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AWS RoadShow Edinburgh - Customer Presentation


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In part 2 of the materials from the June 17 AWS RoadShow in Edinburgh Director Stuart Grant discusses how built their innovative location data service on AWS and how their usage of AWS has evolved over time.

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AWS RoadShow Edinburgh - Customer Presentation

  1. 1. @ AWS Stuart Grant, Director Solutions Ltd AWS Roadshow Edinburgh
  2. 2. Founded 2008 Location data services for the enterprise Web Applications (Google Maps) Data Applications (APIs serving Apps) Google ‘Geo’ Partner since 2010 Clients include Shell, BT, BP, Addison Lee... All built on AWS from Day 1!
  3. 3. Challenges 2008 and all that… •  ‘Mission impossible’ –  bootstrap a web app company from scratch… –  …get it to market and get paid… –  …all with a starting team of 3 •  But 2008 was an interesting year to try it –  AWS became 'production grade' –  Cloud/SaaS services started to proliferate –  The 'lean startup' idea began to take hold –  Maybe, just maybe…
  4. 4. EC2 Instances S3 Storage The AWS Years – 2008/2009 •  ‘learning to walk’ –  EC2, using off-the-shelf community AMIs –  everything deployed standalone and separate •  Not sophisticated, but quick to deploy
  5. 5. CloudWatch Monitoring & Performance Mgt SNS Push Notifications SES Email Route53 DNS ELB Load Balancing The AWS Years – 2010/2011 •  ‘learning to run’ •  Getting bigger, staying managable
  6. 6. ElastiCache Amazon RDS CloudFront Content Delivery SQS Message Queue The AWS Years – 2012 onward •  ‘learning to fly’ •  Workflow management using AWS APIs •  Scaling up, reaching global scale
  7. 7. served ~ 5,000,000 sessions in 2010
  8. 8. now serves ~ 8,000,000 sessions each day
  9. 9. AWS costs ~ 4% of revenue in 2010
  10. 10. Today our AWS costs are ~ 3.3% of revenue
  11. 11. AWS tools allow us to stay lean by automating almost everything
  12. 12. Closing Thoughts AWS made our business possible in 2008 AWS helps us stay lean in 2014 You’re invited to try our AWS workflow tool …and if you ever need a map… J Thank you!