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Commercial Video: Balancing Strategy and Emotion


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Video has become a huge part of how companies market their business. With more and more video content out there, and huge amounts of other advertising assaulting consumers every day, it's getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. What some companies have been discovering, or rediscovering is that story works.

As a commercial filmmaker, it's not simply enough to tell a good story though, you also have to keep in mind the end goals of your clients or your own business. Stories work, but how do stories work for your business, how do they work for your clients? These are the questions I deal with everyday, these are some insights into what I've learned.

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Commercial Video: Balancing Strategy and Emotion

  1. 1. Balancing Strategic and Emotional Value in Business Video
  2. 2. What are we talking about? ✦ The documentary-style production process ✦ Why emotion is important in storytelling ✦ The business value of emotional connection ✦ Proving this value to clients with metrics
  3. 3. W H O A M I ?
  4. 4. W H AT I S D O C U M E N TA R Y - S T Y L E V I D E O ?
  5. 5. Key Elements ✦ A creative depiction of reality ✦ Combines an interview or narration and b-roll ✦ Lightly promotional
  6. 6. W H Y D O CO M M E R C I A L D O C S WO R K ?
  7. 7. ✦ Focus on story, not product ✦ Creating emotional connections ✦ Efficient production style
  9. 9. ✦ Collaboration is key ✦ Vision + Strategy matters ✦ Clear communication is vital ✦ Concise proposals
  10. 10. Sell your vision. Why is this story worth telling and how are you going to tell it? PRODUCTION TIMELINE What are the different steps of production and how long do they take? DELIVERABLES Specifics on what you’ll be producing helps determine the scope of a project. BUDGET Breaking down the costs of a project sets expectations and provides transparency. OVERVIEW
  11. 11. S H OW I N G T H E VA LU E O F A S TO R Y
  12. 12. Views, engagement, and conversion data gives you clear indications of what’s working. EVERYTHING ELSE Audience comments, client feedback, internal critiques, and intuition provide context for the numbers. METRICS
  13. 13. Client Reporting ✦ Compiling metrics ✦ Present numbers + context ✦ Gathering anecdotes and comments
  15. 15. Identify problems ✦ How effective was your hook? ✦ Did you retain your audience? ✦ What caused drop-offs in engagement?
  16. 16. Test strategy ✦ Did the story resonate with your audience? ✦ Did your video accomplish the brand’s goals? ✦ What did you learn about your brand strategy?
  18. 18. I A M A L L S T E E L
  19. 19. H A N D S LOV E S TO R I E S
  20. 20. 100+ MEN & WOMEN WHO CARE
  21. 21. 100+ MEN WHO CARE BOARD …the videos are having a very touching and powerful impact.
  22. 22. W H AT D O I D O N OW ?
  23. 23. H OW C A N I H E L P YO U ?