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  • In life you do at least 3 things every day. Learn, laugh, and be touched by something. Comedy has been a way to laugh for centuries. Over the years it has evolved and changed from what makes us laugh to what laughing can do for us as a person. It has moved from amphitheaters to the big screen. From stages to our televisions. Comedy is a way for us to laugh, which has also been discovered to be a great health benefit. So let’s look at some styles of comedy.
  • Laughter therapy has been growing popularity in the recent years because a lot of it’s health benefits are helpful in a range of ways. Our military has started using it for people who are about to be sent out on missions. In laughter therapy, there is two types of laughing, Dushane and nondushane. Dushane is fake laughter and nondushane is legit, real laughter (show example). Even though it wouldn’t seem like fake laughter would be good for you, it actually is. Your brain can’t tell the difference.
  • 1.These are some of the health benefits of laughter therapy. It enhances your immune system. When you laugh it increases the number and activity of cells that fight off diseases and viruses. When you laugh it acts as some kind of switch to produce more of these cells and antibodies. A lot of us know this, but laughing is great stress relief, but did you know it’s scientifically proven to decrease production stress hormones in your body? Belly laughter relaxes your muscles while you laugh and after, it’s also good for your digestion. When you laugh, you’re often distracted by whatever your laughing about, it makes up for great natural pain relief. It more or less helps you forget about your pain. You may have seen or heard this in news somewhere, but laughing is exercise as well , its like jogging internally. Laughing helps blood flow and also is a great respiratory method of clearing your lungs.

  • Ms. Morris once did a workshop on laughter therapy. I decided to interview her and see what else I could learn about it. This is what I got.

  • 1.Now lets get into some types of comedy. We’ll start with film comedy. Film comedy has been around for about 120 years. Even though that’s not that long compared to comedy in general, it has evolved…. A LOT. Film comedies are movies. The eras of comedy have been split up by a series of decades.

  • 1.History of film Comedy: From 1895 to 1930, the style used was silent comedy. Silent comedies are those really old black and white movies with the silly piano music playing in the background and then the guy slips on a banana peal. They died out when technology to put dialogue in movies became possible, which opened a new era. From the 1930’s to the 1950’s, comedy movies with dialogue were beign produce, however during this period, comedy was in a drought. Nothing absolutely successful came out of this era.

  • When the 60’s rolled around, comedy made a drastic change. It opened a new era that would last all the way into the 80’s. Humor became more crude and mature. Actors for these movies were usually big stars, like Eddie Murphy and Bill Murray. While these types of movies are still prevalent in comedy today the 90’s to the present have honed in on genres which means we’re part of the next era. Romantic comedies and stoner comedies are two examples of honed genres made in our era. Gross out humor was also pioneered. Which is humor that is used a lot in stuff like American Pie or Borat.
  • 1.Although slapstick sounds simple, mastering this art is more than it seems. Comics had to know how to do certain actions perfectly (demonstrate some examples of slapstick). Even when a comic could master slapstick, there was one more thing that any successful comic at the time needed. Which was to create their own unique character that did their own unique things. Really successful actors at the time all differed in special ways, which made their movies very popular.

  • Although slapstick sounds simple, mastering this art is more than it seems. Comics had to know how to do certain actions perfectly (demonstrate some examples of slapstick). Even when a comic could master slapstick, there was one more thing that any successful comic at the time needed. Which was to create their own unique character that did their own unique things. Really successful actors at the time all differed in special ways, which made their movies very popular.
  • At the time there were many great silent comic, but the 3 of them shined above the rest of them. Probably the most popular silent comic of all time was Charlie Chaplin, even if you don’t know who he is you would probably recognize him if you saw a picture of him. (show picture) He was a master at movement. The way he moves in his movies keeps your eye on the film. He could walk, dance, and do stunts that still no one can compare to today. Buster Keaton is known to have one of the best silent comedies in history, The General. Buster and Charlie often competed with each other during the prime of the silent era. Then there was Harold Lloyd, which is my personal favorite silent comic. He was known for his daredevil style stunts like Hanging from the hands of a clock tower or climbing the frame of an unfinished building.
  • This is a short clip to show you how Charlie Chaplin moved, and what silent comics needed to do to be considered good.
  • Comedy changed by the turn to the 60’s. Humor and themes got darker and more serious. Sexual themes started to appear and they were unacceptable just a few years before. Serious themes also brought satire into film comedy.
  • Serious themes stayed around in the 70’s. So much, that it formed it’s own sub genre, black comedies. British comedies were also popular at the time with rise in Monty Python films.
  • Black comedies are a form of satire. They were used to convey serious messages in a light and funny tone. Often times the themes were considered taboo in society. Good examples are drug use, sex, and corruption. I put a picture of south park because I feel like it’s a good example of a modern black comedy.
  • The 80’s! I have Eddie Murphy in the background because he’s a very notable comedy star of that decade. The 80’s brought comedy actors into a more mainstream part of the film industry. Gag based comedies were also popular, like “Airplane!”.
  • The 90’s revived romantic comedies, we still see a whole bunch of those getting released today. Stoner comedies became very prevalent. We all know what stoner comedies are, but in case you didn’t know, stoner comedies usually involve 2 main characters doing dumb things(usually). Drug jokes are all over the place. Gross out humor became a new addition to comedy.
  • Gross out humor kind of explains itself. It’s doing things that would probably make you say “ew!” “oh my god!” “that’s so gross” “that hurts!” while you laugh hysterically. Shock comedy can also go with gross out humor. It’s when people go out and mess with the public or doing dumb things to get the public’s attention. Tom Green, Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat), and especially Jackass are good examples of gross out humor.
  • Tom Green is one of the Pioneers of shock value and gross out humor. This is a clip of one of his skits to show how shock humor works.
  • Many people don’t know that Sacha created the Ali G show, which was the foundation of all of his characters they he released into movies. Here’s an example of what his character, Ali G, did.
  • Sketch comedy is a genre that consists of short acts called sketches. They’re usually 1 to 10 minutes long. It originated on stage and then moved into what we have now. The biggest thing that separates sketch comedy from other comedy genres is it’s use of improv which is when you have a loosely based script or no script written down at all. The actors have a general idea of what’s happening in the scene and they make their own dialogue, jokes, and movements in their head. It allows creativity form everyone involved and not just the director.
  • 1.Sketch comedy started out on the stage in vaudevilles, which were theatrical plays that consisted of musical bits and sketches. From there, the popularity of comedy sketches grew in England. They started making radio shows and then Monty Python came along and made Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Another huge thing that came out of sketch comedy was Saturday Night Live. The biggest outlet for sketch comedy currently is the internet.

  • 1.Some sketch comedy shows are Saturday Night Live. Which I think is one of the most important sketch comedy shows in history because without SNL many of the big comedy stars we have known in the past few decades may have never seen the light of day. Cheppelle’s show is also a big one. While it was short lived, it opened up a window of new jokes and styles. Monty Python is big because it is one of the biggest reasons sketch comedy thrived and became what it is today. All That is one of my personal favorites, it also shows that sketch comedy goes beyond just mature audiences.

  • I wanted to show you guys a good example of sketch comedy, so I decided to bring in the nostalgia with an All That skit.
  • A growing form of comedy in the recent years is Internet comedy. It has boomed for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is youtube. It allows easy access for people to see and make productions without the huge budget. It allows people with a low budget to put out their style and ideas and still have a chance to be recognized. The best part of internet comedy is that almost any style can be found through this genre. This is also what got me into my whole senior grad project.
  • 1.Notable Internet Comedy Troupes: There are many internet comedy groups. I couldn’t even come close to telling you all of them. These are few of my favorites and some well-known groups. All of these groups have their own unique style of comedy. A lot of them are mixes of different styles. Derrick comedy is a sketch comedy group that has had quite a bit of success. They are about to release their first movie and some of them star and write in the comedy, Community. The whitest kids you know is also in a similar situation as Derrick Comedy. The two groups are similar in the way their sketch comedy works. Mega64 is a group that has seen a whole lot of success on the Internet in the video game community. Their comedy is a mix of everything. They grab styles from all eras of film comedy, while mixing it in with current events, video games, and other forms of media. Robby Road steamer is a bit more unknown compaired to the rest of them. He’s a local stand up comedian from Boston who has made his own series on youtube along with a select few other sketches. Probably one of the most successful groups and one of the founders of this new genre is Smosh. They’re a sketch comedy group that came from nothing and became something. Something tells me internet comedy is only going to grow in popularity as the years go by and technology gets better.

  • This is one of Mega64’s more well known skits, Tetris. They act out tetris and many many other video games in real life.
  • Since I consider Smosh to be one of the Pioneers of internet comedy, I want to show one of their skits.
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    1. 1. Comedy Senior Grad Project by Brett Levin
    2. 2. The Idea Comedy encompasses many different styles and can be used for a variety of purposes including therapy.
    3. 3. Laughter Therapy Laughter therapy is a newer type of therapy that’s growing in popularity It is being taught in the military as a form of stress relief. There are two types of laughter, dushane and nondushane Wilson, Steve, Mr. "The Growing Popularity of Laughter Therapy." Interview by Luke Burbank. NPR, 20 Jan. 2006. Web. 3 Mar. 2010. <>.
    4. 4. Health Benefits of Laughter Therapy Enhances the immune system Stress relief Muscle relaxation Pain reduction Cardiac exercise Increase in blood flow Respiration Burk, Lee, Dr. "Therapeutic Benefits of Laughter." ICBS Inc., n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2010. < Humor_Therapy/humor_therapy_benefits.htm>.
    5. 5. Film Comedy Has been around for about 120 years For such a short time, it has evolved A LOT. Film comedies are movies. "Comedy Films." Editorial. AMC, n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2010. <>.
    6. 6. History of Film Comedy Film comedy has been around since the 1890’s. The style to be used for the next 35 years was silent comedy. 1930 - 1950’s: Early dialogue comedies took over the silent era. Comedy films went into a decline during this period. 1960’s - 1980’s: Comedy films started to be more star packed. Humor became darker and more mature. TV also became an outlet for film comedy. "Comedy Films." Editorial. AMC, n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2010. <>.
    7. 7. History of Film Comedy 2 1960’s 1980’s cont. - Many genres were established during this time period. 1990’s - 2000’s: Comedy genres continue to be more defined like romantic and stoner comedies. Gross-out humor was pioneered. "Comedy Films." Editorial. AMC, n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2010. <>.
    8. 8. Silent Comedy It was the first form of film comedy. Relied heavily on slapstick to entertain the viewers. Slapstick is where people use exaggerated violence and abuse as a comical effect. "Episode 8 Comedy: A serious Business ." Hollywood. -. 26 Feb. 1980. Television.
    9. 9. Style of Silent Comedy Using slapstick as comedic effect is more than just falling on the ground. Silent comics mastered ways of movement to keep the viewer entertained. Successful comics created their own unique style and character to add on to their movements. "Episode 8 Comedy: A serious Business ." Hollywood. -. 26 Feb. 1980. Television.
    10. 10. Notable Silent Comics There are three very notable actors of the silent era. Charles Chaplin: City Lights Buster Keaton: The General Harold Lloyd: Safety Last "Episode 8 Comedy: A serious Business ." Hollywood. -. 26 Feb. 1980. Television. The General. DVD. Newmeyer, Craig C., dir. Safety Last. Kino 2005. Laser disk.
    11. 11. Charlie Chaplin
    12. 12. 1960’s Comedy began to change in the late 50’s Humor and themes got darker Satire became popular
    13. 13. 1970’s Serious themes stuck around Black Comedies British comedies
    14. 14. Black Comedy A form of Satire Used to convey serious messages Most serious messages are considered taboo Goes beyond film
    15. 15. 1980’s Comedy stars became more mainstream Action Comedy Gag based Comedy Action Comedy
    16. 16. 1990’s and onward. Romantic Comedies re-emerged Stoner Comedies Gross Out Humor
    17. 17. Gross out Humor Shock Comedy Tom Green Jackass Sacha Baron Cohen
    18. 18. Tom Green Pioneer of shock comedy and Gross out humor
    19. 19. The Ali G Show The foundation to all of Sacha’s work.
    20. 20. Sketch Comedy A type of comedy that consists of short scenes called sketches Sketch comedy started on the stage, moved to radio, then to TV Improv is often used in sketch comedy
    21. 21. History of Sketch Comedy Started off on the stage in vaudeville Evolved in England and moved to the radio, then TV Sketch comedy has branched off into many forms of internet comedy.
    22. 22. Sketch Comedy Shows Saturday Night Live Chappelle’s Show Monty Python’s Flying Circus All That Monty Python: Almost the Truth And Now The Sordid Personal Bits(if appropriate. In quotes) Monty Python: Almost the Truth (underlined) Monty Python: Almost the Truth (if appropriate. No quotes or underline) Eagle Rock Film Prods, Director, Performers, Writer (if known. Inclusion and order depends on emphasis)IFC Always Uncut20, October 2009
    23. 23. All That
    24. 24. Internet Comedy Internet comedy is a growing style. Allows many people to have the opportunity to start something with low budget. Styles of internet comedy vary from group to group. You can find any genre in it.
    25. 25. Notable Internet Comedy Troupes Derrickcomedy - Sketch Comedy The Whitest Kids you Know - Sketch Comedy Mega64 - Sketch comedy, shock comedy, parody and satire Robby Roadsteamer(Potylo) - Sketch Comedy, stand up, Musical Smosh - Sketch Comedy Botte, Rocco, ed. TD Philostrate, 2010. Web. 3 Mar. 2010. <>.
    26. 26. Mega64 Tetris
    27. 27. SMOSH