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Let's Learn Islam Enjoyably


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This is a part of out project in islamic center in Al-Ahsa
Let's learn islam enjoyably

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Let's Learn Islam Enjoyably

  1. 1. Let’s Learn IslamEnjoyably 
  2. 2. Pillars of IslamSalah Haj TestimonyZakat Fasting
  3. 3. Question What is the differencebetween pillars of islam and pillars of faith
  4. 4. secondBelieve in the angels of Allah
  5. 5. ThirdBelieve in the books of Allah
  6. 6. fourth Believe in themessengers of Allah
  7. 7. FifthBelieve in the day of judgment
  8. 8. SixthBelieve in the divine decree
  9. 9. Quis• What are the pillars of faith ? The Allah The angels The day of The books messeng Devine decree judjemnt ers