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Travelling with Creativity (English)


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Ebook Travelling with Creativity kerjasama antara Twitalk, Indonesia Kreatif, dan Kementerian Perdagangan Indonesia. English version.

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Travelling with Creativity (English)

  1. 1. TRAVELLING WITH CREATIVITY Builder Mari Elka Pangestu Steering Hesti Indah Kresnarini, Marthin, Dony Edward Responsible Person Cokorda Dewi Coordinator Pungkas Riandika Writers & Editing Ibnu Azis, Iswara N. Raditya, Oryza Aditama ResearchPanca Ardiansyah, Hanna Herlina, Tessi Fathia Adam Translator Hanna Herlina Cover Design & Illustration Rasefour, Silencer8 Content Design & Layout Iswara N. Raditya Contributors Twitalk Inc, Indonesia Kreatif Twitalk Inc @twitalkID Indonesia Kreatif @idkreatif Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The ability to create not only the talent possessed byfew people. Every human being has been given the abilityto innovate and adapt to the surrounding environment. Ifcreativity is a skill that can be trained, so everyone has equalopportunity to develop themselves. This book tells the story of four figures who have come along way to earning points and now continue to actively de-velop their works in a variety of channels and new fields. Theprocess is never easy and the formula was never the same. However, there are interesting when we know AdhitiaSofyan, Aulia Halimatussadiah (Ollie Salsabeela), Enda Nasu-tion, and Leonard Theosabrata more familiar again. Theyhave the same pattern as creativepreneur. The fourth figureis fond of traveling, whether for vacation, work, or study.From there, they returned to Indonesia and to create newthings at this time we can enjoy his work, whenever it comes.The search process is what gave birth to new ideas and newthinking through the network that they cultivated duringtravel. Learning the lessons from their stories was not easy be-cause it requires interaction to understand the point of viewof the underlying story of success. Are their respective crea-tive fields is a realm that will never run out multipersepsi re-viewed lesson. Entering the fourth point of view this figureto understand that creativity is not a position or title, but astate of mind. Let’s go, then let your creativity take us.
  3. 3. Bright Radiance ofTHE BEDROOM MUSICIAN
  4. 4. “I write and record music in my room and share it to eve- ryone in the internet for free. There’s no income from that. I like writing music and sharing it without any burden.” adhitia.doc MUSIC has become an inseparable part of Adithia So-fyan’s life, though it is purely his hobby. Once he tried tomake a career out of it, but apparently God has a differentplan. Even so, his passion for music remains unchanged.He keeps creating simple notes during his leisure time inhis room and ocassionally in the bathroom. To Adithia Sofyan, his room is like a dream box andalso a studio where he puts every inspiration. “A room isoften defined as a place to rest or to lock ourselves. Butfor me, it’s a place to contemplate and create,” so he said.From his room, Adithia Sofyan also markets his songs.6
  5. 5. “A room is often defined as a place to rest or to lock ourselves. But for me, it’s a place to con- template and create.” adhitia.doc With a guitar, recording tools, and a notebook con-nected to the internet, Adhitia has started to be known asa musician with his own charm. He is known as a bedroommusician. Anyway, he emphasizes that bedroom musicianis not an occupation, or even a music genre. “I am knownas a bedroom musician just because I play my music in mybedroom,” says he. His creative process gets a positive response fromthe public. His songs, shared for free in the internet, suc-ceed in getting people’s attention. As a result, he has be-come famous from his fans appreciation. His name hasstarted raising to compete with established musicians andhe often performs on stage with them. He has also ob-tained quite a few music awards. Adithia Sofyan is oneof the first musicians in Indonesia who started his profes-sional music career from his bedroom, and it sucessfullyworks! 7
  6. 6. INDE PENDENCYwithout a tendency “I did not plan anything to these songs.” adhitia.doc EVERYTHING is started from his passion in writing songs. In the middle of 2007, Adithia Sofyan re assembled his recording tools. It had been a while since he took mu- sic seriously. As he recalled, the last time he recorded a song was in 1999. Eight years later, he had his nostalgia. He didn’t intend to get into the industry seriously. He was just playing along with his guitar and his beautiful voice. 8
  7. 7. ”Just because I love writ- ing music, it doesn’t al- ways mean that I want to be famous.” Adithia Sofyan realizes that he is a homey kind ofperson and so he doesn’t make a group band. He oncethought of renting a professional studio with experiencedsound engineer, but he didn’t do it for he was not willingto leave his lovely home at Taman Rasuna, South Jakarta.He thinks recording at home is effective enough. “Even re-sults from recording at home are listenable,” Adithia says. adhitia.doc 9
  8. 8. For these reasons, Adithia Sofyan enjoys his music from home, specially from his bed- room that he turned into his creative lab. With his guitar and a warm cup of coffee, Adithia Sofyan has become a recognized musician. At first, he created and recorded his songs just for Andre Harihandoyo In- his personal collections or for his friends. “I did donesia is a musician not plan anything to these songs,” he admits. who along with four In the beginning, Adithia Sofyan created 5 other young musicians formed the band The songs. He considered his creations as his per- Sonic People in 2006. sonal hobby. He did want to be a musician, but Andre Harihandoyo for some reasons he kept this dream at heart. role as guitarist and One day, he got a gift from Andre Hari- vocalist. They carry handoyo , his musician friend. Adithia was a the kind of music that combines country, bit surprised because there were only 5 songs blues, and jazz. During their work, they’ve traveled to several countries and has produced three al- bums, namely: Room Session (2007), Two Sides For Every Story (2008), and Good For The Soul (2009). sonicpeoplemusic.com10
  9. 9. adhitia.doc in it. “Hey, i also have 5 songs,” he thought. An- dre Harihandoyo’s album was indeed a album or known as Extended Play (EP). From that point on, Adithia Sofyan was inspired to do the same thing, though he was not so serious. That night, he designed the cover for his mini al- bum. He copied his 5 songs in CDs to share with his family, close friends and colleagues. Afterward, he still had 70 CDs kept in a room. Adithia Sofyan was tempted to send his EP to a radio and see if it was indeed worth to play. He sent two of his new songs to chart NuBuzz at Prambors FM radio station. To be honest, he was just curious NuBuzz Chart is a program broadcast on the radio that receives FM Geronimo songs from anyone to broadcast on air when feasible and elected. 11
  10. 10. adhitia.doc “I did once intend to make music my main career path, but i guess God for- bids that plan.” and did not expect much. He thinks, “Who would want to hear an indie chart besides the one who sent it himself?”. Dreams came true. Two of his songs, “Adelaide Sky” and “Memilihmu”, were soon to play at Prambors and go- ing to be used as untuk Ring Back Tone (RBT). He was also surprised because Prambors offered some contracts even before the songs aired. Once Adithia put music as merely his daily hobby. But then, these opportunities were his golden tickets though he did not expect much. With an inch of doubt, Adithia took the promising contract from Prambors. He rolled the dice. His songs went into NuBuzz Chart. “Adelaide Sky” started at the 8th position, and within a few weeks it was on the 4th. A little while later, “Adelaide Sky” successfully got into the top of the chart. “I am re- ally happy! Apparently God isn’t totally against my music career!” he said gladly. 12
