African Heroes Introduction


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Overview and summary of African Heroes Trust

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African Heroes Introduction

  1. 1. The African Heroes Trust “Creating an African legacy through utilizing African sporting and business heroes”"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can changethe world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."- Margaret Mead Partners
  2. 2. The purpose of African Heroes Trust is human capital development. Realizing and harnessing the human potential and possibilities in AfricaThe African Heroes Trust (AHT) is a section 21 organisation which is created and operated by current/past sportingprofessionals and influential business persons. South Africa is abundant with local heroes, we have many „role models‟ inboth business and sport. AHT wishes to create a platform for such „assets‟ to be recognised and to create the environmentsfor skills and knowledge transfer to the „up and coming‟ heroes.AHT wishes to support the sporting heroes of „yesterday‟ through job creation, thereby supporting those who have entertainedus on the field . In conjunction AHT wishes to support, grow and nurture the potential future heroe‟s in the goal of creatingWorld Champions. Therefore the trust‟s core focuses are: • Human capital development – Utilising the power of sport to positively influence social change & development • To create World Champions – To cast a wider “catchment net” for talent identification and development • To recognise/develop leadership and future leaders – AHT‟s view is Africa needs great leaders in all capacities • Job creation and empowerment for past professionals • Leveraging the popularity of the Sporting professionals to influence and support the green economy AHT is taking a collective approach to creating powerful change by partnering with strategic partners and combining the strengths to “plug the holes in the dam wall”.
  3. 3. African Heroes Trust – Innovative, Professional & with a Business approach Vision To be the foremost organization in innovation, talent identification and individualized development for African sport and leadership Mission African Heroes Trust will identify and develop potential sporting champions and leaders of the future through the transfer of past professionals‟ skills and knowledge. We adopt a professional approach towards talent identification and development, thereby creating opportunities for all South Africans
  4. 4. African Heroes Trust Summary Purpose Summary Mandate Description The purpose is driven on two levels: The identification and advancedHuman capital development in SA sports development of potential World Champions and Leaders; The empowerment and up skilling of past professional sportspersons for commercial use Some of the past professional sportspersons gave many years of their life in service of a sport they loved and entertained thousands of persons. AHT is Job creation for past professionals about recognising them and providing them with job opportunties through various avenues South Africa has a wealth of talent within its borders which often slips Identification of potential world through the cracks. Included here are the many role models and unsung champions and leadership heroes, AHT will create a platform for those persons to interact and impact the youth of today in communities, schools, rural and urban Creating opportunities for talent youths to be recognised and then to receive Individual athlete and leadership the correct training for them to have the best chance of realising their advanced development potential
  5. 5. African Heroes Trust Official and Support PartnersOfficial Partners Operational Legal Advisors Auditors (PwC)Support Partners
  6. 6. Current persons – South African Sporting HeroesAfrican Heroes Trust Representatives Andre Arendse Hezekiel Sepeng Desiree Ellis (Founding Member) (Founding Member) Oscar Pistorius Linda Buthelezi Makhaya Ntini (Founding Member) (Founding Member) Baby Jake Mtlala Geraldine Pillay Sias Du Plessis (Founding Member) (Founding Member)
  7. 7. African Heroes Chairman
  8. 8. The African Heroes Trust Development Model
  9. 9. The African Heroes Trust believes Africa needs sporting champions and leadership African Heroes Trust Creating the opportunity for as many people as possible to Leverage participate Leverage Champions Leaders Measured identification of Measured potential World identification of champions potential Leadership Talent development and Leadership development professional training in programs and individual preparation for higher leadership advancement levels of competition Educators Students Athletes Coaches
  10. 10. The identification, Nurturement and Preparation for the Higher Levels of Sport Is a Key Focus For the African Heroes Trust NOTES Mass Clinics Mass participation, programs developed by Heroes (i.e. Makhaya Ntini) Talent Identification Use current models/measurement tools to (benchmarks/measurement/reporting) identify talent Smaller groups; High performance squads Advanced Development Technical development & preparation for higher or senior levels AHT Handover AHT Handover Educational institutes; Club level; Federations Placement Mental, Physical and Skills abilities for higher levels of competition
  11. 11. The African Heroes TrustProjects and Campaign Examples
  12. 12. AHT partook in the Martina Navratilova Kilimanjaro Charity Climb in Dec 2010
  13. 13. AHT Talent identification example – Calvin Lee Maelangwie (Senior National High Jump Champion)BackgroundCalvin‟s story is one of inspiration and a true indication of the importance of AHT. He is an example of the talent in SA thatneeds to be identified and nurtured. He moved from the Northwest Province to Gauteng with R600 in his pocket and a bagof clothes. To make ends meet he used to be a car guard. In this time he still became the SA National high jump champion. Personal Details • Calvin Lee Maelangwie • Age 22 • Aspirations • Compete for SA internationally • Win a medal for SA at the olympics • Basic requirements • Accommodation • Warm water • Vitamins Calvin and Hezekiel Sepeng • High jump shoes • Career RecordAHT Assistance • 2005• R5000 for competing and training kit (Sports Trust) • USSASA (provincial colours) – 2.05m• Accommodation in Westdene (AHT) •2010• Career assistance and advisory (AHT) • 1st Place Central Gauteng Championships – 2.11m• Personal expenses assistance – financial • 1st Place Tuks League meet – 2.20m (Personal Best) • 1st Place Yellow pages meet – 2.15m
  14. 14. Sports Trust and AHT Project – Installation of Sports Courts into selected areasSport Court is the world leader in outdoor playing surfaces. Our high-performance courts are Internationalengineered to withstand the diverse African climates. Representation Installed on every continentSport Court has partnered with The Sports Trust in developing multi-purpose sport facilities(futsal, netball, basketball, volleyball, tag rugby, wheel chair sport, etc) in the townships and - USA and Canada - Brazil, Uruguay, Chilerural areas of Southern Africa, with sustainable support and services inclusion. - Spain, UK, France, Portugal - India, Thailand, China, JapanAHT Role and Responsibility: • Human resource component to the Sports Courts • Sourcing of local persons of the communities these courts are installed to Currently installed in: maintain and manager the courts. Gauteng - Soweto • Training and development of the local youth. Persons selected will be a role KwaZulu Natal - Inchanga model figure who will attract the development of selected community youths. Eastern Cape - Okiep • March 2011 - Limpopo Endorsed and Used by:
  15. 15. Support of the GREEN ECONOMY through leveraging the popularity of the African Heroes AHT Supports the LET THE RIVER FLOW PROJECT Outside the Free State towns of Frankfort and Fredefort, the Wilge River has become congested as a result of a decades worth of accumulated debris from vegetation along the banks of the river.The issue is exacerbated by recent flooding of the river and the rivers role in the flow of water from the Katse Dam which is part of the Lesotho Highlands Water project. The congestion of the river has already had an impact on local communities which rely on the river water for survival. Water from the river is pumped into the Mafube municipal purification plant for domestic distribution into the town of Fredefort and the surrounding townships Plan of action - Clean with mechanical and structural means all driftwood from the river including upstream. - Transport all wood to central locations within the townships and make firewood available to the local population for free.