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Industry West Magalog


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Industry West Magalog

  1. 1. FURNISHING MODERN creativity
  2. 2. inventory BEDROOM + OFFICE + SOFAS + STOOLS + STORAGE + LIGHTING + UPHOLSTERY + BENCHES + CHAIRS + TABLES Our story......................................................................2 Casey DeBois..............................................................4 Jessica Canovas.......................................................6 Dani Arps......................................................................8 Jenna Snyder-Phillips............................................10 Tom Gray + Sarah Marie Johnston.................12 Jordan England........................................................14
  3. 3. Growing up we’re all led to believe that being “creative” means something as simple as being good in art class. But it’s so much more than arts and crafts. Creativity is a way of seeing the world around us – a way of transcending existing ideas and achieving success by bringing about something new and meaningful. At Industry West, we’re here to furnish that creative spirit that keeps the world colorful. Whether it’s a small-town coffee shop or a Silicon Valley tech firm, we want to help our partners shape their spaces into something unique and wonderful. So who are the people behind those spaces? The following pages include just a few of those who are helping us push creativity into the mainstream, where it belongs. WE’REHERETOBOTH SERVEANDADDTO PEOPLE’SCREATIVITY. RAISING THE WORLD’S creativeQUOTIENT 2 3 Jordan England Founder, Industry West
  4. 4. Where does a childhood spent learning the ins and outs of the construction business lead? For Casey DeBois, it was the spark that set her on the path toward becoming one of New York’s most sought-after interior designers. An eye for fine detail that came from observing her father’s contracting company build spaces from the ground up, paired with the wandering spirit of a traveler, have helped shape her unique perspective. Always exploring. Always on the go. She’s constantly finding inspiration in the different colors, textures and architecture she comes across. And for someone who spends her time designing office spaces that dedicated professionals rarely leave, it’s an unexpected surprise that her creations are inspired by a love of constant travel. Whether exploring New York City or another country, her quest to design the perfect space never turns off. “In a way, I’m always working. I’m always thinking. Because I love what I do.” casey Interior Designer | New York, NY INDUSTRYWESTDESIGNPROFILECASEYDeBOIS DeBOIS 4 5 PICTURED: Casey sits in the office space she designed for Estimize, a financial estimates technology firm located in New York City. YOUDON’T REALIZEHOW MUCHYOUNEED INTERIORDESIGN, ORHOWMUCH ITAFFECTSYOU, UNTILYOU’RE INAREALLY WELL-DESIGNED SPACE.
  5. 5. Interior Designer | Philadelphia, PA A person’s creative vision is really brought into focus by his or her view of the world. And at one time, Jessica Canovas’ view consisted of a road trip from Las Vegas to San Diego to Los Angeles – interviewing karaoke hosts for an independent documentary. That interesting worldview only continued to evolve with her work designing spaces for Tiny House Nation. “You think you understand functional space. But when you have to design everything in under 250 square feet … it blows everything you thought you knew about interior design out of the water.” From rebuilding a Hurricane Katrina-battered home on the Mississippi coast to designing a tiny house recording studio for Lil’ Jon, Jessica’s experiences have been eye-opening from so many perspectives. And she truly enjoys the challenges and rewards that come from integrating those fresh perspectives into her daily work. jessicaCANOVAS INDUSTRYWESTDESIGNPROFILEJESSICACANOVAS 6 7 PICTURED: Jessica relaxes at the bar of Tessa, a modern Mediterranean restaurant located on the Upper West Side of New York City. FROMASTYLE PERSPECTIVE, ANYTHINGIS POSSIBLEIN ANYSPACE…
  6. 6. The stereotype of the “starving artist” is losing a lot of steam these days. And Danielle Arps is one of the creative professionals truly proving that an interest in the arts doesn’t also equal an interest in eating ramen every night for the rest of your life. After graduating college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in music, the question remained: what now? “I’ve always been design-oriented. I just needed to figure out a way to make that a part of how I live.” And figure it out she has. In 2014 she launched her own interior design company, Dani Arps LLC. And it hasn’t taken long for her to become one of the most in-demand designers for New York-based startups. And it only makes sense that someone, who cites the drive of New Yorkers as her main source of inspiration, has been so embraced by the type of companies that most personify that same spirit. dani Interior Designer | New York, NY INDUSTRYWESTDESIGNPROFILEDANIARPS ARPS 8 9 PICTURED: Danielle hangs out in the office space she designed for Timehop, a digital nostalgia tech startup located in New York City. EVERYONE WANTSTOSEE THEBEFORE ANDAFTER.BUT INBETWEEN, THERE’SATON OFWORK INVOLVED.
