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AWS RoadShow Cambridge - Proxama Customer Presentation


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In part 3 of the materials from the June 25 AWS RoadShow in Cambridge Proxama's Head of Infrastructure, Jason Gregson, describes how Proxama provide a suite of loyalty management applications and services to their customers using AWS and how their use of AWS has evolved over time.

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AWS RoadShow Cambridge - Proxama Customer Presentation

  1. 1. ©  Proxama  2014   Jason  Gregson   Head  of  Infrastructure   AWS  RoadShow  2014   AWS  Customer  Story  
  2. 2. ©  Proxama  2014   About  Proxama   Proxama  PLC  is  a  global  mobile-­‐in   retail  engagement  and  mobile   payments  company.     We  connect  physical  and  digital   assets  via  mobile  to  increase   consumer  engagement,  retail  sales   and  loyalty.     Proxama’s  customers  are  retailers,   global  brands,  mobile  network   operators  and  financial  insNtuNons.   AWS  Customer  Story   2  
  3. 3. ©  Proxama  2014   Proxama’s  Capability   Overview   3 Service  Provider   Management     Wallet  Management   Engagement  &  Loyalty   Core  PlaSorm   Infrastructure   Payments  &  Security   ReporNng  &   AnalyNcs   Campaign   Management   Infrastructure   Management   Loyalty     Providers   Wallet  Framework   Wallet   Management     TSMs   Media  PlaSorms   MNO  SDK   Payments  SDK   Loyalty  &  MarkeNng   SDK   Service   Providers   £Wallets  &     SDKs   Web   Tools   Payment  Service     Providers   £ Security  SDK   Tag  Suppliers   AWS  Customer  Story  
  4. 4. ©  Proxama  2014   Enabling  Mobile  Technologies     4   AWS  Customer  Story   Bluetooth Low energy Near field communications Geographic area marking Quick response
  5. 5. ©  Proxama  2014   Our  Challenges   5   •  Capital  costs            -­‐  Buying  the  equipment?            -­‐  How  much  to  buy?            -­‐  How  big  are  we  going  to  grow?            -­‐  How  many  servers  will  be  idle?     •  Compliance            -­‐  Personal  idenNfiable  informaNon  has  to    remain  in  the  EU.  It  is  the  law!          -­‐  Data  retenNon?     •  Growth            -­‐  Customers  pull  the  applicaNon  from  the    store.  How  many?            -­‐  Who  are  our  customers?            -­‐  How  many  customers  will  use  our  app?     AWS  Customer  Story   •  Security            -­‐  Is  our  data  safe  (Security  &  integrity)            -­‐  Are  we  secure?             •  Resilience            -­‐  Can  these  systems  stay  up?              -­‐  What  happens  if  the  data  centre    goes  offline?  
  6. 6. ©  Proxama  2014   How  it  was  solved  by  AWS   6   AWS  Customer  Story   •  Capital  costs   •  No  equipment  to  purchase.  Only  operaNonal   costs  for  what  we  need.   •  ElasNc  Load  Balancers  and  Auto-­‐scaling  solved   the  demand  issues.   •  Auto  scaling  Policies  scale  up  as  demand   grows  and  scale  back  down  when  there  is  no   demand.  We  only  run  what  we  need.   •  Compliance   •  Storing  our  data  in  S3  and  RDS  hosted  in  the   EU  AZ  help  us  ensure  compliance  with  Pii.     •  These  services  are  region  specific.     •  S3  policies  allow  us  to  manage  the  lifecycle  of   our/your  data.   •  Growth   •  Monitoring  with  CloudWatch  help  us  tune  our   Auto  Scaling  environment  to  keep  ahead  of   demand   •  Security   •  Virtual  Private  Cloud  (VPC)  is  secure  from  the   outset.   •  RDS  allows  us  to  encrypt  the  data  both  in   transit  and  “at  rest”   •  Trusted  advisor  reports  against  the   environment  looking  for  breaches  in  best   pracNses   •  Cloudtrail  records  all  interacNons  with  AWS   into  log  files       •  Resilience   •  Auto  Scaling  and  Load  balancing  across   mulNple  Availability  Zones  ensuring  that   systems  are  replaced  when  degraded  and   carry  on  working  when  an  AZ  goes  offline.   •  RDS  allows  us  to  replicate  the  data  to  the   other  AZ’s  to  complete  the  picture.  
  7. 7. ©  Proxama  2014   7   AWS  Customer  Story   •  Secure,  stable,  resilient   ecosystem  for  our  TapPoint®   and  CardGateway™  plaSorms     •  Benefits  are  passed  on  to  the   customer  =  happy  customers   with  systems  that  keep  running.   •  Ability  to  meet  all  of  our   customers  requirements,   including  bespoke  projects   •  Our  growth  isn’t  inhibited  by   legacy  infrastructure  or  capital   investment.   Our  Outcome/Benefits
  8. 8. ©  Proxama  2014   “Analyse  consumer  behaviour   from  engagement,  purchase   to  loyalty.”   Our  future:  Insight     8  8   AWS  Customer  Story   The  challenge:   •  ElasNc  Map  Reduce            -­‐  Processing  the  large  volume  of  data    Sources  –  Logfiles,  user  interacNons,  etc   •  RedshiO            -­‐  Analysing  all  our  data  for  our  business                          intelligence  tools   •  Kinesis            -­‐  Real  Nme  processing  of  data.    Sources  –  Social  media  firehose  &    transacNonal  data       To  the  rescue,  AWS  
  9. 9. ©  Proxama  2014   Simple. Secure. Relevant. If  you  have  any  quesNons  please  contact  us:     AWS RoadShow 2014 AWS  Customer  Story   +44  (0)1603  760060