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transmedia experience design


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Overview of components to consider when designing transmedia experiences. Builds on our design process to iterate playable media bringing together Story + Play + Digital + Live.

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transmedia experience design

  1. 1. transmedia writer • creative producer • experience designer@ianginnHubbubMedia STORY LIVEPLAY+ + +DIGITAL Elements narratives episodes events performances spectaclelevels mechanics rules apps social interfaces Structure pacing flow sequencing phasing Timing reader / player / audience member as (one of the) Protagonist(s) Pointof View transmedia experience design EXPERIENCE DESIGN EXPERIENCE DESIGN DIMENSIONS seriality SIGNIFICANCE Meaning Identity Emotions Value Function BREADTH Product Service Brand Name Channel INTENSITY Reflex Habit Engagement DURATION Initiation Immersion Continuation Conclusion TRIGGERS Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch Concepts Symbols INTERACTION Static Passive Active Interactive