  7. 7. INDUSTRYWESTDESIGNPROFILEJENNASNYDER-PHILLIPS 11 PICTURED: Jenna poses with one of her paintings in her Brooklyn, NY apartment. ITHINK I’DHAVETO WORKHARD NOTTOBE CREATIVE. 10 jenna The creative life never quite leads anyone in the straightest of lines. For Jenna Snyder-Phillips, it took her from Philadelphia to New York to Italy … and back to New York again. “There was no direct path. I went to school for interior design. Now I do illustration and art … it all blends together.” Painting from a very young age, Jenna was never afraid to follow her creative compass in whichever direction it pointed. And the ever-changing atmosphere of New York City has pointed her toward countless sources of inspiration. There’s no one place … no one genre … no one style that she looks to for inspiration. And that willingness to never stop discovering new things helps her find the creativity in everything she does – from styling clothes to preparing food to adding the accessories and little touches that really bring spaces to life. Interior Designer + Illustrator | Brooklyn, NY SNYDER-PHILLIPS
  8. 8. Owners, Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails | Jacksonville, FL Every creative space has to have a starting point. And for one of Jacksonville’s most unique restaurants, that point is the official state soft drink of Maine … Moxie soda. It’s what Chef Tom Gray grew up drinking as a child. The name has come to mean “gusto” and “verve.” And when Tom and Sarah Marie Johnston first began laying out their vision for Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails, that spirit was the foundation on which they built. “We wanted it to have meaning and history.” And with 200-year-old reclaimed wood and a whole team of designers and artists, that meaning and history quickly began to take shape. And in the end, Moxie truly became something more than the sum of its parts because while Tom and Sarah Marie shaped the space, the space also ended up shaping them. “Once I was in the space and could feel it … I was able to adapt the menu and the dishes to it … it all just sort of came together.” INDUSTRYWESTDESIGNPROFILETOMGRAY+SARAHMARIEJOHNSTON sarah marie JOHNSTON tomGRAY + 12 13 PICTURED: Executive Chef Tom and Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Marie rest (but not on their laurels) at Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails, their industrial-chic-inspired, farm-to-table-themed restaurant located in Jacksonville, FL. MOXIEHAS ITSOWN PERSONALITY ...THEFOODHAD TOFOLLOW SUIT.
  9. 9. INDUSTRYWESTDESIGNPROFILEJORDANENGLAND Owner + Founder, Industry West | Jacksonville, FL jordanENGLAND 14 15 Doctor … lawyer … real estate developer. Those are all things that Jordan England thought he wanted to be when he went off to Emory University to major in political science. And while he set out with such traditional ambitions, Jordan’s career path took an unexpected turn toward catering to the creative spirit. “I think for me it was about having the confidence to develop my own sense of creativity.” And Jordan feeds that sense every day through the stories he reads and the people he talks to. They constantly expose him to new ideas and different ways of thinking that help inspire original thought. “I don’t know how many times I’ll be talking to somebody and it’ll hit me, we should take this technology and pair it with that.” And if the success of Industry West has proven anything, it’s that creativity really can come from anywhere. PICTURED: Jordan takes a break at Restaurant Orsay, a French-inspired eatery located in Jacksonville, FL. WETRYTO HELPPEOPLE BRINGOUT CREATIVITY THEYNEVER KNEWTHEYHAD.
  10. 10. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR FRIENDS AT: ESTIMIZE 43 W 24th Street 7th Floor New York, NY 10010 TIMEHOP 401 Broadway Suite 1100 New York, NY 10013 TESSA MODERN MEDITERRANEAN 349 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY 10024 MOXIE KITCHEN + COCKTAILS 4972 Big Island Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32246 RESTAURANT ORSAY 3630 Park Street Jacksonville, FL 32205 | 1538 Hendricks Avenue | Jacksonville, FL 32207 | 800.382.9303 | /IndustryWest /IndustryWest /IndustryWest /IndustryWest pro/IndustryWest#FurnishingModernCreativity