  11. 11. “I try hard to stay humble, and cling extra hard to the chair, who knows I am gonna float around!” he adds. Moreover, “Memilihmu” was put into NuBuzz 1.1, a com- pilation album that contains favorite songs in NuBuzz Chart. Besides Adithia Sofyan’s, there are also songs from Sind3ntosca and Drew in this album. His success in Nubuzz and other radio programs start- ed to earn appreciation. One of them was through MyS- pace where a lot of people congratulated him. Adithia then remembered about the 70 CDs of his mini album. “I put the picture of that 70 CDs of my Ep on MySpace.adhitia.doc “Sharing free turned out to be very enjoyable.” 13
  12. 12. I asked anyone who wanted it to leave their ad- dresses,” he said. The remarkable thing is that he gave them away for free, he even took care of the delivery costs. Less than 2 months, everything’s out. “Turns out that giving away for free could be fun,” he says. Adithia Sofyan got into the music industry was for fun, not for the money or to be a celeb- rity. “Just because I love writing music, it doesn’t always mean that I want to be famous,” so is his firm thought. adhitia.doc14
  13. 13. “Just because I love writing music, not always mean that I want to be famous.”adhitia.doc Anyway, Adithia Sofyan as a bedroom musician that loves to share has been known publicly. 5 April 2008 per- haps was one of the most exciting days in his life. That day, he had to go out of his bedroom to perform live in Art Fest at Atmajaya University. Of course, Adithia was a bit nerv- ous. Last time he played in public was on 2000, and he had to have similar experience then. “Hi everyone, I am Adhitia Sofyan, a bedroom musi- cian, a bit nervous because today i have to play outside the bedroom,” he greeted the audience in Atmajaya. At his initial performance, he sang 4 songs. Turned out that the audience loved them and asked for more. “Unfortu- nately i had only prepared for 4 songs,” so he says as he reminisces. 15
  14. 14. After his performance in Atmajaya, Adithia’s name skyrocketed even more. On August 2008, he got a mes- sage on his MySpace account. It was from Tyas A. Moein, the producer of “Kambing Jantan: The Movie” . Tyas told him that he was very interested in putting “Adelaide Sky” into his movie. “The title and lyric really matches this mov- ie,” Tyas told him. Adithia felt really lucky that one of his songs would take part in a movie played by Raditya Dika. “Kambing Jantan: The Movie” is a film adapta- tion of the blog and novel Raditya Dika. The film, released on March 5, 2009 and directed by Rudi Soedjarwo Raditya Dika featured in the leadingadhitia.doc role. 16
  15. 15. “Quiet adh itia .do c Down is myentrance back into the music.” Actually, at the same time, Adithia was trying to com- pose his first full album. NuBuzz was interested to produce his songs in full album format. To fill in the composition , there were 6 new songs to combine with his previous 5 songs. When the songs were all ready, apparently NuBuzz, that back then had gone independent from Prambors ra- dio, was not ready for a full album. “Actually i relied fully on NuBuzz for this full album matters,” he complained. Nevertheless, Adithia decided to keep going. Person- ally, his personal album entitled Quiet Down: Bedroom Recordings Vol. 1 was successfully produced. Remark- ably, all the process was done himself, starting from writ- ing the lyrics, recording process, designing the cover, and also marketing the album. Aside from the internet, Quiet Down is also available at music stores in CDs. 17
  16. 16. “Quiet Down is a music to relax and rest,” he com-ments on his first album. He is indeed more comfortablecomposing his lyrics and recording his songs at night whenit’s quiet. “In silence, we can hear something clearly,” hesays. Quiet Down has confirmed his identity as a musician.He became more passionate to fulfill the dream he keptby heart. “This album is the door for me to get back tomusic,” so he states. The fame of Quiet Down reached Japan. This album issold officially in Japan by an indie label called ProductionDessinee. A music fan from Japan, Horiuchi Takashi, gavehis sincere appreciation to Adithia Sofyan. “It’s been a while since i listened to great acoustic al-bum like this one,” Takashi said in his writing. “I had myprejudice to Indonesia. I don’t know Adhitia Sofyan per-sonally, but i know that this album (Quiet Down) was re-corded in his bedroom, combining guitar and song, result-ing in relaxing ambience, warm and calming like the sun,moreover when listened by a sick person who is resting ina hospital.” adhitia.doc18
  17. 17. Delightful public re- sponse to Quiet Down urged Adithia Sofyan to get back to his bedroom and prepare for his sec- ond album. This time with Demajors music label, Adithia released his second full album: Forget Your Plans, Bed- room Recordings Vol. 2. A bit different from hisadhitia.doc/repro first album which theme is about relationship, the theme for the songs in the sec- ond album is more various. It tells about the city, death, and also about love. A friend from Demajors thinks that the songs in di Quiet Down are too monotone. As a result, in Forget Your Plans Adithia added few music instruments such as pia- nika, kulintang, xylophone, electric guitar, and strings, to enrich the album. For its distribution, Adithia also made it in CDs to make it more official, Harmony is a musi- aside from providing the songs on the internet, cal concert event in free to download. Indonesia that are Since the debut of Quiet Down to Forget packed in shades of majestic orchestral nan. Your Plans, Adithia has performed in many Harmony is a national stages, live or off air in various places in Indo- television station SCTV nesia. He frequently perfoms in the same stage, aired since early 2010 or in same occasions with national musicians. into a pretty prestigious On 20 August 2010, Adithia had the honour to event because the music take his part in Harmoni SCTV, where he per- arranged by renowned formed with Tantri “Kotak”, Anjie ex “Drive”, composer Indonesia, like Sandy Sandoro, Rossa, Vidi Aldiano, Kikan ex Andi and Purwacaraka Rianto. 19
  18. 18. “Cokelat”, Andy “/Rif”, and lots of other established musi- cians. In addition, at A Flava As You Like It concert held at 4 main cities in Indonesia on mid 2011, Adithia Sofyan is known just as top musician and band from Indonesia such as Naif, Ipang, Mike’s Apartement, Pure Saturday, Ernest “Cokelat”, J-Rocks, and many more. From his bedroom too, Adithia Sofyan has been known in Asia. His album officially sold in Japan has now reached other Asian countries. He was also invited to per- form in Singapore in Singapore’s Mosaic Music Festival. Adithia, along with The Trees and The Wild and Sarasvati, came from Indonesia in international music festival held in Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay at 16-17 Maret 2011. This was the second time for Adithia to perform at the magnificent Esplanade. Before that, on 16-18 July 2010, he performed at the same place in a music event called Rocking the Region. adhitia.doc Singapore’s Mosaic Music Festival is an Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay is the largestannual grand event independent musicians arts center in Singapore, covering all branches in Singapore, which invited the musicians of art: music, dance, theater, to the visual arts, selected from other Asian countries. which focus on Asian culture. 20
  19. 19. adhitia.doc For Singapore’s Mosaic Music Festival, Adithia So- fyan departed to Singapore in advance, which was on 13 March 2011. He came earlier to rehearse with Ling Kai, and Mia Palencia from Ma- laysia, who were planned to go on stage with him. Adith- ia Sofyan was to perform for 2 days. On 16 March 2011, he performed with Ling Kai and Mia Palencia. In the sec- ond day, he performed with Indonesian musician, Saras- vati, aside from taking the stage solo. 21
  20. 20. His distinctive mu- sic path has taken Adithia Sofyan to aadhitia.doc higher achievement. He got the award of Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards (ICEMA) 2010. Adithia successfully obtained two categories in this award, Favorite Singer-Songwriter and Favorite Solo Artist. These awards has proven his quality in Indonesian music. At ICEMA 2010, famous names are rewarded for each category. For example, Maliq N D’Essential, Superman is Dead, Efek Rumah Kaca, The Sigit, Jiung, Barry Likumahu- wa, Goodnight Electric, Gugun and Blues Shelter, Killing Me Inside, J Flow, DJ Riri Mestika, Tompi, Shaggy Dog, PAS Band, and the legend Fariz RM who got Lifetime Achieve- ment. And so his postponed dreams to be a musician came true. Adithia can be proud of himself for being able to compete along with many first class musicians. From the dream box in the corner of his bedroom, Adithia ICEMA is the sets his footsteps in his first awards in promosing music career. Indonesia to the musi- cians who are consistent in the path of non-main- stream. ICEMA untukmereka given a vibrant renewal with new forms of expression. 22
