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Skywave IoT presentation


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Published in: Software, Technology, Business
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Skywave IoT presentation

  1. 1. Working at the Edge of the Edge IoT Event, Ottawa, June 3, 2014 Tom Blackwell, Chief Technology Officer
  2. 2. SkyWave ... a global provider of satellite, satellite-cellular products and services for high value M2M solutions Corporate 1997Year Founded 6SkyWave Global Offices 75Operating Countries 180Employees 700,000Devices Shipped Globally
  3. 3. Markets Tracking, Monitoring and Control of mobile and fixed assets in remote areas. Transportation • Tracking vehicles, trailers, containers • Vehicle telemetry • Cargo security • Driver monitoring • Driver/dispatch communication • Workforce automation Maritime • Track vessels for safety & security • Monitor vessels to enforce fishing regulations • Fuel and vessel operation monitoring Oil & Gas • SCADA alarms, remote telemetry • Production monitoring • Pipeline monitoring & cathodic protection • Leak detection systems Water Utilities • Water metering • Water quality, weather monitoring • Water flow for agriculture
  4. 4. Business Model A global network of valued partners.
  5. 5. The Edge of the Edge Source: OpenSignal Weak Signal Strong Signal Internet RoutersCellular NetworksISatDataPro
  6. 6. The Edge of the Edge 6
  7. 7. Overview 7
  8. 8. IsatData Pro satellite service for M2M applications IDP 600, IDP 800 series satellite-only devices for communication in remote areas IDP 700 series satellite-cellular devices for communication in and out of remote areas Satellite and Cellular Products SkyWave Land Earth Station at Laurentides
  9. 9. IsatData Pro • Global, two-way satellite service • Fully acknowledged • Low power operation • Multicasting IsatData Pro meets the increasing demand for richer information in remote M2M applications. • Maximum message size • 6,400 bytes to device • 10,000 bytes from device • Latency • 100 bytes < 15s • 1000 bytes < 45s
  10. 10. ISatDataPro Products Integrated antenna Low-power modes GPS, GLONASS Digital/analog I/O RS232, RS485, CANbus -40°C to +85°C SAE J1455, IEC60945, C1D2 Bit efficient messaging Lua programmable Over the air configuration and software update
  11. 11. Server Applications talk application data types Remote Devices talk bit-field data, and can be very chatty Power can be a scarce or intermittent resource Data volume affects latencies and communications cost, eats battery Mobility limits size and antenna Technology Considerations { Id: 452972373, UTC : "2014-05-09 19:07:06", latlon : [45.413666666666664,-75.6837], speed : 0, heading: 0 } Edge intelligence
  12. 12. Impact 12 Inmarsat Gateway Earth Station Asset Cell Network Binary Efficient DataSOAP, REST/JSON, IP Server Edge Processing Exception Reporting Low power modes Protocol and Rate REST/JSON Binary Efficient Data Omni antenna
  13. 13. Lua Services Framework – edge application hosting Base Firmware – hardware support and critical processing Over the air - configuration and software update, shell access via satellite or cell network Edge Processing Terminal Hardware Boot Loader DriversKernel Flash File System Lua Compiler and Interpreter Lua Extensions Base Firmware Lua Services Framework User Services Agent Services Core Services
  14. 14. Designed for embedding - Powerful, fast, lightweight, clean extension interface Small – 100K including libraries Portable – written in standard C Free - MIT license Lua local queue, event, args = sched.waitQ(-1, geofenceQ, periodicTimerQ) if (queue == geofenceQ) then HandleGeoFence() elseif (queue == periodicTimerQ) then SendPositionOta() end
  15. 15. Event driven – CPU efficient and power friendly Bit Efficient Messaging – encode/decode from Lua datatypes Persistent Properties – backed by non-volatile storage Core Services – Position, Geofence, Power, Message, Report, Log, File System, Shell, etc. Lua Services Framework Terminal Hardware Boot Loader DriversKernel Flash File System Lua Compiler and Interpreter Lua Extensions Base Firmware Lua Services Framework User Services Agent Services Core Services
  16. 16. Eclipse IDE – Edit Lua code, service properties, message definitions Design, Test and Install – including end-to-end simulation of terminal, GPS inputs and network gateway interface Development Tools
  17. 17. Pre-built Services – containing features for key M2M markets Composable - use in combinations with other agents or user-written Lua services for specific requirements Configuration UI – combine and configure Agents via user-friendly web interface. Agents Terminal Hardware Boot Loader DriversKernel Flash File System Lua Compiler and Interpreter Lua Extensions Base Firmware Lua Services Framework User Services Agent Services Core Services
  18. 18. AVL - location tracking, sensor monitoring, security features J1939 - capture vehicle bus data Analytics - maintenance and driver monitoring Garmin FMI - connect to Garmin PNDs Dispatch - forms, messaging, dispatch, driver monitoring Alert Report Control - analog and digital sensors M2M Agents
  19. 19. Agent Configuration Proprietary 19
  20. 20. IP SCADA connects SCADA hosts to remote IP-based sensors or SCADA devices SCADAconnect allows SCADA hosts and enterprise apps to connect with remote PLCs and other SCADA devices viaFleet - track, monitor and manage trucks, heavy equipment, railcars and other mobile assets M2M Applications
  21. 21. Solutions, support and commitment to customers. Why SkyWave? Experience15+ years in the market. ReliabilityCurrent generation Inmarsat satellites. ValueLeading solutions and services. Support24/7 customer support in multiple languages. FocusProducts to create unique M2M solutions quickly, easily.
  22. 22. Tom Blackwell For more information visit