Psychology) Jim Groome (Biological Sciences) Karl Madaras-Kelly (Pharmacy Practice) Dan Selvage (Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences) Beth Hudnall Stamm (Institute of Rural Health) Laura Tivis (Institute of Rural Health) Maria Wong (Psychology) One other is expected to receive final approval soon…
  26. 26. Addressing Economic Issues Trained workforce Focusing on growth industries: Health care Energy Environment Contribute to state’s needs Health care for underserved Collaborate with other agencies Can we contribute further?
  27. 27. Collaboration is Key to Success in Idaho
  28. 28. ISU is Proud to Collaborate with: Idaho National Laboratory Shoshone Bannock Tribe Center for Advanced Energy Department of Environmental Studies Quality Department of Corrections U.S. Bureau of Land Management Meridian School District (Meridian Local/Regional School Districts Center) National Security Agency The CORE (in Meridian) Idaho Small Business Development Idaho Department of Health and Corporation Welfare Idaho Center for Disabilities Hospitals State-wide Evaluation Veteran’s Administration University of Idaho U.S. Geological Survey Boise State University U.S. Forest Service And many more…. Idaho Department of Fish and Game
  29. 29. Mirador Basin Project Dr. Richard Hansen with Mel Gibson
  30. 30. Native American Business Administration Program Economic Development Collaborations with Tribes Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation Geothermal Energy Development Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Holding Company Business Plan Support to Small Business Association Leadership in Indigenous Nations Institute Initiative Multi-disciplinary indigenous education and research network Finalist in HERC Research Center competition
  31. 31. Native American Outreach President Arthur and Dr. Laura Vailas with Larry EchoHawk, U.S. Department of Interior Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs
  32. 32. Veterans’ Sanctuary Transition and support for student veterans Awarded the American Legion’s 2009 National Citation for the state of Idaho Working to open the nation’s first veterans’ residence hall on a college campus
  33. 33. Athletics Development Jared Allen Strength and Conditioning Center $192K New equipment & building enhancement Idaho Potatoes Video Board $150K Football Locker Room Renovation
  34. 34. Athletics Miller Ranch Stadium
  35. 35. Student Athletes Serving the Community 1,500 service hours
  36. 36. Accreditation ISU successfully completed its Regular 5-Year Interim Accreditation Review in Fall 2009 NWCCU has reaffirmed ISU's accreditation Three Commendations: Rendezvous Complex Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) Providing students with financial support despite poor economy
  37. 37. Idaho Legislature Commendation of ISU’s Health Care Mission “commend and congratulate Idaho State University for its outstanding programs in the health professions and the positive impact those programs make in the quality of life for the citizens of Idaho.” —Senator Diane Bilyeu
  38. 38. Thank you for your hard work for and support of Idaho State University