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Ibiza hotels


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Ibiza hotels

  1. 1. Ibiza Hotels
  2. 2. Ibiza Hotels  Ibiza hotels are group of towns.So, based on your requirement and condition when you travel so that you can find an ideal place to stay here
  3. 3. Ibiza Hotels  Ibiza town is located on the south side of island and you can relax your rest of day after partying and playing. If you wan to visit bars and clubs in evening and go shopping, watch beautiful landscapes in day; please go to Sa Penya and La Marina
  4. 4. Ibiza Hotels  Talamanca is a resort just a stones throw from Ibiza town. If you find a peaceful and quite place to stay, this is ideal destination to you. Talamanca is near beach so you can walk on wooden board and join many restaurants that are along your way.
  5. 5. Ibiza Hotels  Figueretas, which is located a suburb of Ibiza, is a famous beach with spendid sandy and great scenes of old town. People love beach is interested in staying here so much.
  6. 6. Ibiza Hotels  Visiting San Antonio to enter night parties, clubs overnight because it is a strong party town of Ibiza.  Sunset Strip is a primary nightlife region of town that has a lot of pubs and resrtaurants intented to pre- nightclubbing crowd.
  7. 7. Ibiza Hotels  Santa Elulia del Rio is an ideal place for family and couples. It takes 15 kilomettes from north of Ibiza and 21 kilomettes from the airport. It is popular to get several best restaurants, luxury shops and cultural centres. It is also busy nightlife but it is not as crowded as San Antonio.
  8. 8. Ibiza Hotels There are kinds of hotels which suit to your pocket and condition to choose in Ibiza so do not hesitate to plan your trip now. You can stay at a mid-range hotel and visit luxury 5 stars hotels any time you want. Hope you have a complete holiday at Ibiza Hotel! Visit our website at to find more information.Thanks