Contemporary poetry


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A PowerPoint Presentation about contemporary poetry, free verse, and so forth.

Assignments can be modified. Page numbers are invented.

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Contemporary poetry

  1. 1. contemporary poetry { And Why It‘s Important (And Also Frustrating)
  2. 2.  What Contemporary Poetry is Notgetting started  Defining What Lacks Definition  ―Where Did This Come From?‖  One Question: ―Why?‖  So What is ―Good?‖  What Does This Mean to Me?  Assignment Details  HomeWork: The Skinny
  3. 3. 1. what contemporary poetry is NOT { Dispelling Commonly Believed Myths
  4. 4. contemporary poetry is… • NOT found on social networking websites • NOT a coping mechanism for whiny teens • NOT a string of words stuck together without thought or planning • NOT without rules and guidelines • NOT the same thing as modern song lyricsturns out, contemporary poetry actually is something.
  5. 5. but what is it? you tell me
  6. 6. 2. defining what lacks definition { How Can You Define Something Without a Standard Form?
  7. 7. technically, ―contemporary poetry‖ is: poetry written after the start of the 1920‘s, especially poetry having to do with modern literary genres, such as modernism and post-modernismhowever, this is just a start at something much bigger contemporary poetry implies more than simply a time period and an association with various literary styles.
  8. 8. when referring to contemporary poetry, writers and critics tend to be discussing a style of poetry that follows a specific series of traits and literary tools, such as… • inconsistent meter • variations upon standard rhyme • abandonment of a classical ―musical‖ style • variations on the conventions of poetic lines • an otherwise inconsistent regard for standard poetic structure
  9. 9. this is commonly called…Free Verse
  10. 10. free verse:irregular in some respect or whose―verse whose meter isrhythm is not metrical‖ Pretty Simple? not so much.
  11. 11. free verse still has rules and limitsbut more on that later
  12. 12. 3. where did this come from? { Exploring the History of Contemporary Poetry
  13. 13. History: • King James Bible • Walt Whitman – ―The Father of Free Verse‖ • experimented throughout the Victorian eraNow: • very popular • some controversy • recurrence of classical forms of poetry • conflict
  14. 14. 4. one question: ―why?‖ { ‗nuff said
  15. 15. why is free verse important? art, music, literature, and other forms of media and artistic expression have experienced a paradigm shift as some point as they have entered contemporary timesart – impressionism, abstract expressionism, pop art, performance artmusic – classical, jazz, rock & roll, British invasion, metal, death metalliterature – neoclassicism, romanticism, modernism, post-modernism poetry does the same thing!
  16. 16. why is free verse important? • poetry, like other forms of literature, is a living medium • free verse allows for new ideas and experimentation • it has an expressive capacity different than traditional poetry • it has a following • the form is advocated by numerous professionals free verse, through its freedom and structural looseness, provides an incredible amount of expressive potential, with arrhythmic meter, alternative rhyme schemes, and attention to subtle poetic tools – making it an optimal style for poets and professional writers
  17. 17. what other waysis free verse important
  18. 18. 5. So… what is good? { How Can We Grade a Style That is so Strange?
  19. 19. what qualities mightmake free verse good
  20. 20. good free verse poetry • free verse is not without rules • some free verse is absolutely better than others • it has to align with the same poetic tools that traditional uses while free verse is not dependent upon meter, rhyme, or other structural poetic tools, the majority of good free verse pays attention to these tools and incorporates them somehow
  21. 21. qualities of free verse • imagery • metaphor, simile, and conceits • • rhythm internal rhyme all of this • alternative rhyming • slant rhyme • off rhyme • alliteration, consonance, and assonance • onomatopoeia and MORE • creative use of ―white space‖ • caesura • enjambment • end-stopped lines
  22. 22. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry by Walt WhitmanFLOOD-TIDE below me! I watch you face to face;Clouds of the west—sun there half an hour high—I see you also face to face.Crowds of men and women attired in the usual costumes! how curious you are to me!On the ferry-boats, the hundreds and hundreds that cross, returning home, are more curious to me than you suppose;And you that shall cross from shore to shore years hence, are more to me, and more in my meditations, than you might suppose. …continued
  23. 23. Stillborn by Sylvia PlathThese poems do not live: its a sad diagnosis.They grew their toes and fingers well enough,Their little foreheads bulged with concentration.If they missed out on walking about like peopleIt wasnt for any lack of mother-love.…They are not pigs, they are not even fish,Though they have a piggy and a fishy air --It would be better if they were alive, and thats what they were.But they are dead, and their mother near dead with distraction,And they stupidly stare and do not speak of her.
  24. 24. 6. so what does this mean to me? { Yes, It Does Have Personal Applications
  25. 25. personal application • free verse is extraordinarily expressive, making it very personal • it is often very enjoyable to write • and frankly, you have an assignment on the whole thing
  26. 26. 7. assignment details { You Knew It Was Coming
  27. 27. assignment objectives demonstrate a practical understanding of contemporary poetry by writing two free verse poems from the following prompts: • use a kitchen application • write an confused poem as the subject to convey about a piece of artwork your hypothetical feelings or artistic photograph of romance
  28. 28. assignment guidelines • at least 8 lines long • at least 4 different poetic tools • cannot be whiny or angsty • must use imagery, metaphor, and simile • include photo of kitchen appliance • include image that inspired you • include poem titles • print each poem on its own paper • size 12 font (unless it‘s a different size for effect) • font: Times New Roman, Helvetica, Didot, or Cambria
  29. 29. both draftsARE DUE this Friday final poems and drafts ARE Next Friday DUE
  30. 30. 8. HomeWork: the skinny { Muaha hahahahahahahahaha
  31. 31. HomeWorkTheSkinny• read pages 70 – 80 in your text• complete comprehension questions 1-5 on page 81• finish autobiographical essay and turn in on Wednesday• work on free verse assignment