Presentation Iberice worldwide ice solutions


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Presentation Iberice worldwide ice solutions

  1. 1. 0101- ABOUT IBERICE About IBERICE IBERICE is a benchmark company in the organization of events and ice solutions. With considerable experience in equipment and solutions, IBERICE guarantees the planning and execution of any events worldwide. From production and planning, through installation and maintenance, to complementary services, IBERICE is the global and effective answer for the most demanding needs. Flexibility in supply, with the option of outright purchase, leasing or renting. Discover a new concept of fun, amusement and show in ice for the whole year!
  2. 2. 0202- WHY IBERICE International Player IBERICE designs and installs ice solutions worldwide. Global Solutions IBERICE design and produce several events, with animation, lighting-shows, special effects, audiovisual projection, etc. Value Chain IBERICE design each project in order to save energy and resources for our client. Rapidity of Response IBERICE ensures quick assembling and dismantling, as well as prompt response to each budget request.
  3. 3. 0202- WHY IBERICE Social Responsability IBERICE equipment allows a reduction ofapproximately 40% in energy and 21,7% in water (when using the aluminum system). Quality and Innovation IBERICE invest in the newest and mostinnovative technologies on the market. This way it can guarantee the exclusivity of each event. Patented Technology Through an innovative aluminum system,IBERICE are able to increase or reduce the sizeof the system according to the client needs and the attendance of his public.
  4. 4. 0303- SOLUTIONS IBERICE Flexibility IBERICE can offer you an integrated service from the complete refrigeration, resurfacers, dasher board systems, ice and other equipment for the remainder event. IBERICE consider and preparate any surface to have an Ice Rink instaled either indoor or outdoor regardless of the space and the area available for implementation. Due to its versatility, IBERICE products can be quickly installed and disassembled. That allows you to have multi-option space available for other events throughout the year. IBERICE also provide complementary services and accessories for the practice of the activity on ice (skates, equipment and furniture, ...), tents, structures and audiovisual equipment and multimedia; decoration and set design; lighting; ...
  5. 5. 0404- PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ICERINKS IBERICE design and produce different types and sizes of ice rinks, thanks to its innovative modular system. IBERICE ensures the implementation of the most demanding projects in everywhere, whether using aluminum or EPDM, in different shapes, above water, outdoor or indoor arena facility, and in all weather conditions like temperatures around 39º! IBERICE Ice Rinks are tested and certified and are a garantee of exclusivity and safety.
  6. 6. 0404- PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Ice-bar or Ice Lounge Ice-bar - A permanent solution where the implementation project is created according to the place. The interior temperature will always be between minus 4 and 7 degrees. . IceLounge - A mobile solution adaptable to different situations and themes. Can be transported and instaled in any location, at room temperature. Everything is built of ice: from the furniture and accessories, for this particular atmosphere to authentic ice sculptures, dragging the audience into a new world and a fun experience. The IBERICE team ensures the most creative solutions for the client and customize each event according to the specifications and objectives. The assembly is done in a short time and with great ease.
  7. 7. 0404- PRODUCTS E SERVICES Ramps, Rails and HalfPipes IBERICE has available several options of equipments like ramps in ice or in snowtubing, rails for a time of family fun , or for instance halfpipes for the most acrobatic, allowing you to create real amusement parks in the ice. Those are equipment that usually can be installed anywhere and at any time of year, with low maintenance and ease of assembly. We provide all equipment necessary to practice this activity. The entire assembly and figuration may be accompanied by our company.
  8. 8. 0505- CONTACTS Corporate Center: BRAGA-PORTUGAL Tlf: (+351) 253 283 483 Tlm: (+351) 963 462 840 The contents shall be and remain strictly confidential between the Customer and We3urg. The total or partial use by you is subject to copyright and may only be made upon the express authorization of WE3urg.