  21. 21. “I did once intend to make music my main career path, but i guess God forbids that plan.” ONE NIGHT, little Adithia was taken by his parents to have dinner at a cafe in Solo. By chance, there was a live music performance by a top 40 band. When he was about to enjoy his dinner, Adithia was surprised. The band played one of Michael Jackson’s hits, the king of pop who was really famous at that time. >>>RISEN OF A BURIED DREAM 23 adhitia.doc
  22. 22. ad hit ia. do c He was stunned by the strings of guitar playing theintro of Black or White. He was amazed by the guitarist.That time marked his epiphany, the moment he fell in lovewith a thing called guitar. He set his heart to learn aboutit as he already owned one at home. He never took it se-riously before. In front of a mirror, he often acted like afamous guitarist, dancing around with a guitar while lis-tening to his favorite songs. At first, Adithia was not enthusiastic to get the guitarthat his mother gave him. Not because he did not like it,he just did not know well how to play it. He couldn’t playa simple song, and he even could not put the tones in har-mony for his little fingers had not been trained yet.24
  23. 23. The night at the cafe was indeed a special night forAdithia. The guitar played by the guitarist was differentfrom his. “It was an electric guitar, with its jolly distortion,played live in front of my eyes and my ears!” Adithia re-calls his feelings that night. The pounding sound of theguitar connected to the electricity opened his eyes. It’s afif he had found his reason to live. He promptly asked hismom, “Mom, i want to take an electric guitar course!” “I can not explain what it means for my guitar. Guitar is me! “ 25 adhitia.doc
  24. 24. A week after that night, Adithia Sofyan took a gui-tar course at Yayasan Musik Indonesia in Solo. He did notstudy for long there. “After a year, I feel that I learnedenough, at least to play in my own room,” he says. In play-ing guitar, Adithia Sofyan does seem very natural. He doesnot push himself for something out of his reach. He evenadmits that he does not fully understand every chord inhis songs. When asked by his fans about his songs guitar chords,he honestly answeres that he does not know the names.He figures the sounds, as long as they are comfortable onhis ears. “I always let my fingers on the neck of the guitarand form their own chords. The suitable chords are thenplayed, until I get familiar with them,” he admits honestly. So does his way in writing lyrics. Natural and the wayhe is, flowing just like that. To him, writing a song is likewriting in a diary in which he has to take care of his emo- c .dotions and keep it well at heart. “Like writing a diary, there’s hitia adno rules, no one can say that it’s bad, good, wrong, and soon,” he says. He never tries to remember the lyrics he haswritten. He thinks that lyrics are different with chemicalformulas. “Don’t memorize it, get used to it and enjoy it,”he advises. “Writing music is like write a diary ... “26
  25. 25. Not only that, Adithia thinksthat writing music is somethingvery personal and almost spiritual.“Music is a creation with harmo-ny,” so he defines music. He writesmusic according to his mood. Henever depends on anything forhis inspiration. Music comes as itpleases, he just accepts the lyricscoming. Though he tends to go withthe flow in his music, it doesn’tmean that he starts with nothing.His very basic material is that hereally loves guitar. Yes, Adithia isa knight with shining guitar, andhe clearly has his own reasons forthat. “Acoustic guitar is the sim-plest tool to create a song. Morespontaneous, honest, just the wayit is,” he explains. He loves guitar,even without knowing why. “Ican’t explain what guitar means to adhitia.docme. Guitar is me!” he confesses. It’s beyond question that his love to guitar started at the night on the cafe when he was a young boy. Ever since, he set his dreams: he wants to be a musi- cian. Moreover since singing was one of his hobbies. Since he was a little boy he already liked singing to the songs in the radio. 27 adhitia.doc
  26. 26. adhitia.doc Sometimes,little Adhit re-corded his ownvoice with a taperecorder. At that time he was fond of Bon Jovi’s songs or famous In-donesian musicians at that time such as Ikang Fawzi or Farid Harja.His parents house at Fajar Indah Solo Residence was never out ofhis lively manners. Adithia Sofyan grew and was raised in Surakarta, Central Java,though he was not from Solo. Adithia was born in Bandung. 6 No-vember 1977. He and his family moved to Solo on 1981, when hewas 4 years old. Adithia was very lucky for his happy childhood inSolo. He was quite close with his dad, especially to his mom. He enjoyed his childhood and his youth there from kindergar-ten through high school. Adithia got into Taman Putra Solo kinder-garten, then in Bromantakan 56 Solo elementary school. When hewas a teenager, he got into SMP 1 Solo before he went to SMA 4Solo. 28
  27. 27. mahdimuhammad.doc He did not finish his study at di SMA 4 Solo. On thethird year, he moved to America. Here, his passion to mu-sic grew more and he wanted to reach for his dreams as amusician. On 1996, when he was 19 years old, he tried hisluck by registering for Berklee College of Music in Boston.Unfortunately he failed because his music knowledge wasconsidered not sufficient to its standards. 29
  28. 28. “I feel reminded, ifwant to make music no need must pass Berklee College. “ nisa mak mur. doc Adithia was a bit shocked, since he went to America to be serious in music. “I did once in- tend to make music my main career path, but i guess God forbids that plan,” he said as he re- membered about Boston. Still, he held his head up high. In the future, his patience and diligence bear fruits. His grave of dreams could still be ris- en. “I feel like i was reminded, if I want to play music, it doesn’t have to be through Berklee Col- lege. God wanted me to wait until 2007 when I can actually make a good enough song for peo- ple to listen,” he says. Berklee Col- lege of Music is a leading music college in Boston, United States, founded by Lawrence Berk in more than half a century ago. 30
  29. 29. “Just play what    sound ... “adhitia.doc Adithia realizes that his character in music is not based on any theory. He prefers practicing straightly to learning about theories. He admist that he never relies on chords. “Play anything you heard of,” he advises. When he took his course at Yayasan Musik Indonesia in Solo, for exam- ple, he already declined anything with theory. Unsurpris- ingly, his melodies don’t contain complicated chords. Definition of creativity for Adithia is habit, so don’t bother in taking care of it. “If it has become a habit, you don’t have to take care of it. It’s in the nature,” the guy who likes rawon and nasi liwet says. Play by ear, that’s how he defines his musical method. This understanding is still within him up to this point, and in the end its fruits are indeed positive though he had to wait long enough and he almost buried his dream to be a musician. >>> 31
  30. 30. Failing his test in Berklee College of Music in Boston made Adithia Sofyan deflected his thoughts to graphic design. He decided to go to Australia to study at KvB Insti- tute of Technology North Sydney and took Graphic Design and Multimedia. After graduated on 1999, he went back to Solo. At Solo, his passion to music was back. With his friends, he formed a band and performed on campus events. They also made demos for their songs. They broadcasted some of the songs in radios in Solo, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Bandung. They got positive response from public. Morepriyadiimannurcahyo.doc adhitia.doc offers to perform came up. Adithia and his band then per- formed at a radio station in Semarang. In the midst of his pleasure as a musician, Adithia was given another choice: he was offered a job in Jakarta as a graphic designer. On November 2000, he decided to join Matari Advertising. His education in Australia was then put to use. Not until 2 years later, he had become a Junior Art Director. 32
