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The Times events supplement

  1. 1. This is an independent publication by Raconteur Media _ 10. March. 2011 Photography courtesy of Science Museum EventsAT THE CROSSROADS OF INNOVATION pitality providers can quantify busi- ness generated from expenditure. Companies have always expected conventional events. Social media channels do not just promote events, they can enhanceBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT New horizons are opening up for the multi-billion- value for money but, with tighter the experience, inform those taking controls on spending, hospitality and part and provide a means of measur-pound corporate hospitality and events industry as the UK faces challenging events are increasingly tailored to ing how well the marketing messageeconomic conditions, writes Peter Archer individual needs in special bespoke is getting across. solutions. The personal touch is We have entered a communica- replacing off-the-shelf packages. tions age when clients, end-custom- Corporate entertainment is at a The 2012 London Olympics, in away from big glitz and glamour Combining corporate hospitality ers and company staff, equipped withcrossroads as companies re-think particular, will take the capital’s to discrete events flying under the and events with latest technology and smart, mobile technology, have thethe future direction of their mar- already mature corporate hospi- radar, partly as a defence against hos- social media is increasing the impact means to make their voices heard.keting strategies. tality market to a new level. tile media coverage. of bespoke marketing campaigns. A Indeed, they are offering valuable The economic slump saw a dip in The marketing promise of the Caution has also accompanied very modern marketing mix is har- market data which can be utilised tobusiness hospitality and events, but Olympics is based on the proven the imminent enforcement of the nessing online technologies to facili- fine tune campaigns and hospitalityconfidence is returning along with premise that the shared experience UK’s Bribery Act which critics com- tate two-way communications with spending in a more cost-effective way.spending on entertaining clients of a major sports event provides the plain is vague around what consti- customers and staff alike. Radio-frequency identificationand rewarding staff. right environment to build or cement tutes legal business hospitality Live events, whether exhibitions, (RFID), for example, allows organ- Analysts forecast an increase in lasting business relationships. and entertainment. product launches, team-building isers to engage fully with their audi-spending which is likely to continue But big brands are likely to be more Furthermore, in a challenging busi- exercises, staff reward schemes, ence, link a live event to the virtualto gain momentum as long as the UK discerning in the way they spend their ness climate, clients invited to events trade shows, conferences or busi- world and send it through cyberspaceeconomy recovers. marketing budgets and are expected are more selective and turn down lack- ness hospitality, can be transformed to millions around the globe, as well Major events will further boost to prefer less fizz for fewer bucks. lustre invitations as they are required to engage participants. as collect data and analyse response.the corporate hospitality and events With pressure on finance, many to put in longer hours in the office. The use of popular social media Such innovations can help compa-industry which, including knock-on companies are now careful about Measuring return on investment sites has increased the life cycle and nies adapt to new market conditionsbusiness, contributes many billions of how they are seen to spend. Corpo- is increasingly important and repre- reach of marketing experiences and stand out from those who stickpounds to the national balance sheet. rate hospitality may have turned sents a real competitive edge if hos- which bear little resemblance to with more traditional strategies. TWITTER.COM/RACONTEURMEDIA RACONTEUR 01
