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Icaros Photogrammetric Suite (IPS) Module Overview


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Product Overview - Icaros Photogrammetric Suite (IPS) of software. Includes descriptions of each module of IPS, to include aerial triangulation, elevation extraction, orthoproduction, and advanced editing tools.

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Icaros Photogrammetric Suite (IPS) Module Overview

  1. 1. Icaros Photogrammetric Suite (IPS)
  2. 2. About Us Established 2004, Metro Washington DC Developed advanced remote sensing software, solutions, and services Dedicated R&D and production facilities Esri Silver Partner Global reach through unique collection techniques
  3. 3. Customers and Partners
  4. 4. Remote Sensing Lifecycle Digital Mapping h/w Mission Planning s/w Mission Management s/w Mission Data Developer s/w Camera Calibration s/w Collect Process Collection Suite (ICS) Analyze DSM Change Detection 3D City Model data Oblique viewer Oblique analyst Analytics Suite (IAS) Photogrammetric Suite (auto triangulation, ortho, etc.) Photogrammetric Suite (IPS) Visualize Derive Dense DSM s/w 3D point cloud (LAS) s/w
  5. 5. Introduction to IPS Aerial image data processing software Designed on remote sensing and collection expertise Compatible with any frame-based sensor (Platform agnostic) Creates high-resolution topographic products Orthomosaics Digital Terrain/Digital Surface Maps 3D models from raw image data Oblique/Thermal processing Training, support and installation services
  6. 6. Value Proposition Comprehensive, global-reach aerial imagery collection Rapid-deployment flexible platform Adds support for new sensors (UAS/UAV, thermal, oblique) Comprehensive photogrammetric processing software completely within ArcGIS Deriving 3D data (DSM, Point Cloud, Model, Parametric) for ArcGIS
  7. 7. Aerial Triangulation (AT) Intelligent tie-point management engine for strong connectivity and uniform distribution No extra data required (e.g. position, rotation, scale) Minimal outliers Correlates images with different resolutions (GSDs) Indifferent to misleading regions (clouds, lakes) GPU-enabled for expedited processing capabilities (high performance-value in designated workstations) Enables Incremental workflow
  8. 8. 1 8643 tie-points 1 14
  9. 9. Solution Manager 3 Concurrent synchronized views of the data: Alpha-numeric Multi-Image presentation Geographic Uses most advanced numerical optimization methods Compatible with a large number of images per photogrammetric block Adaptive weighting function Robust bundle option for high-accuracy, low RMS Aerialtriangulation in a ground-controlled project Exports to all standard industry formats (PAT-B, SUP, etc)
  10. 10. Elevation Extraction (EL) 2 Options: DTM Sparse – Fast production of general elevation layer (<10 minutes for large blocks) DTM Dense – High density and detail elevation extraction, 2-3X GSD production density Produces Dense Surface Models (DSM), then uses high density data to produce a lower density Terrain Model, with limited additional processing Extracts Point Clouds from Stereo Imagery, including color values in LAS format
  11. 11. Dense Digital Surface Model and Terrain Model Dense Surface Model Digital Terrain Model
  12. 12. Dense Surface Elevation Extraction in Urban Settings Overlaid Rectified Imagery to Recreate 3-D Model
  13. 13. Orthorectification and Production Fast and automated Orthorectification Compatible with multiple formats Geotif, ASCII, DEM, etc. Simple integration with LiDAR data Runs directly on LAS files Incorporates breaklines for bridges or extreme terrain rectification Compression and overview creation Converts multiple bit and band combinations
  14. 14. Orthorectification and Production Final Orthorectified Image
  15. 15. Automatic Seamline Extraction Icaros Smart Seamlines – automatic optimal seamline extraction Multiple-image color adjustment and balancing Automatic brightness profiling and dodging for uniformity Advanced feathering algorithm Multi-core and GPU architecture for performance enhancement Enables incremental workflow
  16. 16. Automatic Seamline Extraction Seamlines are automated to follow natural passes and roadways, as well avoid cutting through structures
  17. 17. Interactive Seamline Editor User-friendly and comfortable seamline editing environment and tools
  18. 18. Interactive Seamline Editor Select a seamline, shift it and view the new mosaic created from the edited seamline in real time
  19. 19. Advanced Feathering Advanced feathering allows for a seamless blend between all images in the mosaic, as shown in this mosaic scene
  20. 20. Automatic Dodging and Profiling Modeling illumination affect and vignetting by fitting a surface. After Before
  21. 21. Color Balancing
  22. 22. Advanced Editing (ED) Patch Mosaic – Replace any area in a final mosaic with alternative orthorectified data Correct small artifacts in the orthomosaic Replace unwanted building lean, sun glare on rooftops or water surfaces Super Tile – Combine over 100 tiles into a single editable tile, in any Graphic Manipulation Software, then apply general tweaks to the entire project
  23. 23. Clouds cover an entire area of the image
  24. 24. Clouds patched using alternate image
  25. 25. Large Project Color Profile using Super Tile Natural Tint in Final Imagery Yellow Original Images Mosaic composed of multiple 1+ GB tiles, processed as an Icaros Super Tile
  26. 26. Large Project Color Profile with Super Tile
  27. 27. Additional Capabilities Deriving and visualizing 3D data DSMs Point Clouds Models Parametric
  28. 28. 2.5D Webscene
  29. 29. Oblique Viewer
  30. 30. UAV and Image Processing
  31. 31. Point of contact: Richard Baumgartner +1 703-338-6771 Skype: richard.baumgartner6