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Tardy presentation 1


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Tardy presentation 1

  1. 1. {Tardiness PreventionWorkshopFacilitated by :Mr. Ian EddyWELCOME!
  2. 2. {Why is this issue so important?Studies show that timeliness is essential forsuccessful employment and citizenship.There is a relationship between timeliness andstudent achievement.
  3. 3. Number of Tardies (3 or More) Per Grade Level(1st and 5th Period)(1/7/2013-3/1/2013)0 100 200 300 400 500Total9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th GradeTardy Data (Number ofOccurrences (3 or More) Between1/7/2013 to 3/1/2013) Number ofTardy StudentsTardy Data (Number ofOccurrences (3 or More) Between1/7/2013 to 3/1/2013) Number ofTotal Tardies
  4. 4. Tardies Divided By Grade Level(1st and 5th Period)(1/7/13 – 3/1/2013)124, 29%161, 37%102, 24%43, 10%9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade
  5. 5. • Identify/Stay informed of Tardy Patterns• Control the times that students are inside andoutside of class. (Tardy Sweeps Within the FirstTen Minutes of each period).• Why? So that we know the whereabouts ofstudents at all times so safety purposes.What Can Administrators Do?
  6. 6. SolutionsSolutions must come from stakeholders through datainformed discussionRed-Flagging Chronically Late Students Ahead ofTime (After First 3 tardies) and creating some sort ofinvention for them.Speak to surrounding businesses and work with themso that they do not serve students after a certain time.(Example: Cougar Burger)Strategic tracking/scheduling for students that areconsistently tardy.Established routines and protocols for teachers (Eachteacher has a different process that they use withinfirst 10 min of instruction).
  7. 7. {What are we currentlydoing about tardiness?Can we improve thesemethods/protocols?
  8. 8. What Can Teachers Do?• Make sure the first 10 minutes of every class is engaging. Example:• Warm-Up, Quiz, Activity.• Build relationships with students (Give you an opportunity to know more• about them and what they are dealing with outside of class/school)• Notify Parents (when possible) of issues with student (the earlier the better)• Have students fill out dialogue journals as they come into class• Stand by door and greet students as they come in the door (allows teacher tocheck for students who are lingering outside of the classroom).• Acknowledge when a student who is usually late comes to class on time.