  31. 31. On mid 2002, Adithia resigned from matari to get more experience. He went to Singapore. For 6 months there, he took a portfolio course at Singapore Institue of Advertising. He also became an intern at Lowe Advertising Adgency in Singapore. Actually Adithia wanted to work in Singapore, “... but apparently what i learned from matari is not enough yet here,” he said. At the same time, he got an offer from JWT Advertising Adgency to be an Art Director. So, on January 2003, he got back to Jakarta. Soon afterward, he married the woman he loves, Iim Fahima Jachja. While he was working in JWT, Adithia had a very pleas- ing performance. Almost every year he got creative award, such as Citra Pariwara and ADOI Awards, few among thoseadhitia.doc was result of good team work. He worked in dd.doc JWT until he became a Senior Art Director. He resigned on September 2005, “I left national advertising behind me and I went for online advertising industry,” so he said. 33
  32. 32. With his wife, he then founded an online marketingconsulting firm called Virus Communications. His work ispretty much the same with the previous one in the adver-tising adgencies, making creative ideas for clients adver-tising campaigns. “There is one fundamental change: thebattle ground is the internet,” he says. Virus Communications is a consulting firm in the field of online marketing that later became a new division in the com- pany that has been established previous- ly, Virtual Consulting, which is fronted by Nukman Lutfie. That way, internet becomes his new ground in Adith-ia’s career. Thanks to internet, he has now had the atten-tion in his once neglected music life. Now, after delegat-ing to his wife to take care of the business, Adithia canconcentrate more to rise his buried dreams though he isnot heading just for money or fame. In the name of love,Adithia Sofyan has returned to the music world, the worldthat he has always kept in his heart each day.34
  33. 33. NO one, just MOM “Crying in front of Ka’bah makes me feel like I’m back to myself when i was adhitia.doc 3 years old. I once cried on her lap when I was hurting HIS HABIT singing loudly was never absent from his mother’s attention. His from a fall, or mom definitely had her own reason why just because I she would give her 14 year old a guitar. Yes, why guitar? Why not other mu- missed her and sic instrument or other stuffs? No need she got home to find the answer, for the mother is the person who understands most about her late from the child. Because of her particular instinct, office, while Adithia became a person who loves mu- sic, and now has been known as unique she would just musician that no one can underestimate. smile and pat It is very possible that Adithia puts his mother as greatest figure he has ever my back.” known. His mother’s warm hug is like acomforting room for Adithia. When his small lips whined for fallingdown and getting hurt on his childhood, he would cry while cringingfrom pain in his mother’s lap. His mom would try to comfort him withher smile and nice pat in his tiny back. For he loves his mom so much,Adithia admitted that he was never ashamed to cry if he thought thathis mom went home late from work when he was little. 35
  34. 34. Adithia Sofyan’s parents are open minded people who don’t want to burden their child with pressures. As long as he is being in the right way, Adithia’s mom and dad never interfered much but kept guid- ing and reminding their child. His path to future has been complete- ly his own choices. As a solid proof, hisadhitia.doc/repro way of life was not one of those commonchoices people usually take, and not in subjects that parents usu-ally want or even force upon their children. Art is not a promising world for most people. Adithia, in thecontrary, deliberately chose this unusual path, and even daredto gamble on his future by going to America and Australia tolearn more about art. Music and design that Adithia chose ashis grounds in life were not a problem for his parents. Adithiathen succeeded in proving that what he chose was not a mistakethough his parents have never asked for any. Thanks to his mom, Adithia knows and loves guitar. We cansay that Adithia is unseparable from his guitar because his motheralways reminds him. “Every time I leave home for few days withfriends, mom always asks: Are you sure you aren’t taking yourguitar with you?” says the man who has Cole Clark FL2A, LarriveeOM3R, and Guild GAD50. His mother doesn’t only pay attention to his musical talent.Little Adithia also liked drawing. In the end, those two hobbieshas indeed become his choices in life, singing and drawing. It wasnot a surprise that his mom was so pleasedwhen Adithia went to America to learnabout music and then to Australia to im-prove his graphic design skills. 36
  35. 35. The freedom to think and act given by his parents forged Adithia’s character when he grew up. He is very natural but competitive and ef- fective in making the most of what he has. Besides, he is not reluctant to share, and to sacrifice for people’s needs. He even feels happy for making others happy. Adithia Sofyan also doesn’t mind about what people judge of him. The most important thing is that he already gives his best and tries to maintain his quality. He gives it to society, to judge him and his songs. “I write songs purely from my love to music. The listener of my songs is myself. It’s for me to listen, to enjoy, to smile at myself,” he says. The man who loves oxtail soup emphasizes that music is a part of happiness in his life, not only for material purpose. “I am not from mu- sic industry, I make mu- sic just for my personal delight,” Adithia adds, “Whether there are peo- ple who listen or not, I will keep writing songs since it makes me happy and fulfill my needs to create things.” Adithia never relies his creative process on his idols. The songs he write are purely from his own creativity. He never knows how those songsadhitia.doc/repro could come out, how the lyrics considered mellow by many people could pop and combined to a likeable song. He just holds his guitar, try some notes while once sipping his warm coffee, and there they go, simple yet charming songs. For him, inspiration sometimes comes just like that but sometimes doesn’t. When he plays his guitar, lyrics will just flow over his head. 37
  36. 36. adhitia.doc Though he is not idolizing anyone, itdoesn’t mean that Adithia doesn’t havemusician or band that influence his songs.He has quite some of them. Teitur, Iron andWine, City and Color, The Swell Season, FionnRegan, Jack Johnson, Bon Jovi, and JohnMayer , more or less they influence his mu-sic. Some people even say that his guitar playsounds like John Mayer. In addition, in one ofthe interviews in a social network, he men-tioned Stevie Ray Vaughan and Kurt Cobain. Adithia has been known as a musicianwho specializes in singing melancholic songsbecause of his mellow lyrics. He himself ad-mits this. “My songs are proven to help peo-ple sleep,” he says. Who would think thatAdithia’s music when he was young was met-al. When he was still in Solo, he admits thathe often listened and played hardcore mu-sic, such as Sepultura, Iced Earth, Manowar,Prong, Sevendust, Megadeth, Kreator, andthose similar with them. He also had his fa-vorite local metal band, which was Melan-cholic Bitch from Jogja. nisamakmur.doc 38
