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What is Office Subscription?
Office Subscription in Office 365 is the Office ProPlus suite, available as a service. It is essentially equivalent to Office ProPlus 2010 in volume licensing, with almost all of the same applications and functionality, including the Office Web Apps. The main differentiation with VL is how Office Subscription is licensed and delivered.

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Office 365-office-professional-plus-technical-overview

  1. 1. Office Professional Plus
  2. 2. Caveats
  3. 3. Office Professional Plus in Office 365 Flexible service offering with pay-as-you-go, per-user licensing Word Publisher Excel Access The complete Office experience with services integration in Office 365 InfoPath PowerPoint SharePoint OneNote Workspace Simplified end user set-up to preconfigure services Lync Outlook Always the latest version of the Office apps, including Office Web Apps • • Excel OneNote Microsoft Confidential • • PowerPoint Word Familiar Office user experience to access services
  4. 4. Business and User Focus: CIO Focus: Economic Efficiency IT Efficiency One cost-effective Platform Increase the return on every employee Enable a mobile workforce Improve information value and flow Reduce risk to the business Deliver against changing business requests Control support, integration & training cost Protect information and stay compliant Connect users to key business processes
  5. 5. The Future of Productivity Best Productivity Experience Across PC, Phone, Browser The Cloud on Your Terms Online Service On-Premises Unified Communications Business Intelligence Enterprise Content Management Collaboration Unified Business Platform Enterprise Search
  6. 6. Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure Office Brings Even More Value to Server & Services Capabilities Deliver the value of servers & services to users Promote faster adoption of new capabilities through tools used every day Office enables users get more value from servers along the journey to the cloud Single-interface training helps manage support costs
  7. 7. Office 2010 Delivers More The Best Productivity Experience Across the PC, Phone & Browser Work Better Together Collaboration Without Compromise Bring Ideas to Life Insights from Information Use Office Anywhere The Practical Productivity Platform PC, Phone & Browser Security, Manageability & Performance
  8. 8. Share Expertise & Stay Connected Benefits Achieved with Office 2010 Work Better Together Bring Ideas to Life Consultants reduce the time to locate an expert by 50% using the social networking capabilities in Outlook 2010 Social Connector. - KPN and Getronics (Communications) Use Office Anywhere The Practical Productivity Platform With co-authoring, executives estimate a 75% reduction in time spent reconciling changes to documents. - Creation Technologies (Manufacturing) Medical firm uses OneNote 2010 shared notebooks to collect, track and report on manufacturing process recommendations. It saves 10 hours a month on reporting and has reduced costs by accelerating improvements. - ResMed (Manufacturing)
  9. 9. Meet Deadlines & Reduce Time Spent Coordinating Changes By Enabling Multiple T eam Members to Work T ogether in Real-time Work Better Together Engineering Challenge: Document collaboration inefficiencies waste staff time. Presence Co-authoring: Multiple authors can simultaneously Accounting edit different sections of the same document in several Office 2010 applications. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Individuals complete editing tasks faster as compared to the manual reconciliation of revisions. IT has the flexibility to host the documents on premises with Project Manager SharePoint Server or with SharePoint Online Host on-premises with SharePoint Server or in the cloud with SharePoint Online Happy Customer Option to lock paragraphs Coauthoring Scenario
  10. 10. T Control of Your Email and Calendar ake With New Shortcuts and Views in Outlook 2010 Ignore and Clean Up Work Better Together Challenge: The average worker receives large volumes of email every day, making it time consuming to stay organised and up-do-date and find information when it’s Conversation View needed. (click to change view) New Conversation Management Tools: Conversation View, Clean Up, and Ignore remove duplicate information and act like a muteyour inbox the inbox. Mail Tips provide Shrink button for notification before sending to a group or individual outside the organisation, a large distribution list, someone who is out of office, etc. Click here to minimise Potential savings/efficiency gains: Spend less time wading through email and more time on value-add activities. And now with Exchange Online, you can reduce deployment and management costs with a cloud based service. MailTips
  11. 11. Share a Presentation with Others Instantly Using Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010 Work Better Together Challenge: It is cumbersome to set up a virtual Appearance to presentation for people outside your own organization. on the PC presenter Host on SharePoint Server, on SharePoint Online or free internet service Broadcast Slide Show: Present a slideshow directly from PowerPoint to anyone who can access a Web browser. Send an e-mail invitation with a web link and the recipient can follow along in their browser while you control the presentation from your PC. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Hold spontaneous meetings without the added expense or effort of third-party broadcasting tools. IT can keep security in mind by managing through Group Policy and choose between a broadcast service hosted locally on SharePoint 2010, in the cloud with SharePoint Online or a free service provided over the Internet,. Appearance to viewers through the browser
  12. 12. Manage Volumes of Digital Information Benefits Achieved with Office 2010 Work Better Together Bring Ideas to Life Planning analysts at a large shipping company complete data analysis projects 50% faster with PowerPivot for Excel—without the help of IT to combine data sources. - Mediterranean Shipping (Transportation and Logistics) Use Office Anywhere The Practical Productivity Platform “Better metrics and analysis [with Excel 2010 and Excel Services] lead managers and agents to quickly identify and address areas for servicelevel improvements-resulting in higher-quality services for our customers.” -Scott Myers, Americas Service Delivery Manager Dell (IT Services) “The new tools for picture editing and embedding video [in PowerPoint 2010] puts more control into the hands of our employees and helps us create more appealing presentations. There’s power at your fingertips to make image adjustments without investing in expensive tools.” - Vijay Rajan, Senior Manager of Strategic Planning, InfoSys (Professional Services)
  13. 13. New Commands Make Everyone More Productive And Everyone Finds Them with the Ribbon T oolbar and Backstage view Bring Ideas to Life Fuel adoption with a contextual, seamless look & feel from the rich client applications to the browser Challenge: With reduced staff and budgets, people Improved need to work more efficiently and produce more inPrinting house. Experience Updated User Interface: Ribbon toolbar is now in all Office 2010 applications and the new Microsoft Office Backstage™ view is introduced, providing quick access to important Customisable operations such as viewing document information, saving, printing & Extensible and sharing. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Helps people uncover Outlook® SharePoint Workspace Visio the right commands to produce better results faster. IT can customise the Backstage view to surface commands or Connect to workflow operations that are most important to people in Services your organisation since it is extensible. Project SharePoint®
  14. 14. Save Time & Money by Easily Editing Your Videos & Photos In Office 2010, without Using Additional Editing Programs Bring Ideas to Life Add effects to images Challenge: Photo and video content is becoming an ever-popular way to create and consume information, but multimedia tools can be expensive and difficult to learn. Compress file size Video & Photo Editing: Trim a video clip, turn a colour film into black & white, add artistic effects to photos and more in PowerPoint 2010. Trim video clips presentations with the use of video, without the need to learn a new application. Reduce costs by eliminating the need for 3rd party rich media tools with rich capabilities integrated right in Office. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Create more effective Control UI for video
  15. 15. Make Fast, Effective Comparisons from Lists of Data By Using PowerPivot for Excel and New T to Visualize Data ools Bring Ideas to Life Challenge: Large volumes of data can be slow and cumbersome to analyze. Slicers Self Service analysis New conditional New data analysis tools: delivered through provides icons PowerPivot for Excel formatting lighting fast query and sorting capabilities with hundreds of Excel & Slicers million of records. Sparklines convey trends for a string of numbers in a single cell. Improved SharePoint interoperability Potential savings/efficiency gains: Rich data analysis is more easily accessible to more people and can eliminate the need to buy Business Intelligence software that can be costly or difficult to learn to use. Saves time identifying business trends. Sparklines Work with massive amounts of data
  16. 16. Work From More Locations & Devices Benefits Achieved with Office 2010 Work Better Together Bring Ideas to Life With offline capabilities in SharePoint Workspace, inspectors spend 2 hours less on documentation for every customer site visit and expect a 10% to 25% revenue increase. - hhpberlin (Professional Services) Use Office Anywhere The Practical Productivity Platform Company will save $100,000 annually in hardware and licensing costs because Office Web Apps support cheaper storage and replication alternatives. - Mediterranean Shipping (Transportation and Logistics) “The Office2010 Web Apps really assist here as a companion to the full Office suite that ResMed employees use at their desks. Whether in other ResMed locations around the globe or outside the office, employees can now make changes to shared documents or the Continuous Improvement notebook without worrying about file fidelity problems.” - David Lewis, IT Infrastructure Director, ResMed (Manufacturing)
  17. 17. Work from Virtually any Place or Device With Office Web Apps Use Office Anywhere Challenge: People are using a broader array of devices Host on premises with SharePoint Server or in the cloud with SharePoint Online and working more remotely. Office Web Apps: Online companions to Office for Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote provide high quality viewing and lightweight editing in supported browsers.* For Kiosk workers the Web Apps provide a great entry level productivity experience. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Access more of the information you need to respond faster on the go. IT can host Web Apps on premises, running on SharePoint, to maintain control. And since document formatting and content is maintained when edits are done in the browser, support calls from data loss will not increase. Lightweight editing Hi-Fidelity Viewing Content and formatting is maintained from PC to browser SSL Office Web Applications Scenario *An appropriate device, Internet connection and Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browser are required.
  18. 18. Work with SharePoint Documents and Lists Offline With SharePoint Workspace 2010 Use Office Anywhere Select content to Challenge: Trends toward working remotely have lead totake offline high demand for a seamless online/offline experience. Auto-sync SharePoint Workspace: Take SharePoint libraries and lists offline by simply pointing at a site or from the SharePoint site itself. When you reconnect, only the changes are synchronised, providing fast updates even over a low bandwidth connection. SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online Potential savings/efficiency gains: Make more of existing Go Offline Efficient sync of changes only SharePoint investments by enabling people to stay productive and in sync when away from the office. IT can drive uptakelocal Integrated to of SharePoint initiatives by delivering a rich experiencesearch desktop for access to content, online or offline, with integrated authentication. Taking SharePoint content Offline Reconnect
  19. 19. Stay Up to the Minute with Office Mobile Applications that are Much More than Viewers Use Office Anywhere New capability: Office Mobile 2010 for Windows Mobile and Nokia E-series phones Office Mobile: Mobile companions for Excel, Word, Create & edit PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint provide the ability comments to create and edit content. Now, seamlessly copy and paste information across programs. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Get more done on the Access SharePoint go with easy access to view and edit information, saving content changes back to the source without any loss of content or formatting. Copy & paste IT can leverage a single, security enhanced platform to across programs ensure that users can access information from more places and devices. *Office Mobile 2010 is not included in the Office 2010 applications or suites. Maintain content & formatting Rich view of charts & graphs
  20. 20. Connect Business Processes to Desktops Benefits Achieved with Office 2010 Work Better Together Bring Ideas to Life Reduce development time for data management applications up to 85% and save $20,000 with Access 2010. - Connolly (Financial Services) Use Office Anywhere The Practical Productivity Platform Publish materials faster with an Office Business Application. “We have consolidated numerous steps to publish a story down to a single screen in Word 2010.” - Chad Schorr, Director of Newsroom Technology, Associated Press (Media and Entertainment) “With Excel 2010, it takes four hours a month to publish more data and requires fewer Excel Web parts—a 75% improvement in productivity. The hardware did not change, just the version of Excel.” - Scott Myers, Americas Service Delivery Manager, Dell (IT Services)
  21. 21. Rapid Development for Business Applications Office is the Best User Experience for SharePoint Services and Line-of-business Processes The Practical Productivity Platform Challenge: Make users productive participants across a broad array of processes without encumbering them with multiple applications, tools and systems Office and SharePoint Platform: Office as the “front-end” for line of business and SharePoint based solutions. Office is the best consumer of SharePoint solutions for workflow, forms, collaboration and Social Networking. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Delivering business applications through Office reduces user training cycles, improves data center utilisation and increases worker effectiveness for complex business processes LOB Systems
  22. 22. Maximise Performance On New and Existing Hardware The Practical Productivity Platform Challenge: Make the most of existing investments and take advantage of hardware evolution while introducing new capabilities. Performance Improvements: Better multi-core processor Legacy Systems utilisation and a new 64-bit client make the most of hardware. Additional performance enhancements in specific areas include Excel charting, Outlook speed improvement and PowerPoint animation performance. Netbooks Potential savings/efficiency gains: System requirements are unchanged to help avoid the need for new hardware and Office 2010 runs well on cost-effective Netbooks. Office 2010 can also maximise new hardware investments through PowerPoint advances on graphics cards and because X64 enables huge grids for power Excel users. New Systems
  23. 23. Improve Security with New Layered Defense In a Way that Works for Users The Practical Productivity Platform Challenge: Attacks on desktop applications are now 10% of attack volume, up from 0% 3-4 years ago; 90% of corporate desktop applications are estimated to be insecure. 7) Reopen Document Layered Defense Features: Protected Viewer opens files in a ‘sandbox’ in a read-only view, blocking malicious code. File Trust decisions Validation checks against well-known schema for ‘correctness’ 6) Save Document are ‘sticky’ on opening. File Block prevents unused or legacy file formats through GPO. Support for DEP/NX prevents malicious 5) Document opens, fully executable codes from executing. 4) User enabled Clicks ‘Enable’ Potential savings/efficiency gains: Prevent costly data Strong the average cost is £1.4m when considering that breaches:protection 3) Sandboxed Viewer from all classes of UK companies spend an average of £47 for every record lost. malware inside 2) File Validation sandbox 1) Open email attachment Layereddocument View Defense (Click Image) before trust decision is made. Many scenarios stop here – reading is enough.
  24. 24. Support Robust Compliance With Rich Customisation and User Support The Practical Productivity Platform Challenge: Compliance can drain resources and disrupt users. Retention Policy: A flexible archiving tool with item level retention policies and to item integration that works when Organise search online and in cached mode. Users are notified when level retention is placed on hold and when each policy item expires. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Less resources can be dedicated to complying with requirements since tools are flexible and user productivity is not disrupted. Apply policy to user created files
  25. 25. Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure Best Productivity Experience Across PC, Phone, Browser The Cloud on Your Terms Improve security withslideshow to Quickly broadcast a new Analyzedefence of rows of data fast GetOffice from within PowerPoint Run a ‘mute SharePoint yourskill Easily millions layered find button for libraries anyone Web Apps on premises, Developer tools for all with PowerPivot inbox’ the new for to SharePoint” ignore installedwithfrom“SaveExcel 2010and with 2010 on SharePoint 2010 Service levels Access to VBA Enhance connectivity toOnline Take Visual the right data servers your email with button Studio 2010 allow Zero control of to document in points Get easy on and services view Use & access SharePoint update conversationSlicers faster, less complex solution quickly with correctly with the information, saving, printing and new Tag content documents and lists when you’re On-Premises development Maintain the new BackStage view compliance Shareconnected with – from sharing applications without the truth metadata rich version of not in picker Publish my documentSharePoint one to e-mail to ECM Maximise performance on new & accessibility leaving Workspace 2010 Connect to SharePointcloud and onexisting hardware Save time reusing content with the Populate document metadata Startthe IM session, make an new services for Host premisesOfficePaste a call Easily find mail with across the new live preview fromweb apps new automatically for speak with Collect, brainstorm and share Maximise performance the new Outlook Search tab common meeting from one Make the numbers templates or schedule from SharePoint or on-premises a Office PC, phone & ideas with hardware you alreadyfederated search in Windows 7 right options Shared formatting from choice place cloud: OneNoteby Take advantage of own SSL browser money experience Save time andyourwithin editing in Easily access rich client/server the Notebooks Position for future hardware SharePoint WorkSpace 2010 Enterprise video and photos directly in Office metadata capabilities with the Crunch faster transcripts in 64 bit Unifiedand work with a and SharePoint Enterprise New services in provide lightweight Officereduce time Office Web Apps Business status Content Get voicemail with optional your Find information,single chips, of Find deadlines as 64-bit cell with seerich array Meet trends in and Chart investments such a Collaboration 2010 applications in OfficeSearch Backstage anywhere with the 2010 inbox fromview Work Communicationsbrowser LOB ITmaintaining Intelligence Easier commenting, withinmultitagging Management unlock takevaluefromchangesand expertise recognition improve search editingnewcoordinating one viewwith in the graphics cards, and2010 while Office tagged assets of in Excelinvestments and spent Sparklines advanced action in new Office Web Apps effectivenessapplicationsdocuments and people through theco-authoring card the new and both new contact Office BackStage view formattingacrosscontent core processors with 2010 Unified Business Platform
  26. 26. Help People Accomplish More Put the Power of the 2010 Servers and Office 365 Services into Their Hands with Office 2010 Client Server/Service Share an Office application with others in one click Unified Communications Lync 2010 Lync Server 2010 Lync Online See presence and contact others from within your shared document with IM or voice Word 2010 Lync 2010 Lync Server 2010 Lync Online Outlook 2010 Exchange Server 2010 Exchange Online PowerPivot for Excel add-in SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Online Word 2010 PowerPoint 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Online SharePoint Workspace 2010 (formerly Groove) SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Online PowerPoint 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Online Outlook 2010 Exchange Server 2010 Exchange Online Enhance content management with smart templates that populate document metadata Word 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Online Easily access rich client/server capabilities with the Backstage view in Office 2010 Office 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Online See voice mail transcripts and faxes right in your inbox Business Intelligence Consolidate & quickly analyse vast amounts of data. Share & Refresh powerful BI models in SharePoint Edit the same document at the same time Collaboration Use & update SharePoint documents and lists when you’re not connected Quickly broadcast a slideshow right from within PowerPoint Avoid sending sensitive mail to the wrong people with help from Mail Tips and keep security a priority with Retention Policy and Automated Policy Application Enterprise Content Management
  27. 27. DEMO
  28. 28. Learn More and See the Product in Action! Additional Public Resources Available to Share with Y T our eams
  29. 29. ©2010 Microsoft Corporation. This material is provided for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied.
  30. 30. Optional Slides
  31. 31. TDM Value Prop & T Capabilities op The Best Productivity Experience Across the PC, Phone & Browser Work Better Together Bring Ideas to Life Work better together with co-authoring & OneNote Find more with Backstage view and ribbon UI Gain control over email with conversation management Tell a story with photo & video editing Share instantly with Broadcast Slide Show Make sense of data with Gemini & Sparklines Combine business, social networking with Social Connector Use Office Anywhere The Practical Productivity Platform Work from virtually any place, device with Web Apps Get better performance on new & existing hardware Keep up on the go with SharePoint Workspace Improve security with new layered defenses Do more on your Windows or Nokia phone Simplify connectivity to SharePoint & other services Maintain compliance - accessibility to email to ECM
  32. 32. Instantly Share an Application Directly within Communicator or Other Office 2010 Applications* Work Better Together Challenge: Travel and 3rd party conferencing tools are expensive, and meetings are less effective without a shared canvas. Share with your Contacts New capability: Application Sharing Capability description: Start an immediate application sharing session with a couple of clicks from the Backstage view of popular Office 2010 applications or Office Communicator 2010. < Click here Internet Potential savings/efficiency gains: Reduce travel costs and 3rd party conferencing and phone charges by replacing meetings and training with integrated IM, Voice, Web, Audio and Video Start sharing from conferencing. right within Office applicationsApplication Sharing Scenario * Microsoft Office Communicator "14" and Microsoft Office Communications server “14,” scheduled to release in the second half of 2010, will be required for this functionality. Any future functionality and timing is subject to change. Attendee view is clear and consistent
  33. 33. Find the Best Ideas with One Canvas for Brainstorming Combine Information from Multiple People with OneNote 2010 Work Better Together Challenge: It’s difficult to hold brainstorm sessions with a group spread across multiple locations. Author indicators New capability: Author indicators and improved version tracking Capability description: See who else is currently in a notebook and what they are changing with author indicators. Get a clear view of what has changed since you last opened a notebook with easy-to-follow version history. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Share all kinds of information without wasting inbox space, money or trees.
  34. 34. Streamline Business Processes Involving Data Collection With the Next Generation Forms Designer in InfoPath 2010 Work Better Together Challenge: Collecting data can require manual entry or tools that are difficult to use. Straight forward forms design New capabilities: Workspace integration, Fluent UI and a new designer experience. Collaboration around LOB & related Capability description: Work with InfoPath client forms business processes online or offline to complete forms when not connected to the network and use familiar features such as spell checker, font formatting, etc. Potential savings/efficiency gains: Minimise training time with familiar Office user interface for both usage of electronic forms and design of the forms and forms driven ad-hoc solutions.
  35. 35. Keep the Right Details in the Right Place By Capturing and Searching All Types of Content with OneNote 2010 Bring Ideas to Life OneNote Scenario Challenge: People are using more types of digital content and larger volumes of data, which can lead to information overload Ad-hoc project and time wasted searching. Insert many New capability: content search pane & new side notes. types of Improved Capability description: The results pane provides more context around search matches to help you find information more quickly. Creating “side notes” from other applications will link back to OneNote. Search results pane for better visibility, navigation Potential savings/efficiency gains: Using OneNote 2007, Pfizer has reduced time to market by 2 months by usinglocation for the Single OneNote as primary knowledge sharing vehicle in their drug development labs quick access Create linked notes while worldwide. working in other apps Multiple sources Shareable with co-workers
  36. 36. Spot Trends Quickly to Gain Insights With Conditional Formatting in Access 2010 Bring Ideas to Life Challenge: It’s difficult to tell a story when bringing together multiple related data sets. New capability: Conditional formatting Capability description: Add data bars, max/min icons and more in Access 2010 reports, using rules to define the values to highlight. Potential savings/efficiency gains: More easily gain insights from multiple related data sets and show others for faster decision making. Conditional Formatting
  37. 37. Save Time by Reusing Content Across Applications With ‘Live Preview’ for Copy/Paste Bring Ideas to Life Challenge: Cut/copy/paste make up ~20% of the clicks made in Office. People want the most effective way to reuse content since they do it so often. New capability: Live Preview for copy/paste Capability description: Ensures that the object selected appears as intended without significant re-work after pasting. Hover over multiple pasting options in the pop-up menu to preview different options for best fit in the new document. Preview styles before committing Potential savings/efficiency gains: Reduce the need for 3rd party rich media tools which can be costly and require training. Options to paste charts to appear as you intended