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Published in: Design
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  1. 1. We Started after 3.11, 2011 in JAPAN to do something for Reconstruction in disaster Area
  2. 2. planT’ RESEARCH s Relief and Recover y by Architects for RECONSTRUCTION for Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami to be continued by our junior in college
  3. 3. After Graduation Architect Bar Master Constructer Designer Florist Office Worker Local Government employee Traveler We have started another life
  4. 4. After Graduation For example FUMITO AND TSUYOSHI
  5. 5. After Graduation started the career as an Architect
  6. 6. After Graduation wow wow !! 3 months later in Japan
  7. 7. After Graduation tohoku tokyo We did it again some of that
  8. 8. But ....!!!!!
  9. 9. In that time, Fumito has already decided his way. And about me,Fortunately some famous Architect picked me up to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and also cats were searching for some people
  10. 10. and then ? I Failed ! I have no plan now lol !!
  11. 11. So what’s Going On ?
  12. 12. 私、市毛 毅は本日12日よりアメリカ西海岸を旅します。 22日金曜日19時に帰国予定です。 松島さんにご協力下さい。