  37. 37. adhitia.doc In Adithia’s music path, Michael Jackson (MJ) came across. As mentioned before, his interest to guitar start- ed when he heard of the intro of Black and White sung by MJ. Though he points out that he thinks that there is no strong correlation between MJ music style and his, he can’t deny that MJ was on his music story. “What made me wanted to play guitar was not a song from (Eric) Clapton or Van Halen, it was a song from MJ,” he admits. In fact, when he heard that MJ passed away, he was so sad and wrote about MJ in his personal blog. As for local musician, Adithia never explicitly express his idolization, though he admits that he enjoyed Ikang Fawzi and Farid Harja who were very popular on 1980- 1990. Some also think that his music style sounds similar to Ebiet G. Ade. Again, Adithia doesn’t confirm, but he thinks that Ebiet is a legend. Apparently, he had a con- nection with Ebiet. “One of my guitar is his now,” said Adithia. Apart from many musicians that directly or indirectly influence Adithia, his mom is still the only prominent fig- ure. If it wasn’t for his mother’s precise instinct, Adithia would not consistenly keeps his passion to music. If his mother did not give him a guitar, he might not have fallen in love with music, especially to guitar, and he could have been attracted to other things in his life. We can say that, his mother is most important thing to Adithia Sofyan. Not because of anyone, just mom. 39
  38. 38. “I like sharing my music with people who are willing to listen.” INTERNET is a virtual world. In which, a world without limit, dimension, space and time. We can get anything from the in- ternet. The boundaries, ethics usually obeyed in the real world no longer exist in the internet. The Create law ruling internet has long been discussed and executed. Nonetheless, itto SHARE is not effective yet, moreo- ver to threat one’s privacy and safety. If indeed, there is such threat, people will not bother since there are lots of loophole to get away from the law. c .do itia adh 40
  39. 39. Anything put into internet, be prepareto take it as universal belonging. If weknow how to use it, everyone can enjoyanything from the internet for free. Re-sults of a very long and tiring effort arevery possible to consume directly in theinternet. For these reasons, many musi-cians, writers, journalists, photographers,researchers, or film makers who are up-set because their efforts seem like worthnothing when they get into the internet.They can be hijacked, copied, claimed, oreven sold by those who haven’t knownyet, or don’t want to know, that evenon the internet there are ethics andrules to obey. Adithia Sofyan is aware of this phe- adhitia.docnomenon. He is sure that this is going to last for a longtime. In addition, internet has not reached every level ofIndonesian society. If internet has become the basic needsof most people in Indonesia, what would happen? Findingand fulfilling needs for free would be all over the place.The only solution one can do is to learn giving away forfree. For these reasons, Adithia Sofyan intently put hissongs in the internet for free. Furthermore, he himselfprovides his songs to be downloaded for free so peoplecan enjoy them. There are only few musicians in Indone-sia who have the sense to give away their creations forpublic consumption without expecting people to pay forit. It is only natural, since one’s creative process must beappreciated equally. Luckily, Adithia has hold firm that he did not expectanything from his music. Not even money. He neverthought of living from music. “I never had the intentionto be a serious and dedicated musician. I dedicate my lifefor my wife and my daughter,” he says. This way, he didnot hesitate to provide his songs in the internet for free.Everyone can download his songs without having to payany cent. 41
  40. 40. According to Adithia Sofyan, the method of sharing for free will fasten the brand building and ease the songs for people to know and to talk about. On the other side, willingness to share is a new trend for music lovers which is unavoida- ble because of the rapid progress of technology. Not only providing his songs to be downloaded for free, Adithia also welcome those who wants to remix his songs, as long as it is not done commercially. Anyway, Adithia doesn’t think that he is alone in sharing things, at adhitia.doc/repro42
  41. 41. least globally since sharing free of charge has not be-come a usual thing in Indonesia yet. Internationally, alot of musicians have done this, sharing their music freeof charge. Adithia feels that sharing is something fun.He is glad that he can do something usefull for others.“Sharing is fun, easy, and Insya Allah brings you bless-ings,” he says. As the result, Adithia Sofyan’s songs spread quicklyin the internet. People responded, wrote in their blogs,put his name in social media network like Facebook,Twitter, Kaskus, and many more, and they even recom-mended it to their friends. To Adithia this is very use-ful for voluntarily spreading his works, admittedly ornot, his name skyrockets and he is now known by morepeople. About copyrights, Adithia doesn’t mind that muchat this point, because that’s the reality in this country.“Clarity about copyrights is not very good here. Evensongs with copyrights are also violated. Is there suchthing as preventing and dealing with it?” he asks aboutthe solution taht is impossible to banish in the meantime from the internet. Apparently people need to get used to Adithia So-fyan’s principle in sharing his works for free, while keepdoing things to maintain people’s appreciation to otherpeople’s creations. It is very possible that this kind oftrend will last as long as internet is still needed and aslong as people can get away from rules that are not setyet in the digital world. So, welcome to the world of noboundaries. “The people who work in the world should be able to bring creative ideas in any condition.” 43
  42. 42. “Still everyday I think about you. I know for a fact that’s not your problem.But if you change your mind you’ll find me. Hanging on to the place. Where the big blue sky collapse.” Hanging on to the place WHERE THE BIG BLUE SKY .do c COLLAPSE… itia adh 44
  43. 43. adhitia.doc AFTER a series of impres-sive episodes in his once deadmusic life, Adithia Sofyan startsto think maybe he can be morethan just an amateur musi-cian. Still, without commercialtendency and purely to satisfyhis passion in music, Adithiaaims to be more serious in mu-sic. Unsurprising, since he hasalways been professional in adhitia.docany career choice he has had,starting from graphic design,conventional advertising, on-line marketing, and finally inmusic. “Whether or not anyone would listen, I will continue to write songs because it makes me happy and fulfill my needs for work.”adhitia.doc 45
  44. 44. To focus on his music, Adithia leaves managing the company to his wife. Although, he still has his part of work there. He is used to working under pressure but can still manage to come out with qual- ity. For him, those who have chosen to be in creative world have to be capable of delivering new ideas in any circumstance. And so currently with his double responsibilities. He is required to be balanced and pro- fessional in two different grounds,adhitia.doc/repro online marketing and music. Adithia Sofyan will not waste a moment. He will surely take his musical works into a more mature stage. Every plan, including the business-wise matter and partners in music have to be well-defined. Even so, Adithia promises that he will not leave his habit of sharing to others, for it has been one of the reasons of his popularity. He doesn’t consider it as a loss for making other people happy. “I dedicate my life to be with my wife and daughter.” adhitia.doc 46
  45. 45. Adithia Sofyan chooses to hang on to the place. Though he was once disappointed there, he will still hang on to the place, where the big blue sky collapse. nisamakmur benablog 47
  46. 46. Successful WOMANin DIGITAL WORLD
  47. 47. Writing and technology are the most important things in Ollie Salsabeela’s life and career path. The woman born in Yogyakarta was originally named Aulia Halimatus- sadiah. She is not only good at playing with words, but also has owned 6 online start ups and has written several books. All these have been successfully accomplished at her very young age, 28. For Ollie, writing is her second world. Almost every day she spares her time to write. Though Ollie feels that she’s been quite successful in this indus- try, she remains humble. She feels more comfortable to be known as a writer and that is indeed her pure passion. “I am a writer and that’s the real me!” she says. “My passion is in book and writing,” she emphasizes. Yes, Ol- lie loves writing. Not only writing online, like in her blog, she also writes books. Dozens of books are“I have a dream, and i have another dream.” 50 ollie.doc
