Mendeley and Activity Data


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Mendeley and Activity Data

  1. 1. Activity Data, and Mendeley This brief set of slides will discuss how Mendeley is currently using activity data, and it will discuss some of our plans for activity data, going forward.
  2. 2. Access vs Usage There is a distinction between access and usage. One thing that COUNTER statistics give you is an access event i.e. when a researcher obtains a document. Mendeley has the ability to see what use a documet is put to after it has been accessed.
  3. 3. We are a VC funded company that is focussed on providing collaboration and information management solutions. We were founded by a couple of PhD researchers who were unhappy with the tools available to them.
  4. 4. Mendeley Desktop Mendeley provides a pdf and reference management tool that works across platforms.
  5. 5. Manage your research papers Users can annotate, and organise their documents.
  6. 6. Mendeley aggregates research data in the cloud It aggregates usage information on papers into the cloud.
  7. 7. By doing this, Mendeley makes science more collaborative and transparent We can determine reading trends in science.
  8. 8. Real-time data on 28m research papers: Thomson Reuters’ Web of Knowledge Mendeley after 16 months: And we already have information on lots of papers.
  9. 9. We can tell you what kind of people are reading a paper, and where they are from.
  10. 10. And just like amazon can recommend books to you based on your behaviour, and the behaviour of everyone We have started making recommendations about research. We are trying to make crowed sourced recommendations for science easy, and we have an API, so we are trying to make it easy for you too. We have BIG ideas, and we are really excited.
  11. 11. CC-BY We are making the data we aggregate open, and available through our API.
  12. 12. Some cool applications have already been built on top of this.
  13. 13. Library Integration We are working on integrating Mendeley with institutional repositories.
  14. 14. Library Integration Users can indicate what papers they have read in Mendeley, and we are going to deposit these papers into that users institutional repository automatically.
  15. 15. • SWORD deposit • D-Space • JISC, Mendeley, Cambridge, Symplectic The first implementation is a JISC funded pilot with the University of Cambridge and Symplectic
  16. 16. Collaborative Filter We are working on a collaborative filter.
  17. 17. Collaborative Filter We are working on a collaborative filter.
  18. 18. Future areas of focus • Author Disambiguation • Linked Data standards for citation information In the future we want to help with the author disambiguation issue, and with making scientific data more linked.
  19. 19. follow me @ianmulvany We are interested in talking to people with cool ideas! Thank you!