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EduVenture presentation 25 april 2012


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Presentation given to the visitors of the EduVenture program on 25 April in Burlingame, CA. Focus on Valley mindsets and the issues global entrepreneurs face.

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EduVenture presentation 25 april 2012

  1. 1. Living on the Fault Line: Business on theEdge between Cultures in Silicon Valley presentation to Silicon Valley EduVenture 25 April 2012 IdaRose Sylvester & Jan Grotenbreg, founders, Silicon Valley Link
  2. 2. Agenda• Some questions for you• A little information about us• Silicon Valley 101 • History • Mindset• Global expansion mindsets of startups• Q&A
  3. 3. Some questions to get us started• What is the capitol of Silicon Valley?• When did Silicon Valley get named?• What percentage of Silicon Valley households primarily speak a language other than English?• How much venture capital did Silicon Valley VCs invest in 2011?• What are some words you use to describe Silicon Valley?
  4. 4. Participant introductions
  5. 5. About us
  6. 6. About Silicon Valley Link• Hands on marketing, business development and sales services• Market entry and expansion• Small businesses• Overseas into US• Less risk, better reward
  7. 7. Our reach
  8. 8. About usIdaRose Sylvester. 15+ years experience in marketing, strategy andbusiness development. Technology focused. Globally focused.Telecom, SaaS, BPO, hardware, web 2.0. Lecturer on best practices,Silicon Valley, marketing. Executive background. Bachelor’s degreefrom UC Berkeley and MBA from FW Olin School. California native.Jan Grotenbreg. 25+ years experience in marketing, sales andbusiness development. Technology focused. Globally focused.Telecom, clean tech, semiconductors, hardware. Executivebackground with experience on 3 continents with Philips. MSEEfrom Technical University of Eindhoven. Lived in California 15+ years.
  9. 9. We’ve seen it all
  10. 10. This little place called Silicon Valley: History
  11. 11. Silicon Valley 1849 to 2012Startups from 1849 to 2012: the Gold Rush mindset continues… 1849 2012
  12. 12. The impact on forming Silicon Valley• Gold Rush mentality, innovation, self reliance, speed, risk• Attracted adventurers and pioneers• The real winners were…….
  13. 13. Evolution of Silicon Valley Facebook Social Web Google Web 2.0 Netscape Web 1.0 Salesforce Cisco Cloud Apple Networking PCs SUN Intel ICs workstationsHewlett Packard Components1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
  14. 14. This little place called Silicon Valley: Mindset
  15. 15. Exercise: What do you think are the components of the Silicon Valley mindset?
  16. 16. Silicon Valley mindset• Be agile• Embrace risk• Accept failure• Fail fast• Be lean• Evolve your ideas• Support others• Self starting• Self reliant• Have a healthy ego
  17. 17. Global expansion mindsets
  18. 18. The Four Expansion Mindsets• No• Not now• Yes, but…• YES!!
  19. 19. NO! I don’t need to• You might be right – Some markets are so easily globalized you can stay in one place – Maybe your home market is large enough• You might be wrong – Do you really know your customer from thousands of miles away? – Are your assumptions about your home market true? – What are your true aspirations?
  20. 20. Case study:Maybe it works for them
  21. 21. Case study:it didn’t work for themToo many companies to list
  22. 22. Not now!• I’ll wait until I prove myself locally – Do you know the market is big enough to give you enough money? – How do you know your home market will teach you what to create for the rest of the world?• I’ll grow when I get traction in the US – How will that happen without effort?
  23. 23. Case study:the perils of waiting
  24. 24. Yes, but…– I will now, but I won’t invest • In learning about business practices & culture • I’ll put in more effort when the market is ready • I’ll just show up!– I will now, but I won’t do anything differently • Are you sure your product will sell the same way it is in other markets? • Are your customers the same? • Is your messaging appropriate?
  25. 25. Case studies: doing it slowly!Various other clients/contacts of ours
  26. 26. Case study: doing it wrong!Various clients of ours
  27. 27. Your US journey starts here…..! Not here…
  28. 28. Yes! Exercise: The mindset of abundance:what do you think it is about?
  29. 29. Yes! The mindset of abundance• Embrace the risk of expanding• Make smart examinations of product, customers and messaging• Make changes as needed, different market, different approaches• Apply the right resources without hesitation
  30. 30. Case study: growing globally from day one
  31. 31. Q&A
  32. 32. Thank you! www.siliconvalleylink.com