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Carver vs. cheever power point


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Carver vs. cheever power point

  1. 1. Raymond Carver VS. John Cheever
  2. 2. THE MIDDLE CLASSAnd How It is Portrayed
  3. 3. • Both Authors are from the Middle Class and Write about Suburban Life (King)• “Mythic Middle Class” (McPhillips) • Neddy’s Journey• Keeping Up Appearances (Bosha) • Aspiring to an alternate version of realityMiddle Class
  4. 4. REALITY VERSUS PERCEPTIONThemes in “The Swimmer” and “Cathedral”
  5. 5. • Self Centricity • Carver’s speaker is only concerned about how things affect him • Neddy is so self-absorbed that he constructs his own version of reality• Subjectivity of Reality • Neddy defies reality, refusing to accept the past • Ambiguity of time ( • Inability to talk about love • What love is • Seeing versus understanding • Narrator describing cathedral to Blind man • Meaning separate from sight?Reality and Perception
  6. 6. • Ideas of Race • Names bearing ideas of Character (Hall) • Distrust of Narrative • Exchanging tapes • Neddy’s misconception time • Emphasizing Surface Detail (May) • Why is the surface important?Reality and Perception
  7. 7. • Why is it important that both narratives are set in the middle class? • How important is sight (or any other sense) to reality? • Is there a literal version of reality? Or is it subjective? Why? • What is the significance of the appearance of marijuana in “Cathedral?” How is drug use relevant when discussing ideas of perception?Discussion Questions
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