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Panama d and m


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Panama d and m

  1. 1. PanamanianDance and music By: Ian Goldoni 5-cDance and music
  2. 2. PanamáPanama has a lot ofdiversity and rich dance andmusic.Many people dontknow that. Panamanianculture was influenced byAfrica, Colombia and theUS
  3. 3. MusicPanama has many types of music. Theseare really cool and enjoyable. Is not asfamous as others. These are the three mainones:TamboritoMejoranaTipico
  4. 4. Instruments Think whats the name of the pictures Bocona or Rebe Socavon:is a type of l guitar that is smaller but not as thin. Rebel: is a type of violinthat plays soft cords.Repicador:Is a type ofdrum with wedges and hasa sonorous tone. Bocona or Repicador Socavon
  5. 5. MusicMejorana:This music issinged by boys, this musicis like a discussion(aplicados but with music).Tamborito: This music issing by a chorus of girls. Ismostly singed in carnivals.
  6. 6. I think music is important because they canexpress their feelings.
  7. 7. DancePeople from Panamadance in different waysbut they are reallyinteresting. I will like toknow the dances becausethey are really difficult.
  8. 8. Dance movesOne dance move the girlsdo is tomove their dress it like this .Another is from the boysthey tap really fast on thefloor with a rhythm.
  9. 9. Tamborito dance This dance use done with the Panamanian typical genre that is called Tamborito. The girls swing the edges of their dress wile the boys are swinging their hands.
  10. 10. El punto danceThis dance is done by aman and a woman thatdance in circle and meetbut do not touch eachother and also tap theirfeet.
  11. 11. I think the dance is important like the musicthey express your feelings.
  12. 12. ConclusionI think dance and music is important becauseyou can learn about how the feel. Maybe youcan learn as much as I learned.
  13. 13. Bibliography