  2. 2. CORPORATE HOSPITALITY & EVENTSDistributed in CONTRIBUTORSPublished in PETER ARCHER MIKE FLETCHER JESSICA TWENTYMANassociation with Regular editor and contributor to Business and lifestyle journalist spe- Freelance business and technology Raconteur supplements, he was for- cialising in live events, business tour- journalist, she is a regular contributor merly with the Press Association na- ism and face-to-face marketing, he is to The Times, Financial Times, Director tional news agency contributing editor for Visit London magazine and Personnel TodayPublisher Editor DesignZoe Corbishley Peter Archer The Surgery MICHAEL DEMPSEY ASHLING O’CONNOR IAN WHITELING Freelance journalist, broadcaster and Sports news and Olympics corre- Joint editor in chief of the globalFor more information about Raconteur Media publications in media trainer, he has contributed to pub- spondent for The Times, she was for- meetings and events web channelThe Times and The Sunday Times, please contact Freddie Ossberg lications with a worldwide business read- merly media correspondent with the MEETINGS:review, he is directorT: 020 7033 2100, E:, ership, including the Financial Times Financial Times of the online marketing agencyW: THREE-SIXTY KEVIN ROBERTS IZANIA DOWNIEThe information contained in this publication has been obtainedfrom sources the proprietors believe to be correct. However, Editorial director of SportBusiness Former chief executive of Eventia, theno legal liability can be accepted for any errors. No part of this group, he also runs a global sport com- trade body for the events and live mar-publication may be reproduced withoutthe prior consent of the munications consultancy keting industry, she is responsible forPublisher. © RACONTEUR MEDIA advising its board on strategic issues WHY EVENTS MAKE TOTAL BUSINESS SENSE COMMENTARY Izania Downie of Eventia, the trade body for the events and live marketing industry, offers advice on effective two-way communication with customers and staff in an increasingly technological ageGETTING THE MEASURE OF consider how they are going to bestHOSPITALITY AND EVENTS attract and develop the loyalty of their team members. Effective staff communications play a vital role in achieving this, yet two recent studies suggest that compa-VALUE Assessing the impact of live events as a return on financial investment nies need to improve considerably in this area. A recent YouGov surveyis the challenge in a value-for-money environment, writes Mike Fletcher Izania Downie revealed that 67 per cent of manag- Eventia ers said they do not have face-to-face contact with their own boss. Further- more, research by Taleo suggested 25 Ford has more reasons than most sible for ensuring that the Coalition’s duces conferences and events for, Face-to-face As the recovery continues, so more per cent of employees do not under-to celebrate. The Ford Motor Com- messages get through and are under- among others, a range of IT and tel- communication is opportunities will be presented and stand their company’s vision and val-pany was launched in England on stood via events such as public road- ecom clients. Mr Smyle also recently central to business companies need to make the most of ues, while 42 per cent are unclear ofMarch 8, 1911, so to mark its cente- shows, workshops and conferences. launched three Citroen models to them. The problem or opportunity, their personal career path and oppor-nary year, the firm is staging a raft But, despite their differences in the French carmaker’s UK dealer depending on your outlook, is that tunities within their organisation.of customer, dealer and employee- fortune, the events departments of network at the ICC Birmingham. you are now operating in a global mar- Internal events hold the key tofocused events. Ford of Britain and the COI share He says: “Our clients focus heavily ketplace, facing more competitors better employee communications The company kick-started the party two main commonalities. Both con- on retention of messages and look for than ever. So what do you do? Shout and reward programmes, not onlyearly with the launch of its next gen- sider face-to-face communication as evidence of behavioural change post- louder than everyone else or engage? improving skill levels and staff moti-eration Focus, held over two weeks central to their business while freely event. We demonstrate to clients Adding to the marketing cacophony vation, but also driving innovationin February at the Magna Science admitting that their events cannot that different people respond bet- that greets businesses and consumers through ideas and making your peo-Adventure Centre in Rotherham. be accurately measured in terms of ter to certain communication tools alike simply means your message will ple feel valued.According to Ford of Britain’s expe- a return on financial investment. and then build an event around the not be heard. Businesses and consum- Finally, we work in organisationsriential marketing manager Howard Live events, in all their forms, are objectives and the audience type.” ers yearn to be engaged, informed and that are becoming increasingly dis-Kee, centenary activity, designed to measured mainly against set objec- Grass Roots EventCom manages valued by the brands they choose. persed, while serving an increasinglythank dealers, employees and cus- tives – namely engagement, educa- an annual event budget of £250 mil- Live events help you meet these global market. More staff are work-tomers, will continue over the com- tion and word-of-mouth advocacy. lion for clients in the pharmaceuti- demands and as such are a crucial ing from home or out on the road,ing months and culminate with the “Cutting the number of events may cal, technology and automotive sec- part of the marketing mix. They while clients span the world. With thebrand’s sponsorship of the UEFA save money in the short term, but tors. Managing director Nick Bender offer direct two-way communica- key elements of our businesses beingChampions League Final on May 28. our objective is to spread under- says: “Objectives and outcomes need tion opportunities, enabling you to pulled further apart, events can help On the day of the game, dealers from standing and engagement,” says the to be carefully defined. Our role as develop closer relationships with to bridge the gap.across Europe will be wined and dined COI’s Mr Hughes. an agency is to help formulate the your customers and prospects, Online and virtual-meetingsat Wembley Stadium. Ford will also Ford of Britain is entrusting its business case for holding an event whether generating leads at a trade technology helps businesses con-leverage public awareness of its spon- centenary programme to the events by establishing the success factors.” show, educating and informing them nect more frequently and efficientlysorship in the week leading up to the agency, Imagination. Director of In the wake of the 40 per cent cuts at a conference, converting them at a with both remote staff and distantfinal with a free family festival of foot- special events Richard Foulkes, at the COI, Mr Hughes has put for- meeting or rewarding them for their clients in ever more sophisticatedball, staged in London’s Hyde Park. who is also president of the UK’s ward an event evaluation method loyalty through hospitality. ways, while annual global gatherings In contrast, the Central Office of International Special Events Soci- in order to try and reduce the risk of Furthermore, combining events support these activities by providingInformation (COI) has fewer reasons ety, says: “Launching the Ford lost messaging, and to demonstrate with online technology and social the invaluable face-to-face engage-to celebrate 2011. Following the Gov- Focus wasn’t solely about meas- the depth of engagement achieved media will increase the engagement ment experience.ernment’s comprehensive spend- uring an increase in sales follow- by live events. potential of live events, extending their Live events are combininging review, the COI’s live events ing the event, it was mainly about “We will ask a core set of questions at reach, longevity and effectiveness. increasingly with technology todepartment was cut from 16 to nine assessing the message retention.” all our events to provide data per event It is vital for any business to recruit create the most powerful externalemployees last year. Rick Stainton is the managing and also create a database of evaluation and then retain the best talent avail- and internal engagement tool the Those who remain, headed by director of integrated event pro- results to analyse trends,” he says. able. In today’s market of limited pay business world has ever seen. Anddirector Simon Hughes, are respon- duction agency Smyle, which pro- increases, most businesses need to not a moment too soon. TWITTER.COM/RACONTEURMEDIA RACONTEUR 03
  3. 3. CORPORATE HOSPITALITY & EVENTS CORPORATE HOSPITALITY & EVENTSPEOPLE CONNECT TECHNOLOGY IS A TOOL In September 2010, Glasgow City analyse visitor behaviour. The power of people interacting is a Marketing Bureau teamed up with Laura Moody, managing director growing force in marketing campaigns organiser Congrex UK to launch two of Blondefish, a supplier of RFID TO BUILD BETTER EVENTS bespoke mobile apps. These allowed technology solutions in the UK, says: 3,000 delegates attending the World “When Smirnoff wanted to gainIN MARKETING MIX A new breed of exhibition, such as those organised by easyFairs, helps and engaged them directly,” says Lee Ann Daly, executive vice president SOCIAL MEDIA Online networking sites, mobile apps and the latest Parkinson Congress (WPC) at the Scottish Exhibition and Confer- ence Centre to download confer- ence, speaker and tourism informa- broader exposure of its Nightlife Exchange London party in Novem- ber, they turned to us. We provided guests with the opportunity to share concentrate exhibitors’ minds on and chief marketing officer of Thom- tion to an iPhone, iTouch or iPad. Eli their Nightlife experience in real business by facilitating the setting son Reuters Markets. developments in technology are being used to engage and interact, Pollard, WPC manager, says: “These time with their friends on Facebook. up of pre-scheduled appointments “The live experiences we created as Mike Fletcher discovers two apps put the WPC 2010 ahead of “Guests were given a wristband before the event to maximise return. with brand experience agency Jack the curve.” with their log-in data installed as But this approach, along with thor- Morton Worldwide, as a result of However, the one shortfall of using they entered the event. So every time ough post-show follow-up, can be these conversations, provided an No industry can afford to ignore feed and the hash-tag CLEUR. a mobile app to enhance the event they saw, heard, sipped or experi- taken by any company, whatever the opportunity for our customers to the profound effect technology can In addition, Ford of Britain is using Social media has experience is a heavy reliance on enced something they liked, they trade show. engage deeply with Eikon, and a have. So says Mark Saxby, chairman social media before, during and after delegates being willing and able to simply tapped their wristband on a Meanwhile, a series of conferences forum for us to gauge reactions and of Eventia, the trade body for the its events in order to track the con- increased the life cycle of an download it, and then start using it. Facebook ‘like’ pod and it registered featuring educational seminars, new garner feedback which, true to the events and live marketing industry. versation and generate online con- Radio-frequency identification the ‘like’ online. RFID technology product information and networking nature of the product, will contrib- “Social networking will increas- tent. The car maker used a sustained event and its potential reach (RFID) technology allows organis- allows amplification of event experi- can then engage business prospects ute to its continued development.” ingly become a key tool in the mar- Facebook campaign for its launch of ers to engage with 100 per cent of ences instantly. Just as social media and existing customers alike, build- The campaign wasn’t just aimed keting of businesses and events. the latest S-Max last year. almost beyond measure their audience, connect the live event has done, it is changing the way we ing kudos and loyalty. at customers, but also at Thomson And new technology will continue “Bloggers were invited to the event with the virtual world and amplify to interact with events forever.” Finally, more focused smaller, even Reuters employees, as well as being to help to engage audiences, allow for to drive coverage, and the conversa- ity of the post-event experience. millions more, plus collect data and one-to-one meetings, can help seal a key awareness-raising exercise increased message retention and fur- tion streams on Twitter were meas- Social media has increased the life the deal, with corporate hospitality for the brand. ther assist the return on investment,” ured for peaks and troughs,” says cycle of an event and its potential the reward to customers for their “We set four main objectives,” he says, writing in the recently pub- Ford of Britain marketing director reach almost beyond measure. continuing support. explains Ms Daly. “First, engage and lished British Meetings and Events Mark Simpson. “Social media chan- Corbin Ball is a consultant who “Corporate hospitality is a cru- excite our sales force. Second, rede- Industry Survey. nels didn’t just promote the event, advises clients worldwide on how cial part of the marketing mix, as it fine market perception of our com- Mr Saxby is, of course, correct. But they informed, measured, enhanced to use technology in order to save demonstrates a company’s willing- pany. Third, raise awareness about social media usage around events and recorded it so that it could be time and improve productivity. He ness to get to know people as peo- Eikon and stimulate traffic to our has already outgrown its primary relived again and again.” says: “Online applications, such as ple,” explains Ted Walker, marketing campaign website. Fourth, create purpose to simply promote. By integrating social media into Slideshare and Flickr, should be director at hospitality giant Keith opportunities to experience Eikon.” Almost 6,000 delegates, who event strategies, organisers can allow used to archive speaker presenta- Prowse. “Through face-to-face time A range of live activity was integrated attended Cisco Live Europe at their audiences to decide on event tions and event memories, makingCOMMUNICATION Live events are forcing their way into AN EVENT IN COMBINATION WITH AN ENGAGEMENT in an enjoyable and relaxed environ- into the campaign, from inspirational the ICC London Excel earlier this content, pre-promote the event, share them freely available to delegates. A EFFECTIVE DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGY DELIVERS HIGH AND MORE SUSTAINABLE ment, companies can build a long- conferences for Thomson Reuters year, were able to interact with the event experience with delegates variety of mobile ‘meeting apps’ cancorporate marketing strategies as a new era of two-way lasting rapport with their business sales force to street team activity tar- each other during the plenary ses- not able to attend, evaluate the event also be employed to help integrate AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENTengagement takes over. Ian Whiteling reports associates, and develop a greater geting financial professionals, cul- sions via a big-screen live Twitter in real time and maintain the longev- and enhance.” TIME minating in major events in 14 cities showcasing the new product. So was it worthwhile? “Yes, from beginning Marketing used to be so simple: anad in a trade magazine, some direct George P Johnson. “From initial contact with indi- face experience, where audiences are active rather than passive, can- These days, everyone has to end our campaign over-achieved COMMERCIAL FEATURE on its objectives,” says Ms Daly.mail and perhaps a stand at a tradeshow. Companies know traditional viduals to building connections and communities of interest, digi- not be underestimated.” So if a live and digital communi- a voice and everyone has the Vauxhall’s campaign, amid the eco- New world, nomic downturn, to launch its newmarketing isn’t as effective as it was,yet many find it difficult to pull them- tal capabilities deliver the power of extended reach, expanded dialogue cations mix is the future, how can companies integrate this into their right to be heard Astra was equally multi-faceted, meet- meeting or specific product webinar.” Intergrate all of these live and dig- events, online communities, social media and persistent mobile apps thatselves away from it. and enhanced community.” overall marketing strategy? ing a number of marketing goals. Run ital interactions into one seemless provide a constant interface to facilitate new rules of engagement Live events, from exhibitions and Business-to-business (B2B) com- “As with any other marketing activ- by TRO, it encompassed a dealer con- dialogue that can be monitored and the dialogue.product launches to conferences munication used to be one-way traffic. ity, the starting point has to be identi- understanding of their priorities ference, consumer roadshow and cor- adjusted in real time and you have “We provide organisations of all sizesand hospitality, have been on the Business communicators were fairly fying the overall business objectives,” and needs. It is also a cost-effective porate hospitality event for its leading established an intelligent ongoing con- with solutions to manage every stageedge of the marketing mix for some safe in the knowledge that, if they says Rob Allen, chief executive of way of associating your brand with corporate fleet vehicle customers. versation with your customers. Active of the conversation with their commu-time. But with both business and spoke, their audiences would listen. experiential agency TRO. “These an iconic event.” “This was a major launch at the Network, Events helps some of the nities,” says Mr Miller. “We can then inte-consumer audiences craving engage- “How life has changed,” says could include communicating organ- The key to success in constructing end of a challenging year,” says With access to more information than ever, people are biggest companies and associations in grate these with most of the commonment, rather than merely being sold Rupert Cheswright, head of expe- isational change to a range of stake- a portfolio of events is to take a stra- Vauxhall marketing operationsto, their time may well have come, riential at events agency Line Up. holders, motivating staff or support- tegic approach with careful research manager Keith Michaels. “It was a increasingly discerning in their brand selection. Businesses have the world engage with their customers in this way, through integrated live CRM systems to provide rich behav- ioural data that can be used to driveparticularly as live events are so com- “The web and social media have ing a new product launch by building carried out into the needs, desires very powerful and integrated com- a stark choice: engage or be missed revenue to the business and value topatible with digital communications. shifted audience expectations, and awareness in the marketplace.” and preferences of your target audi- bination of events which greatly SOCIAL the target audience.” “There is no more powerful con- now they are demanding dialogue The great thing about events is that ence to make sure any activity is rel- contributed to strengthening our But Mr Miller is keen to point outnection than that made in person, rather than a monologue. These they can speak just as effectively to evant, valuable and has real impact. marketing strategy.” Imagine a world where the fundamen- enough to send out one-way mes- that help maintain the conversation and that successful engagement mar-and there’s an equally irreplaceable days, everyone has a voice and eve- both internal and external audiences, Thomson Reuters put its custom- Both the Vauxhall and Thomson tal power to influence is shifting from sages. We need to start a dialogue and tap into customers’ wants and needs. keting is a journey, not some-efficiency of initiating, nurturing and ryone has the right to be heard. and can also guide prospects and exist- ers at the heart of its marketing cam- Reuters campaigns show not only the few to the many. Where social encourage our customers to commu- These tools include social media, online thing that can be achieved L MO AImaintaining connection through the “In the context of B2B commu- ing customers along the buying pro- paign for Eikon, a desktop platform how events can play a key role in the EM BI media, online communities, mo- nicate with us and each other,” says communities, mobile technologies, vir- at the flick of a switch. “By LEmany capabilities of digital technol- nications, this means that events cess, building increasingly stronger aimed at business and finance profes- marketing mix, but also the flexibility bile technologies and a live event Anthony Miller, strategic director at tual events, webinars and email. providing scalable toolsogy,” says Kim Myhre, senior vice have an increasingly important role business relationships. If companies sionals. “We conducted hundreds of they offer. More importantly, they pro- can propel a complete unknown to Active Network, Events. The new channels provide access to and proven strategies,”president and managing director to play. When it comes to getting focus clearly on defining their target in-depth interviews to ensure we cre- vide the kind of meaningful two-way become an international singing Allowing customers to interact with more data than ever and more ways he concludes, “we can(Europe, the Middle East and Africa), buy-in for new strategies and new audience, then trade shows can be a ated a product that met their needs, engagement that customers across the sensation. Where children can use each other and create a collaborative to communicate. They allow business enable better businessat experience marketing agency products, the power of a face-to- great way to generate leads. and a launch strategy that addressed globe are now demanding. a smart phone before they can tie community gives them the power to decisions to be based on behavioral results and improved their shoelaces. influence and evolve a brand, provid- data, enabling more targeted and per- customer, member This is the world we live in. A world ing a real sense of “ownership”, which sonal messaging. or partner satisfac- with more than five billion active cellu- in turn drives advocacy. “In terms of a live event, we can use tion for brands and lar subscriptions, 600 million Facebook “Customers expect to be personally the data gathered within a community companies.” WE ES FIL members and around 65 million tweets engaged, listened to, involved and val- or online discussion group to inform Now surely that’s BIN PRO a day. Where soon more people will be ued,” says Mr Miller. “We are now in the the content or even the need for the something all busi- AR watching YouTube than TV. And where age of ‘engagement marketing’.” activity, maximising its value,” says Mr nesses could do with as hip hop star Kanye West summed Although engagement marketing Miller. “We can then use data gath- they prepare to launch up the change in the way people are is not a new concept, the new global ered about the attendees’ actions at t h e m s e l ve s i n to t h e making purchasing decisions, tweeting: market place and the emergence of the event to assess the next most use- global recovery. “Don’t ever try to sell me on anything. Web 2.0 technologies mean it is com- ful communication – perhaps a sales Give me ALL the information and I’ll ing into its own. Mr Miller defines it as: LIV AL E TU make my own decision,” to his 2.5 mil- “The creation of a persistent mutually VIR lion Twitter followers. beneficial relationship between a brand For more information contact Understanding this change puts any and its audience through digital and live The new channels provide Active Network Events – marketer or business leader ahead of interaction.” Engagement marketing Email: global-inquiries@ their competition and on the first step supports traditional means of customer access to more data than ever to harnessing the new rules of cus- interaction, such as print media, events Phone: +44 (0)20 7313 5742 tomer engagement. “It is no longer and meetings, with new digital tools and more ways to communicate Website: www.activeevents.com04 RACONTEUR TWITTER.COM/RACONTEURMEDIA TWITTER.COM/RACONTEURMEDIA RACONTEUR 05