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World in 60 Seconds—April 22, 2016


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Here's the World in 60 Seconds... the purple for ‪#‎Prince‬ edition

Saudis: Will they cause trouble if the U.S. passes the 9/11 bill? The Saudis cause trouble. That is kind of the modus operandi. But they’re not going to take all their money out of the United States. That would be cutting off the proverbial Saudi nose to spite the proverbial Saudi face.

Brazil: Will Rousseff and Lula’s problems hurt the rest of the Latin left? They certainly will. And not just in Brazil but I mean we’re going to see this across the board in Latin America. Washington consensus coming back. That’s what strategic patience is good for. If you don’t do anything, eventually it’ll come to you.

Ecuador: Will the earthquake threaten or bolster Correa’s regime? No, threaten it. He’s not responding very well, not going to last very long.

Turkey: Will they ever join the EU? Well they are a candidate member but they will never become a full member and, you know, there is a possibility that the candidate membership, even, will break down, depending on how bad it gets for Erdogan over the course of the next, let’s say, year or two.

Prince: How will his death affect pottery prices in the Czech Republic? Purple pottery prices will definitely go up from the Czech Republic? Why is that such a stupid question?

Venezuela: Are there any solutions to their death spiral? Well, no. I mean they’re now running… they’re out of toilet paper and they’re going to be out of beer relatively soon. They can’t even buy the barley to come in to produce beer. When you’re out of toilet paper and you’re out of beer, it’s like both ends that get you coming and going. Venezuela is in very serious trouble! So I think that it’s all over for that country and Maduro.

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