  48. 48. ollie.docborn from through her fin-gers, starting from novels, in-spirational books, and guidebooks or how-tos. She wasone of the famous bloggerson the early golden age. Shehas known blogging since2003 when she started a pho-toblog filled with her dailyactivities. Her love to books andwriting were also broughtto virtual world, specially inthe information and technol-ogy industry. Along with herIT knowledge and also withkind help of several closefriends, Ollie made a break-through: an online bookstore which was then knownas www.KutuKutuBuku.comand an online self publishingsite which was launced onOctober 2010 and known Photoblog is a photo sharing “I had problems purchasing books at existing online through suchbook stores. I really love books and I like buying books. media blog.When I found these problems, as a person in web industry This is a littleI asked myself: Why not fix this?” Ollie explains. She re- different thanally wanted to open a book store, but she did not have a regular blogenough money to build one. The solution was an online which generallybook store, and so she made only focus on theWe can say that this is one of the first online book stores text. Photoblog-in Indonesia. ging (the act of posting photos to a photoblog) started to bloom in the early 2000s with the advent of mobile blogging and cameraphones. 51
  49. 49. The story of is pretty much the same.Her bitter experience when she got her script rejectedprompted her to launch the first online self publishingwebsite in South East Asia. “At, not onlyI publish my dream books, but I also make other writersdreams come true,” Ollie explains. “This site is a free ser-vice portal for online self publishing-print on demand,”she adds. Thinking one step ahead, quick in seizing opportuni-ties, and loves challenges are the qualities of an entrepre-neur. Ollie who is a writer has proven herself capable incombining these qualities as a writerpreneur, and to addup information technology in writing and business. It isa bit hard to find women who excel in information andtechnology, and Ollie is one of them. Yes, Ollie Salsabeelais a modern Kartini that struggles in the digital world. ollie.doc52
  50. 50. “I am a writer and that’s S the real me!” T R U G with GB LO EO KO llie has started writing ever since she was a teenager. It was back on her junior high wheh she started writing comic strips. She did not getthe skills instantly, but through years of prac-tice. When she was in senior high, she wroteso many times though she did not think thatit was good enough. She kept trying until shefigured out the right method and finally herefforts paid off. 53
  51. 51. ollie.doc Her habit of writing onlinestarted when she read an in-spiring and interesting blog.“What is this well designedwebsite filled with peopleheart-to-heart stories?” she cu-riously wondered. Ollie started to know aboutblogging on 2003 when she wasliving in Depok, a suburb nearJakarta. Ollie used many blog-ging services in the internet,such as TextAmerica, Tabulas,Multiply, Wordpress, Blogspot,and finally she used a domainwith a personal hosting: In Multiply, Ollie did not onlyblog, she started a small onlinebusiness. Multiply is one of thepioneers of blogging platform in In- donesia. It has tremendous features such as photo sharing, video, reviews, guest- book, and so on. Taking these as benefits, Ollie started an online shopping based on Multiply. She in- spired many people to do similar thing. This particular moment put a publisher called Mediakita to contact her and ask her to write “making Online Store with Multiply” that was published on 2008. “It was my first how-tos and it became a best seller,” says Ol- lie. Her name is already familiar on the ears of book readers. She haswritten a number of books ranging from novel, inspirational books,how-tos and guide books, motivational books and even books aboutcuisines. One of her novels is also very interesting and briliant in captur-ing the readers at heart. 54
  52. 52. Her novel called “Je M’appelle Lintang” (2006), a love storyabout “Lintang” in chasing her love to Paris, has successfullyobtained great appraisal. How come Ollie who has never sether feet in Paris could actually put the live in Paris in such adetail? “I have only one answer, research!” Ollie explains. Thisexperience was the foundation when she wrote an inspiringbook called “” (2008). Ollie transformed her personal blog,, intoa motivating and inspiringblog. She admits, at the firsttime she became a blogger,the blog’s content was onlypersonal things, more like anonline diary. But since 2007,Ollie decided to change hermindset in how she blogs.“Now I think more when Iwant to post. I think more ofthe benefits to others so thatI can motivate and inspirethem,” she adds. This blog is like her dis-play. Viewers can see her ide-as, her daily activities and herbusinesses. It is not surprisingthat for her efforts in inspir-ing others, Sindo (Seputar In-donesia) Newspaper regards ollie.doc it as Blog of the Week (2009). Not only that, was also reviewed in CHIC Magazine (Desember 2008). Way before he decided to learn about IT at Gunadarma University, Ollie has fa- miliarized herself with technology since senior high. She has been using internet since 1997. “At first i saw people made Geocities, then I learned it myself. In my high school years, I made a company web- site for Afterwards, I made a website for the teachers and the school band,” says Ollie. 55
  53. 53. Way before he decided to learn about IT at Gunadarma University,Ollie has familiarized herself with technology since senior high. She hasbeen using internet since 1997. “At first i saw people made Geocities,then I learned it myself. In my high school years, I made a companywebsite for Afterwards, I made a website for theteachers and the school band,” says Ollie. After she graduated from Gunadarma University in 2004, Olliejoined Plasmedia-Plexis, a national IT company in Jakarta. Ollie was aweb developer, a position she was keen of. She was very happy since heractivity that once only her hobby could be appreciated well. Here at Plasmedia Ollie met Angelina Anthony, another key figurebehind Ollie and Angeline was like the inseparabletwins. They helped each other in every project. They have many thingsin common, specially in their hobby: books. They both really like to readand buy books. So then came the idea to make an online book store called “There were two bugs (kutu) since behind all these thereare two book lovers,” Ollie explains. At the first time, was not that much of a breakthrough. Though internet had beenknown widely in Indonesia, but people were not used to e-commerce.This did not apply only to the customers, but also to the sellers or pub-lishers. that brought the publisher and reader close hadto struggle hard in introducing and educating about e-commerce, es-pecially among publishers. Most of them did not understand well andwere reluctant to adapt with online transaction culture. “We explainedabout online stores, how to cooperate with us besides keep workingwith conventional publishers. We really started from nothing,” Ollie “My passion is in book and writing.” 56
  54. 54. reminisces. Along with Angelina, they did everything: as the owner,CEO, OB, and also the admin. Though the idea of was started on Decem-ber 2005, the site was officially launched on February 2006. One ofthe moments supporting the progress of wasthe publishing of JK Rowling’s phenomenal books, Harry Potter.“We got a really good chance, because Harry Potter was just beenlaunched,” Ollie says. After 1,5 years of, Ollie and Angelina was ata crossroad. At one point, their business was developing. But at theother side, they still had the responsibilities to the company theyworked for. After a careful consideration, including asking for anadvise from an online marketing maestro, Nukman Luthfie, Ollieand Angelina resigned from Plasmedia after been working there for2,5 years. “We had been thinking a lot to resign from the office. But toactually did it, we always thought that we could not. Until one dayI and Angel went out for lunch with a peculiar guy, a role modelin online marketing,” Ollie mentions one of her mentors, NukmanLuthfie. 57
  55. 55. Nukman Luthfie, one of the pioneers of online marketing in Indonesia. Founder,,,, Musik-, and black coffee lovers. To their mentor,they poured out theirworries about the fu-ture. Nukman Luthfieonly said, “So, whenwill you guys resign?”When they were bothshocked, Nukman Lu-thfie promised them,“I will show you theway,” he convincedthem. Though surprised at first, these women did what was suggested by Nuk-man Luthfie. They decided to develop Ollie and Ange-lina officially resigned from Plasmedia on 30 August 2007. To get away fromstress, they went around South East Asia. After the fun trip, Ollie and Angelina had to get back to reality. It turnedout that doing the operational of was not easy at all. Intheir so called office with a very small room, Ollie and Angeline chased theirdreams, expanding their online business. They never gave up though they had a lot of financial problems. Finally KutuKutu- had a more decent office in Pancoran, near Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. The success of in its break- through for transforming conventional book shopping to online shopping got the public atten- tion. Many people started asking, how to make an online store like, how to start it, what’s the key to success in e-commerce, and so on. These many questions were the triggers of, a web developer service that first handled e-commerce problems. The title,, came out of nowhere. The unique thing is, “tuku” was a reversed “kutu”. And so, still with Angelina, Ollie built TukuSolu- After the successful innovation with KutuKu- 58
  56. 56. and, Ollie did not stop there. Her obsession to get the best out of digital world made her want to do more. That time Ollie took her brother to build a new product. As his hobby was to play games, they agreed to make a game studio that developed flash games, mobile games, and social games for Androids, iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry PlayBook., was the name of the start up built by the sib- lings. Her writer and business instict kept bearing fruits. Based on her dis- appointment from getting her writ- ings rejected by publishers, she started The online self pub- lishing site launched on October 2010 is the media for Indonesian writers to publish their books. “I want to give everyone a big chance to publish what they write, and that’s the idea about online self publishing,” she says.ollie.doc 59
  57. 57. “I want to give a great was born from Ol- opportunity for every- lie’s discontent when publishers re- jected her writings. She believed that one to her writings were worth of publish- publish his work. “ ing but she could not do a thing since the publishers turned her down. Be- sides this rather emotional reason, Ollie once had a dream of building her very own publisher. NulisBuku. com was then born from the team- work of Ollie and Angelina, also with two other people, Oka Pratama and Blilian Yotanega. The great thing is, is the first online self publisher in South East Asia. As a writer, seing one’s very name printed in a book cover is priceless. Notevery writer can feel that pride though. Not every writer can publish his orher writing into a book. The conventional publishing system that has a highsales target and complicated scheme makes it difficult for aspiring writers tocompete. They find it hard to get to known publisher and finally have to letgo their dreams to publish a book. Ollie who has been familiar in book industry knew this well. And soalong with her partners, Angelina, Oka Pratama and Blilian Yotanega, Ollietransformed the publishing world. “We can be a writer, and publish our ownbooks for free!” she explains. 60
  58. 58. Actually was start- “ provideed from a simple but powerful idea, es- maximum opportunitypecially for those who want to publishtheir own books. The concept offered to the authors withoutis really different with conventional leaving the commercialand complicated book publishing withits problem of pricing and royalties. values​​.” To have a book printed, one shouldhave 25 million rupiahs, because abook must be printed into at least3000 copies to meet the distributor’sdemand. “While through online selfpublicher, the writer don’t have to giveout their money but can still earn theroyalty,” says Ollie. Every sold book,60% of the royalty will be given to theauthor and the rest of it goes to “ will give abig chance to writers without leavingthe commercial values,” Ollie explains. “I do not just publish a book of my dreams, but also realize the dreams of other writers.” 61
  59. 59. Since it started out, has had the visi-tors grown to 300% up to June 2011. It has more than6000 members. Though only 8 months old, has published more than 400 book titles with vari-ous genres and sold more than 9000 copies of books. Thesales average each month is 1000 to 1500 books. Not only helping self publishing process, also helps the communication among its members andform a community of writers. takes the mostof social media in connecting with its members. The admin al-ways update its Facebook and Twitter with various informationabout events and gatherings, competitions, writing tips, andalso giving personal support to its members. As a result, successfully got the SparxUpAward in 2010 for Best E-Commerce category only after thefirst month of its launching. It’s not surprising to mention thefounders, Ollie, Angel, Oka, and Brilian, as “The Dream Team”. Besides,,,and, Ollie also develops other online sites suchas, a web about Weight Loss Product Re-tail and The later is an online boutiquespecially made for her mother who has retired early. also has an offline boutique. Ollie was also noted as one of the owners of, a site that eases the members to design, print, and sellT-shirts the way they want it. Anyway, on February 2010, Ollieresigned herself from Her activity in business is well balanced with Ollie’s sociallive. She is registered at many online communities in various SparxUp Award is a competition for digital web startup in Indonesia. Sparx- Up present to open a digital opportu- nity for startup in Indonesia to be more 62 advanced and can continue working.
  60. 60. areas, such as Fresh, Girls in Tech Indonesia, Bincang Edukasi,Tangan di Atas, Jakarta Daily Photo, and #StartUpLokal. She isone of the committee at those groups. At #StartUpLokal, Ollie isone of the founders along with Natalie Ardianto, Nuniek Tirta, and Sanny Gaddafi. #StartUpLokal is community for those who own start ups, peo- ple in digital world, developer, investor and the media to meet and colaborate. The community started on April 2010 has shown its potential. Besides media sup- port, it attracts many foreign in- vestors. In fact, on March 2011, the initiators of #StartUpLokal, including Ollie, was invited to Ire- land by Ireland Enterprise, a start up incubator in Dublin. Dublin, was known as the Silicon Valley of Europe. There, the initiators of #StartUpLokal learned and observed many things from the Ireland’s start ups. Ollie has her own dream for her community. “One day, Indo- nesia will be the Silicon Valley for South East Asia,” and that is her dream. 63
  61. 61. “As a child of a thousand islands, CHILD I’ve been every- where with my A THOUSAfather. That shapes my character.” ISLAN AULIA Halimatussadiah or widely known as Ollie Salsabeela, was born in Yogyakarta at 17 June 1983. However, the first daugh- ter of Moch. Isnaini and Harti is a child of a thousand islands. Many regions in Indonesia helped shaping Ollie’s character such as Yog- yakarta, Makassar (South Sulawesi), Kupang, Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan), and also Bengkulu. From her elementary school years to her senior high, Ollie had been moving a lot because of her fa- ther’s work. A bit different from what she is know, little Ollie was a shy girl. She was so thin and tall. Because of her posture, she was dismissed from the dancer club in her elementary school at Makassar. For Ol- lie, it was just a memory though she was truly disappointed. From Makassar, Ollie, who was just in her sixth year of elemen- tary school, had to move to Kupang. The hard and straightforward life in Kupang changed her. It was in Kupang Ollie spent his ado- lescent. She started writing in junior high. Her hobby in reading comic books got her interested in drawing her favorite cartoon characters. 64
