Social enterprise and charities networking evening 2nd july


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How can Charities use social media to promote their organisation? In this presentation Ian Gibbins delivers tips and strategies on how charities can integrate a successful social media campaign to promote their organisation effectively. This presentation was delivered to the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, Social Enterprise and Charities sector on their very first meeting.

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Social enterprise and charities networking evening 2nd july

  1. 1. www.igmediamarketing.comSocial Enterprise andCharities NetworkingEvening- 2 nd July 2012Promoting charities through social media with Ian Gibbins.
  2. 2. www.igmediamarketing.comWhat is social media?  Wikipedia definition:“The use of web based and mobile technologies toturn communication into an interactive dialogue.” Better defined as:“Social media is simply conversation and interactionsupported by online tools.”
  3. 3. www.igmediamarketing.comHow? Aims and objectives: raise awareness? increase donations? etc… Target audiences: prospective, current and past contributors. Create valuable, meaningful content. Suitable platforms to engage and interact. (Fish where the fishes are!)
  4. 4. www.igmediamarketing.comHow is it being used? Social media has changed the way we interact with everything and everyone. It is not a fad and not going away. It allows us the opportunity to communicate with colleagues, stakeholders and potential customers in a way that‟s never been done before. Listening. Share knowledge and information. Testimonials. Build a community.
  5. 5. The relationship circle.
  6. 6. www.igmediamarketing.comWe all know how many people areon Facebook!!!! In 2013, the number of people in the U.K with MORE THAN ONE social media profile, will rise to 27.7million. By 2014 60% of the UK will be active on social media.(Source: WSI internet marketing.)
  7. 7. www.igmediamarketing.comEngage and interact.Leverage social media to champion your charity(supporters to superheroes) and harness its powerto:  Direct people to positive information.  Build trusted relationships.  Good P.R vehicle.  Stimulate and maintain online discussion around your charity.
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  12. 12. www.igmediamarketing.comFacebook “causes”/Just Giving. 30% who visit „causes‟ take action, and over 20% share it with friends. Shared on your timeline and newsfeeds. Supporters can share and post to twitter.
  13. 13. www.igmediamarketing.comWhat to do…. Include keywords in profiles and status updates. Include URL on profiles and „about‟ sections. Be consistent. Vary media. Customise your channels.(Charity branding.) Give calls to action in updates. Think interaction, not transaction!
  14. 14. www.igmediamarketing.comWhat not to do…. Broadcasting! Not responding. Not investing enough time. Over automation. Predictable. Argue!
  15. 15. www.igmediamarketing.comWhat to say???? Charity success or recognition by a 3rd party. Special offer/competition updates. Charity news and events. Provoke discussion/reaction. Behind the curtain updates! Answer charities in Cambridge?-http
  16. 16. www.igmediamarketing.comFacebook Events Page. Promote your event with a designated event page. Helps to organise the logistics of an event, time, place, who‟s attending etc. Add pictures, directions and up to date information on what‟s being planned. Invite contacts to attend and participate. Whoever is attending will have the event show up on their news feed for others to see.(more publicity)
  17. 17. www.igmediamarketing.comYouTube, simple 2 minute video.1. Who you are, introduce yourself.2. Brief introduction to the charity.3. Why they need to donate.4. How they can donate (call to action.)
  18. 18. www.igmediamarketing.comTypes of video. Diary style, chart a campaign…results achieved. Behind the scenes, meet the staff… Case study or testimonial. Promote events. Interviews. Topical news in your charities niche.
  19. 19. www.igmediamarketing.comSummary. Social media is changing the world in the way we work, socialise and govern. You can utilise this power and harness it in YOUR CHARITY. So interact with people, and give them valuable information, begin a relationship, and more importantly a reason for staying on your page! Be different and stand out from the crowd. Keep social media “social.”
  20. 20. www.igmediamarketing.comReference guide. – discover questions being asked about your organisation in real time. – free graphic design tool. – free social media automation tool. – services including graphic design and promotion for $5. – article submission service, (paid) – free blogging platform.