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AWS RoadShow Cambridge - Haven Power Customer Presentation


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In part 2 of the materials from the June 25 AWS RoadShow in Cambridge Haven Power Business Systems Manager, Paul Armstrong, discusses how Haven Power provides IT disaster recovery with AWS and how they are adopting AWS as a platform for tier 1 applications such as billing.

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AWS RoadShow Cambridge - Haven Power Customer Presentation

  1. 1. Haven Power & AWS Paul Armstrong Business Systems Manager
  2. 2. Haven Power Presentation | 19/06/2014 2 Haven Power •  Electricity Supplier to serve small to medium sized business customers and large Industrial & Commercial customers •  Launched in 2006, now employing 350 staff with a turnover in excess of £250 million The initial problem: •  The IT estate has grown rapidly with the business, with the technology infrastructure struggling to keep up with demand •  Mixed virtualisation and a combination of on-site, off-site servers •  Technology working in a reactive basis to support growth
  3. 3. Haven Power Presentation | 19/06/2014 3 Requirements •  Provision of a solution quickly, to provide more robust disaster recovery. •  Flexibility to change as the onsite solutions / change programme developed and advanced. •  To provide a supporting solution for the entire Business Continuity Plan – not just IT Disaster recovery. •  Low entry cost and flexibility to evolve the solution over time.
  4. 4. Haven Power Presentation | 19/06/2014 4 Tender Process •  In-House •  Off-Site Hardware •  Cloud Based Solution Tender DR BAU Production 2011 2012 2013 Core Design Data Backup Services Replication DEV/Test Services Refine Capacity planning Compute power utilisation Storage and network usage costs and optimisation Training Continuous Development Virtual Machine export processes Why IaaS and AWS? Flexible Solution Willingness of AWS to work closely as a partner, both directly and through a local partner – Smart421 Rapid time to Live Manage Cost Profile. 2014 Extend Virtual Networks Transfer Core Billing and Registration System Future planning Data Warehouse and MI projects
  5. 5. Haven Power Presentation | 19/06/2014 5 What has changed over 3.5 years ? The solution has had to support: •  Internal rationalisation, consolidation and virtualisation of platforms •  Opening of a new office wing, closing of temporary office location and relocation of 200 people •  A significant change programme introducing a new billing and registration platform •  Significant growth of the business and critical dependency on IT •  Existing Production Hardware coming to end of life
  6. 6. Haven Power Presentation | 19/06/2014 6 Lessons to Share •  Continuous training – with attrition rates and continuous development, training and education is essential. (Skills are in demand) •  Architecture Definitions for capacity planning regularly include costs models for annual operating (hours run per day) and storage costs. •  As current infrastructure comes to end of life, reviewing options for hardware refresh / transition to the cloud. Cost model becoming harder to ignore as the business has grown. •  Continuous Improvement - working with suppliers to ensure they support our infrastructure and application needs moving forward.