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TODD 2016 Durham Open Data Program


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City and County of Durham presentation for Triangle Open Data Day 2016

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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TODD 2016 Durham Open Data Program

  1. 1. DURHAM OPEN DATA PROGRAM Promoting social, environmental and economic sustainability Michael Stierhoff
  2. 2. A MAP TO CONNECT OUR COMMUNITY City of Durham Innovation Academy • Laura Biediger • Jessica Kemp
  3. 3. What’s Going On? 245,375 $109M
  4. 4. Our Idea: Interactive Map
  5. 5. An Interactive Map… That Better Connects Our Community Public Participation Spectrum
  6. 6. Available Resources • Durham Open Data • Department data non-integrated databases • Innovation Academy leadership presentation at national conference
  7. 7. Help Us Brainstorm Laura Biediger Community Engagement Coordinator Jessica Kemp Construction Project Manager