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Outline of the Australian Donors Association business model

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Australian donors association

  1. 1. Donate Ezy CardBusiness Model Overview(Click space bar to continue)
  2. 2. Australian Donors AssociationOur ObjectivesTo provide substantial funds, support and awareness forAustralians to be able to “make a difference” to those lessfortunate by becoming a Donor in one or more of the fourdonation categories (TOMB):We will achieve this in a way that makes it so easy tocontribute that Donors do not need to outlay money
  3. 3. Our DonorsTime Donors - These are the thousands ofvolunteers who selflessly give of their time and skillsto help where our social infrastructure is lackingAustralian Donors AssociationOrgan Donors - More than 1500 Australians arecurrently awaiting an organ transplant. Nearly 30%of these are children. We need organs and betterawarenessMoney Donors - Money is a universal need thatcan convert to food, clothing shelter and medicalassistance. There is a never-ending need forfinancial supportBlood Donors - One in three Australian will needa blood transfusion in there lives but we have aconstant shortage of blood and donors
  4. 4. DonateEzy CardAll Australian Donor Association (ADA) members have theoption to apply for a Donate-Ezy credit and/or debit card.Australian Donors AssociationWhen they use this card at oneof the ADA partner outlets apercentage of the sale will go toADA.The remaining 50% goes to ADA to fund our programs andour preferred Beneficiaries.50% of that amount will godirectly to their preferredregistered charity.
  5. 5. How it WorksPartnerSpends $300ADAMembersPreferredBeneficiaryADAPrograms &BeneficiariesBankPartner Fee $12.00(4% of $300)ADA Fee $9.00($12.00 less 1% bank fee)$4.50 Donation(50% of ADA Fee)$4.50 Donation(50% of ADA Fee)Assumes average monthly spend of $300 per month & average Partner fee of 4%Australian Donors AssociationMember
  6. 6. Everybody WinsThe ADA Donate Ezy Card system meansthat everyone involved wins including: The Bank The Members The Partners The Beneficiaries The DonorsAustralian Donors Association
  7. 7. Benefits to Bank New low-risk card holders Supporting community Supporting social enterprise New merchant outlets ADA member access ADA bank accountsAustralian Donors Association
  8. 8. Benefits to Member Cost-free donations Making a difference Supporting their Charity Tax Deduction Benefits Group buying power Special promotion discountsAustralian Donors Association
  9. 9. Benefits to Partner New customers Making a difference Seen as a community business ADA website advertising Group buying power Special promotions via ADAAustralian Donors Association
  10. 10. Benefits to Beneficiaries Donations from Referrals Donations from Transactions Added benefits to their members ADA website advertising Potential New Members Reason to recontact membersAustralian Donors Association
  11. 11. Beneficiary ReferralsEach Beneficiary will offer ADA membership to theirmembers on the basis that they will receive 50% of ADAfees($TF) from their members transactions as well as aninstant referral fee ($RF).Partner ReferralsPartners are encouraged to get their existing customers tojoin ADA to minimise the fees that they pay on existingcustomer transactions.General MarketingIncludes all forms of media (print, radio,TV), website (withSEO) and social media.Member ReferralsExisting ADA members will be encouraged and rewardedfor all new members they introduce..Australian Donors AssociationBeneficiaryMemberADA$RF$TF
  12. 12. Sales NetworkMost of our Partner outlets will be signed up by a largeNationwide sales team. Each sales representative isexpected to sign up around 40 outlets per month.Email & Internet MarketingA large component of our marketing budget is allocated tobrand awareness to generate interest from potentialmembers and partners.General MarketingIncludes all forms of media (print, radio,TV), website (withSEO) and social media.TelemarketingTelemarketing will be a major method of arrangingappointments for sales agents as well as direct selling.Australian Donors Association
  13. 13. 020000400006000080000100000120000Jul-13Sep-13Nov-13Jan-14Mar-14May-14Jul-14Sep-14Nov-14Jan-15Mar-15May-15Jul-15Sep-15Nov-15Total Members 2013- 2015 - 110,102Australian Donors Association
  14. 14. Australian Donors Association05,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00035,00040,00045,00050,000Jul-13Sep-13Nov-13Jan-14Mar-14May-14Jul-14Sep-14Nov-14Jan-15Mar-15May-15Jul-15Sep-15Nov-15Total Partners 2013-2015 -47,217
  15. 15. Australian Donors Association$0$5,000,000$10,000,000$15,000,000$20,000,000$25,000,000Jul-13Sep-13Nov-13Jan-14Mar-14May-14Jul-14Sep-14Nov-14Jan-15Mar-15May-15Jul-15Sep-15Nov-15Monthly Card Turnover -Series1$22,155,000
  16. 16. ADA StructureSales Marketing Web/IT AdminNATIONALCEOCEO BoardBoardSecretary TreasurerBOARDAustralian Donors AssociationSTATE Sales Marketing Web/IT Admin
  17. 17. SummaryAustralian Donors Association will use the everyday-spendingof it’s members to create funds and active programs to assistAustralians in need.It will channel these funds and programs to:Their members preferred charities andThe Australian donors who give of their time, organs,money and/or bloodTogether we will make a difference to those who need help.Contact DetailsWho : Ian TurnerPhone : 0425 264307Email: