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Concrew training finance for non financial managers


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Overview of Concew Training's one-day workshop on Finance for non Financial Managers training

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Concrew training finance for non financial managers

  1. 1. Finance for Non Financial Managers
  2. 2. Finance for non-financial Mgrs Understanding Business Finance, Accounting Processes and Financial Performance Reports is an essential management skill. This workshop explains the basics in a simple and easy to understand way
  3. 3. Finance and Accounting Session 1 explores: • Accounting, Its Meaning & Purpose • The Terminology & Jargon • The Differences by Organisation Type • Types and Sources of Finance
  4. 4. Financial Statements Session two looks at: • Profit and Loss • Balance Sheets • Cash Flow • Common Ratios & their uses • Internal v Published Accounts
  5. 5. The P&L Account The workshops explores the P&L • What it looks Like • How its used • What it tells us
  6. 6. The Balance Sheet Delegates explore the Balance Sheet • What it is • What it looks like • How it Works • What it tells us • How it is used
  7. 7. Cash Flow The workshop demonstrates • Why cash flow is Important • How cash flow statements work • How they are used • What the cash flow can tell us
  8. 8. Putting it all together Delegates reinforce their knowledge and understanding by building their own financial statements
  9. 9. Analysing Financial Reports We look at qualitative and quantitative information including • Horizontal and Vertical Analysis • Trend Analysis • Ratio Analysis
  10. 10. Key Ratios include: • Profitability Ratios • Liquidity Ratios • Efficiency Ratios • Investment Ratios
  11. 11. Find Out More TODAY
  12. 12. Concrew Training Commerce House Victoria Way Pride Park Derby DE24 8AN Telephone: 01332 640 230