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Benefits Of Baby Massage


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Several benefits are there if you will properly massage your Baby. Take look at this slide to find out the proper procedures of Baby massage. You will able to know about the processes massaging your Baby on different parts of his/her body. There also you can find when to massage your Baby which means you have to be well aware of your Baby’s massaging schedule.

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Benefits Of Baby Massage

  1. 1. Benefits Of Baby Massage
  2. 2. Infant massage has wonderful benefits & it will help strengthening your relationship with your baby..
  3. 3. Baby massage oil
  4. 4. Tissues
  5. 5. Towel
  6. 6. Diapers
  7. 7. Fresh clothes
  8. 8. Simple Tips To Give A Good Massage???
  9. 9. Remove all your jewelry like finger rings or bracelets which may hurt your baby and make sure the nails are shaped properly.
  10. 10. Place a carpet and then spread a smooth towel on it.
  11. 11. Strip your baby down to his diaper and put him on the carpet with his face up.
  12. 12. Pour some drop of oil to your palm , you can also warm the oil as warm oil has more benefits but be sure the oil is not too warm.
  13. 13. Start the massage from your baby’s hand and make sure your strokes are smooth and gentle.
  14. 14. Types Of Baby Massage:
  15. 15. Leg massage Belly massage Arm massage Neck massage Colic- relief massage
  16. 16. Leg Massage:
  17. 17. Belly Massage:
  18. 18. Arm Massage:
  19. 19. Neck Massage:
  20. 20. Colic-relief Massage:
  21. 21. When To Massage A Baby ?
  22. 22. when your baby feels calm & alert It may before a rest or after a bath
  23. 23. Benefits Of Massage…
  24. 24. Relaxation Relief Stimulation
  25. 25. Digestion Brain and nerve activity Breathing
  26. 26.  It can also help your baby develop mentally and physically  It can also help your infant stay relaxed and sleep better
  27. 27.  It can also help improving your bonding with your baby  It will help your baby to be more flexible and increases the blood circulation.
  28. 28. A Few Points To Note…
  29. 29.  Release all your tension before beginning the massage  As your baby grows, increase the duration of your massaging
  30. 30. Thank You Website: