Silicon Valley Link Overview


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Interested in doing business in Silicon Valley? Learn about the opportunities and challenges of the region, and how we can help.

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Silicon Valley Link Overview

  1. 1. CorporateOverviewSilicon Valley, the technology and business hub of the United States, host to early adopters, strategic partners, investorsand talent, holds significant appeal for entrepreneurs around the world. Have you thought about expanding to the US,but unsure how? Concerned about risk and costs? Let Silicon Valley Link help you.Why Silicon Valley?There are several reasons to choose Silicon Valley as your starting point for your US expansion strategy: 1) Successful companies gather in Silicon Valley: Major companies call the Valley home: Facebook, HP, Intel, Apple, Cisco, eBay, Yahoo, Salesforce, Google, Oracle, Adobe and many non-US companies have significant sales, R&D and support centers here, including SAP, Orange, Skype and NEC . Hot companies are here too: Tesla, Twitter, Zynga, and the newest star, Instagram. 2) Innovation is concentrated in Silicon Valley: Innovation happens here: semiconductors, networking, web 1.0, web 2.0, social media, SaaS, and now clean tech. Technology innovation is driven by large and small companies, universities (Stanford, Berkeley) and research centers. 3) Resources are abundant in Silicon Valley: Funding sources, strategic partners, customers, engineering and business talent, creative mindsets and a great quality of life. 4) Business and entrepreneurship are in the air: Silicon Valley never sleeps, business is agile and competitive, networking is open, customer feedback can be obtained fast and also partners and competitors can be identified quickly. The culture supports agile businesses and the entrepreneurs who create them. Silicon Valley is full of examples of success (and failure), initiative is rewarded, failure is accepted, if done right. 5) If you make it in Silicon Valley, you can make it anywhere: If your product and business succeeds in the Valley, you have proven you can compete and thrive. It can be very rewarding to become successful in Silicon Valley. There are, however, many contenders, so the margin for error is very small. It is important to do it right from the beginning, develop the right message and move forward full throttle.What should I do?The moment you identify the opportunity, you’ll recognize the complexity of the problem: Should I hire a sales person?Should I set up an office or corporation? Will my product be as successful? Will I face new competition? Is the marketstructure the same? This list can overwhelm companies.There are very distinct advantages for you to work with independent resources like Silicon Valley Link: 1) Focused on your needs: Explore the US market, learn the appropriate market timing, product development, market messaging, financial strategy, before making an expensive long term commitment, reducing risk. 2) Full experience for less investment: Engage with flexible resources, with diverse skill sets, who can grow and adjust with you, at a fraction of the cost of a full time resource, with far more flexibility. 3) Leverage multiple insights: Maintain an objective outside perspective, while gaining insider knowledge and dedication to your success.Silicon Valley LinkSilicon Valley Link provides hands on strategic marketing, business development and sales support to high velocitycompanies. We typically work as part of the team, taking an active management role through the period of high growthand change. We believe in providing you the joint experience of seasoned executives in order to make your expansioninto Silicon Valley a successful one. We provide many years of in strategic marketing, business development and globalexpansion for overseas companies,particularly European companies.Some other things you would like to know about us: Highly connected Silicon Valley insiders, with extensive global experience Passionate about & experienced in global expansion Broad skill sets & industry knowledge 1+1 >2, flexibility, availability & combined perspective Commitment to working side by side with our clients, driven by their success
  2. 2. Services for companies expanding into Silicon ValleySilicon Valley Link has developed a set of products tailored towards the needs of small to midsized companies expandinginto Silicon Valley and the USA. US JUMPSTART™ This six months market entry program includes product positioning, messaging and lead generation. At the end of this program you have tested and verified your market assumptions against actual customers and potential partners. Based upon this feedback you will be able to make necessary adjustments in order to scale the business, and to develop a partner and distribution strategy. ACCELERATOR WEEK ™ Many companies and organizations wish to make a preliminary exploration of the US market, and meet a targeted group of potential customers, partners and other members of the ecosystem. Business requires face to face contacts and “being there.” A successful business trip requires preparation, which is best done locally. Silicon Valley Link will help you to assess the right contacts and arrange meetings. Spend your time evaluating business rather than leaving voicemails and chasing the wrong leads. You will find a week packed with new and relevant contacts, offering different aspects of the market and allowing for a broad set of opportunities to expand your network. FINGER ON THE PULSE™ Our entry level subscription program allows you to stay tuned to the latest developments in the area relevant to your business. Stay informed about the latest technology trends and business opportunities. Silicon Valley Link will help you to formulate your value proposition and interact with targeted companies at trade shows and networking events, gradually building up your lead database and US market awareness of your products. Count on receiving new business opportunities on a regular basis as we scan the market with face to face interaction on your behalf. BOOST THE BOOTH™ Planning to attend a trade show in the US with a booth presence? A trade show presence can significantly boost your presence in the US, increasing your name recognition and providing you with an abundance of relevant business contacts, more so than almost any other marketing vehicle. A successful trade show has to be planned and well executed, though, to ensure high ROI on the costs and time. Optimize the investment you make by having experts fine tune your brand, effectively design your space, create high impact yur show messaging and demos, drive high value traffic to your booth, as well as manage the follow up. THE CATWALK™ After all the preparation and evaluation, the moment arrives where your product will be shown to the audience and will be judged upon its merits, advantages and benefits. Success or failure can be decided by details in presentation, features and partnerships. Make sure you team up with seasoned partners, with proved track records. This custom designed support program covers aspects as representation, product management, partner strategy and business development. Your success will be our success.Contact us and find out how we can help you to bring your business to the next level: IdaRose Sylvester. Strategic marketing. Go to market strategy. Business plans. Strategic partnerships. Message & pitch development (multi-audience). Market research& feasibility. Funding strategy. US operations management. US market expansion, practical, tactical and strategic. Workshops & training.(Email: Jan Grotenbreg. Business development. Strategic partnerships. Negotiations. Global expansion. Product development. Product marketing. Sales. Executive marketing management. Hands on, high impact relationships. (Email: