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2013                        Index                                                                                     Doub...
Double-sided mesh has landed!                                            Greetings from Saint GeorgeDTP NEWS FEBRUARY, 201...
February                                             Promotion                                            201             ...
DTP NEWS FEBRUARY, 2013                                What can                                                           ...
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Digital printing services - february - newsletter


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February Newsletter for Design to Print - Read Monthly Product Highlights(Double-Sided Mesh), Monthly Promo, and lots of other DTP Industry News :)

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Digital printing services - february - newsletter

  1. 1. 2013 Index Double-SidedFebruary NEWSLETTER Monthly Product Highlight See Page: 2 Mesh Monthly Promo See Page: 3 DTP News See Page: 4 “Try to learn something about every- polyester grid are left open. This thing and everything about some- serves several purposes. With out- thing.” door applications, wind can present —Thomas Henry Huxley a lot of stress to a large, exposed For a substrate that’s so commonly banner face. The holes in mesh ban- found and widely used in our indus- ner allow the wind to pass through, try, banners come in a perplexing relieving a lot of the stress. Anoth- YOUR TRUSTED RESOURCE IN variety of materials, qualities, den- er benefit is for building wraps that GRAND FORMAT sities, surfaces, sizes and coatings. cover windows. The holes allow light PRINTING SINCE 1995. The best way to make some sense through so that the occupants of the out of it all is to make a list with defi- building still have access to external nitions, like an encyclopedia. Then light. The third use is for specialty you too can add to your list of know- exhibits and theatre effects. Light- ing something about everything ing can be used to make scenes ap- (banner-wise of course). pear and disappear behind the mesh For the month of February Design screen. Mesh banner is also avail- To Print is promoting and discount- able in double-sided versions. My ing double-sided mesh, so for my sales team have put together some first product definition why don’t great information and uses for dou- we start with……(drum roll) Mesh! ble-sided mesh in this newsletter, This banner material is similar to the along with a great promotion offered scrim vinyl banners in construction, through the month of February. Our except that the spaces between the double-sided mesh is one piece of material with a print on both sides! Offer is only valid February 2-01-13 through 2-28-13 O 2013 OM PR To your health! sq. ft. Stefanie H. Bevans, Owner Double Sided Mesh
  2. 2. Double-sided mesh has landed! Greetings from Saint GeorgeDTP NEWS FEBRUARY, 2013 I’m excited to discuss our newest product: Design To Print University has a growing col- True Double-Sided Mesh! Thanks to laser lection of instructional videos online to teach driven registration, true double-sided print- you about the products, how they are pro- ing is now a reality. Amazingly, there is very cessed, and how to install them. We are al- little to no image leak on the other side. ways looking to add product information to help your business grow and to make your Traditionally, double-sided mesh involves sew- sales process easier. If you have a product or ing together two mesh prints. This layering install video idea you would like to see on our causes disadvantages. The layered mesh be- University, send me an email to comes bulky, costly to ship, difficult to maintain. There is light transmission qualities that benefit a single mesh layer. Layered mesh is heavy “Double-sided mesh is printed in high to hang, and above all is more expensive. resolution; images look vibrant and clear, True double-sided mesh is a single piece of with unbelievable color gamut.” material with an image printed on both sides. It can be the same image or it can be two February is a great month for sporting events. completely different images. Double-sided With March Madness around the corner and mesh is printed in high resolution; images games every weekend, how can we help look vibrant and clear, with unbelievable col- your business tap into local college and NBA or gamut. It is a perfect product for shopping events? Start now by calling the local res- malls, outdoor/indoor events, conventions, taurant owners; ask them if they are plan- barrier fencing, restaurants, businesses, etc. ning on any party signage. A little effort could score your business a “win” at the buzzer! Double-sided mesh is available with multiple finishing options. The mesh can be grom- Next month we will be featuring the ins meted, pulled tight, and used for a nice trade and outs of coroplast. March is a great show wall or outdoor event fencing. Pole pock- time to begin gearing up for political sea- ets can be used to hang the mesh above your son. With the trade show season hitting viewers, or on banner stands for display. This full stride, keep in mind our great offerings will be a nice addition to your product line and for trade show and convention displays. offerings. Need a sample? Give me a buzz at 435-674-4033, and I will ship you a sample print. swing Trade shows are still in full swing! ING SW GREAT OFFERS: CONVENTION & TRADE SHOW ESSENTIALS Product Competitors DTP PRICE! TJ McIntyre Retractable Banner $189.00 $169.00 Business Development Stands Manager Table Throws 6’-Full $269.00 $224.00 Color Any Questions? Poplin Fabric-3’x5’-Full $124.00 $100.00 Drop me a line: Color Floor Graphics 12”x24” $75.00 $50.00 2
  3. 3. February Promotion 201 DTP NEWS FEBRUARY, 2013 3 Offer is only valid 2-01-13 through 2-28-13 There are two sides to every story... Double your sales with D o u b l e - S i d e d Mesh! Tell both sides of the story with double-sided Due to the unique tolerances of a Durst Print mesh. Double-sided mesh Is a great alternative head, double-sided mesh displays very little to to standard banners. It is a supreme product no image leak on the reverse side. First impres- for shopping malls, outdoor/indoor events, sions are very important. conventions, barrier fencing, restaurants, businesses, etc. Your customers will love this product. • Light Weight • Easy to Hang Sid Dou sq. ft. ed b • High Resolution • Wind Safe! Me le sh • Full Finishing Options • Eco Friendly Printed on a single piece of Mesh!4 All registered trademarks or trade-names remain property of their respective holders. 3
  4. 4. DTP NEWS FEBRUARY, 2013 What can offer you? Design To Print is a wholesale, full-service printing force in developing Design To Print; however, our and finishing solution, which serves companies love for our customers is what keeps the energy from around the world; including places like Chi- and excitement at Design To Print! na, Puerto Rico, Canada, Italy, England, Australia, France, and Belgium. We have produced work for Don’t leave money on the table; get an estimate Fortune 500 companies as well as organizations from DTP on your next outsourced project. Check such as the NBA and the Olympic committee. us out at Asking “What The motto in the shop is “Think globally, act lo- do you want to print today?” since 1995. cally”. Our love for technology has been a driving Here is a small list of our services: °Grand Format/Oversized Banners °Large Run/Grand Format Street Signage (up to 16‘ seamless) and Pole Banners °Fully Finished Mesh and Double-Sided Mesh °Billboard Printing (One piece of material – images on both sides) °Political Signage/Yard Signage, °Window Film/ Window Perforated film Full °Coroplast Signage °Building Wraps °Direct to Sintra and other substrates °High Resolution Fabric and Flag Production °And Much More! Monthly NEWS: Here is an update on what we have going on in February. We are still updating our website. You will notice that our site is becoming even more tailored to you and your business. Josh Bevans, Entrepreneur of the Year! The Saint George Utah Chamber of Commerce award- Offers: ed its “Entrepreneur of the year” award to Josh Bevans, President Faster Estimating of Design to Print. This annual Josh Bevans Quick Turn Around award is given to a local busi- President of Design to Print Blind & Personalized Shipping ness owner who stands out as a Apple to Apples progressive thinker, community Price Matching activist, and talented team lead- Quality Products er. Congratulations Josh! Sign up for a new account today and take 10% off your first order! 4