Growing Beyond Journals, Nature Web Applications


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These are the slides of the talk that I gave last week at the Hannover Bio-IT world conference. Many repurposed slides, but a few new ones too.

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Growing Beyond Journals, Nature Web Applications

  1. Growing Beyond Journals, Nature Web Applications Bio-IT world, Hannover Ian Mulvany Nature
  2. • Nature, a brief overview • The changing role of the publisher • Grey Literature - Nature Preceedings • Reference Management - Connotea • Social Applications - Nature Network • Collating - Nature Blogs and The Streamosphere
  3. Journal Evolution •1869 Journal Founded •1899 Journal Makes a Profit •1967 Peer Review •1992 Nature Genetics •1995 Holzbrink Ownership •1995 •2004 Connotea •2007 Nature Network
  4. • "It is intended, first, to place before the general public the grand results of scientific work and scientific discovery" • "to aid scientific men ... by affording Norman Lockyer them an opportunity of discussing the various scientific questions that arise from time to time"
  5. Making Deeper Connections foto: flickr Naveen Roy
  6. Social Layer Audience Content Authors
  7. Grey Literature photo: flickr Opacity
  8. Managing References photo credit: flickr Xavier de Jauréguiberry
  9. Getting Social photo credit: flickr mcgeez
  10. Nature Network
  11. Bringing things together photo: flickr Thomas Hawk
  12. Open CC Search content Database Connotea Connections API
  13. “Some” things I didn’t talk about Gateways scintilla entity extraction Google Wave second life XMP
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  16. InChI=1S/C32H16N8.Cu/c1- N 2-10-18-17(9-1)25-33- 26(18)38-28-21-13-5-6-14-22 N N (21)30(35-28)40-32-24-16-8- N Cu N 7-15-23(24)31(36-32)39-29- N N 20-12-4-3-11-19(20) 27(34-29)37-25;/h1-16H; N