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Delivering Learning and Development (2016 L&D Conference)

  2. Learning and Development Delivery
  3. Hello
  4. Recognised Success with Compliance
  5. Part of the Totara Community
  6. Recognised in Healthcare
  7. Support Beyond Compliance
  8. Celebrating Today “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift... that's why they call it present” ― Master Oogway
  9. Aiming for Benefits from Learning
  10. Towards Maturity Benchmarking
  11. BMiLearn Improvements
  12. Imminent: Apprenticeships
  13. Imminent: Apprenticeships
  14. Imminent: Apprenticeships
  15. Imminent: Apprenticeships
  16. Future: Better Blends
  17. Future: Improvement via Social
  18. Future: Developing Entire Self
  19. The Future: It is Already Here
  20. The Future: It is Already Here These are just some of the tools that are increasingly widely used that could help us improve the delivery of learning and development.
  21. Empowered; Prepared; Engaged

Editor's Notes

  1. PowerPoint adapted version of Prezi used at the BMI Learning and Development Conference (Yesterday, Today and so to the Future …), May 2016. I’ve included references to the source of some but not all images. Use is informational only.
  2. A road trip into the future.
  3. Contact details, such as these, for the People Development Team can be found on BMiLearn’s ‘Help Me’ tab.
  4. Before going to the future, some past successes…recognised success in the use of Totara LMS (aka BMiLearn), especially for compliance. Source:
  5. BMiLearn is a version of Totara that is used by a wide array of organisations. This means we share development of the platform with a lot of interested parties.
  6. BMI’s recognised success with staff training lead to a CIPD award. Source:
  7. The past was, however, not just about mandatory training. We have provided a variety of other resources and support, including Ashridge resources.
  8. The present: Quote from Kung Fu Panda – need to recognise and celebrate successes but also move on to tackle the challenges in the future.
  9. The present: starting to make use of resources such as Towards Maturity to benchmark our quality and identify room for improvement. Source: Towards Maturity.
  10. Probably not as simple as to say we are moving from left to right. We have some good practice in place but we can also look to support the business better. Start to make development via Performance Consulting, etc. Our own benchmarking data [removed]: would you agree? Am I being too confident as I am new (see all the greens)? At the very least this offers a way to discuss where we can improve.
  11. Some of the improvements made in the last 3 months: Started to look to make better use of Open Badges as a way to identify the skills of our people. Potential to create personal skill profiles and a ‘directory’ to find our people by capability. Launch of Course Menu block to make site navigation easier. The PDF version of the course guide has been updated. Help Guides being updated. Now that they are in wiki format anyone can contribute and improve to the guides. The Certification Guide clarifies the impact of the user profile on the courses allocated by the system. Launch of access to I’ve updated the introductory guide to BMiLearn – a 5 min video available on the Help Me tab. A new visual interface for the Home Page. A more consistent user experience, the same icons used in the PDF and Home Page are being rolled out as course icons. New revalidation functionality. Facilitates those staff, who wish to use the system, to take individual responsibility for the recording of their progress. Exports, via PDF, in required formats.
  12. Near Future: Apprenticeships. The Apprenticeship Levy will, from April 2017, have a considerable economic impact. This is one tactic the government is using to try and encourage employers to take on more apprenticeships so the government hit their 3 million apprentices (by 2020) target. Note from this slide that modern apprenticeships are available for all age groups. Likely we will want to align our role profiles and career pathways to an appropriate series of apprenticeships. Therefore apprenticeships will be about development and promotions, not just about new joiners.
  13. Apprenticeships are made up of four components, it goes beyond just the qualification/diploma.
  14. The government policies, rules, etc. are slowly being released on a tight timescale. We are working to get our own processes and pilots in place on a similarly accelerated timescale.
  15. It is important to note that apprenticeships are available at all qualification levels – effectively meaning there is an apprenticeship for a large number of roles and industries as an alternative to academic routes.
  16. Future: we know we can make better use of online learning, delivering outcomes in innovative and efficient ways. We can all start on this today, for example using the Learning Coordinator Discussion Board on BMiLearn.
  17. We also know that we have very talented people who can help each other to be better through working beyond local silos, including networking outside of the company. Source: – access that site for more information.
  18. This is a useful model to think about how we can support people going forward. The tangible courses and technical skills, the kind of elements you would see on a CV, continue to be important. However, we can scaffold support for better learning from each other, from work activities and through reflection. We also need to encourage careers adaptability through the type of attributes on this slide and as articulated in the BMI Behaviours.
  19. The future is a mystery (see earlier quote) but we can be prepared by being aware of developments, not least in Healthcare: Article Link: Video Link:
  20. The future is a mystery (see earlier quote) but we can be prepared by being aware of the opportunities to improve ourselves and the “new” opportunities technology provides for technology enhance learning. We will working actively to identify and implement appropriate solutions. Examples: InMind – Encore – Cogbooks – Open Badges – Metrics That Matter –
  21. By being on the road to a future of great support and learning development we can help our people be empowered, prepared and engaged. This will allow the business to continue to transform as needed.