  62. 62. D OFANDNDS Ollie also started to excel English around that time. Her passion started because she was upset to a friend calling her stupid. “That stupid word shocked me!” says Ollie reminiscing her young age. Therefore, Ollie convinced her- self to excel English. “That prompted me to take English as my major in college,” Ollie says. Still in junior high, Ollie moved to Banjarmasin, South Ka- limantan. After a few years there, she had to move again to Bengkulu, Sumatera. In Bengkulu, she had her senior high. During that time, Ollie became a star. She had the courage ollie.doc to shine among her friends. Aside from that, Ollie grew fond of writing and Bahasa. In con- trast, she hated exact science such as Physics and Math. After high school, Ollie came back to Yogyakarta to continue to college. At first, she wanted to be in English major at Sanata Dharma University. But finally she took information technology because she started to like technology. This would later bring her to internet. Ollie realized that technology was her goal. “Once, if asked to choose, I would learn English and write a poem every day. But I realized that technology is a stimulus and a tool for me to reach my dreams. So, I want to improve my skills in that field,” she explains. For this misson, Ollie fled to Jakarta. 65
  63. 63. Ollie chose Gunadarma University and Infor-mation Technology to improve her skils. For 4years, from 2000-2004, she had been a studentof Gunadarma University. It was at the earlytime of college people started calling her Ollie.“I had another friend named Lia, similar with myname, Aulia. To not confuse people, I changedmy nickname to Ollie,” she says. The story about her name continued. AuliaHalimatussadiah is now widely known as Ol-lie Salsabeela. Her last name was inspired byan auntie’s grandkid. “At that time my aunt’sgrand daughter was born and named Salsabila,”says Ollie. To differ, Ollie wrote her last namewith a double “e”, so it’s not “Salsabila” but“Salsabeela”. Eversince, she was known as OllieSalsabeela. Along with her college time, Ollie decidedto cover up and started wearing hijab. She ad-mits, there was no request or influence fromanyone to wear it. ”My parents did not ask meand there were no weird stories behind this. Itjust felt right. There was not any contemplationin this,” she says. As she matured, Ollie grew her talent inbusiness. She joined a Multi Level Marketing incollege. “Selling cosmetics, getting downline,surprisingly I got many members. It was not bad,I expanded my network here,” she explains. Herbusiness activity has been started ever since shewas in elementary school. At that very youngage, Ollie sold Idul Fitri’s parcel to her friends. 66
  64. 64. During college, Ollie also tried writing in her personal blog. She started to know about blog- ging in the mid of 2003. At an internet cafe in Depok, she wondered about a very interesting site with many inspiring posts. “While I was con- fused seeing many great blogs, I tried to make my own blog. At that time I uploaded it into a free hosting service,” she recalls. TextAmerica is the first blog that Ollie used. She filled out the content with many of her daily pictures in college. After she wore out the capac- ity of TextAmerica, she moved to Tabulas. For 2,5 years, Ollie posted about her life. Finally at 2007, Ollie decided to use her own domain and hosting to fulfill her needs. was born. At her personal blog, Ollie only posted aboutollie.doc her daily life at first. It was in photos, videos or writings. But then Ollie realized that her writing should inspire and help others instead of only ex- pressing who she was. And so Ollie started to be more serious in developing Her diligence had drawn quite many people. She got a number of awards such as Bubu Award in “Tourism Blog Writing Competition” category on 2009 and New Wave Marketing Picture from MarkPlus on 2008. Personally Ollie also got her awards, for example she was one of the 10 Beau- tiful Women in Indonesian IT World 2011 accord- ing to Info Komputer magazine. TextAmerica is one of the first online photo album or a mobile blogging site that allows users to upload images directly from digital cameras / camera phones or images manipulated with photo editing software for personal pages. 67
  65. 65. Ollie who was once a shy girl now becomes an inde-pendent and bright woman. Her strong, straightforward,and spontaneous character was born from her journeys.Ollie yang awalnya adalah gadis pemalu telah menjelmamenjadi perempuan yang handal dan mandiri. Karak-ternya yang keras, tanpa basa-basi, dan just go with it,merupakan hasil dari perjalanan hidupnya yang seringberpindah. “As a child of a thousand islands, I’ve beeneverywhere with my father. That shapes my character,”she says. Being the owner of several online companies and suc-cessful writer, what else can she want? Apparently thereis, and even more of it! “I have a dream, and i have an-other dream. A dream leads me to another. So, now I wantto be well-off in the virtual world,” says Ollie. Bubu Award is the digital industry awards for ground water that was started in 2011. Categories include: Digital Campaign, Web Award, Mobile Application Award, Digital Talent Award. ollie.doc68
  66. 66. TWO BOOK .do c Loversollie T HE TEAMWORK of Ol- lie and Angelina started when they both were working for the same company. They were at Plasme- dia-Plexis, an IT company based on Jakarta on 2004. They have many things in common, and one of them is that both are bookworms. “Technology is the catalyst. Therefore, I deepen capabilities in that area. “ 69
  67. 67. Beyond the similarities there are differences that complete eachother. Ollie prefers novel and fictions. In the other hand, Angelinaprefers more serious books. Though they are different, but both arebook enthusiasts, and that is the beginning of the success story. Having the same hobby made Ollie and Angelina discussed aboutbooks a lot. Besides, as they had a job connected to the internet,they often imagined working at, a well-known onlinebook store. Who would have known that their dream worked itsway out. They did not get to work for, but they gotso much more than that. Ollie and Angelina then created their ownonline book store. On February 2006, was of-ficially launched by Ollie and Angelina. Ollie and Angelina are more than just partners in business. Wecan say that they both have the role in each other’s career. Theycomplete each other in achieving their dreams. Angelina, a Multi-media Bachelor from Victorie University of Melbourne, Australia,was always in Ollie’s side, executing their ideas. They both alsoworked together in a web consultant where Ollie was the projectofficer and Angelina was the web designer. Angelina is more thanjust work friend to Ollie. She has been there for her as a close friend,a shoulder to lean on. “Angel is my ‘girl love’. I take her picture andupload to my blog since 2006,” Ollie sincerely wrote in her personalblog. They are indeed two different characters. Ollie admits thatthere are opposing characters between them. “Angelina doesn’ttalk much, different from me who is not an introvert,” she says. 70
  68. 68. Many successful works are born from their hard work. Starting from KutuKutu-,, TempeLabs. com,, HearyBoutique. com, and the one that takes most of their time, Ollie and Angelina always think to just go with it in their eve- ry project. They never take much time to think. Once they have an idea, they directly execute it. Luckily, it has always resulted well. Implicitly, Ollie has put Angelina as one of the most influencing figures in her career path. Both of Ollie’s parents also have a very important role. She was once wor- ried about their responses on her choices of life. Her parents were both working for the government, without any side job.ollie.doc “Would they understand their daughter’s decision to jump into a misty valley?” she asked worriedly. After they talked about it, turned out that her parents under- stand and even supported her. Besides Angelina and both her parents, Nukman Luthfie is also a prominent figure in shaping Ollie’s creative passion. He was the spiritual guide for Ollie and Angelina when they were at the crossroad of their life: choosing between being an employee or to work independently. There are many creative people in Indo- nesia who put more colors in Ollie’s career. Ndoro Kakung, Budiono Darsono, Paman Tyo, and Goenawan Mohamad are inspira- tional figures for Ollie. She explains, those figures have one thing in common, be- ing creative. 71