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Pride and zombie processes, or how not to build a message queue system

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Pride and zombie processes, or how not to build a message queue system

  1. 1. Pride and zombie processes Or, how not to develop a message queue system
  2. 2. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that components of a distributed system in possession of data must be in want of a method of sharing it.
  3. 3. Mama, we have an engagement...   Messaging architectures are generally push; it is often more efficient. Data eating zombies like a byte
  4. 4. Who should we invite to the dance?    What messages are being sent? Where are your firewalls and what ports are open? What messaging systems do you have?
  5. 5. And pray, how should we converse?  Do you have one or many protocols?  If the latter, can you separate the networks?  Can you forward the messages?
  6. 6. Issues Smaller messages are more effective than larger ones Brokers may not know that consumers are not alive and send data to them. Protocols do not talk to each other – without writing code Network forwarding can be used – at a speed cost Are relevant firewalls and ports open across the network? Use messaging gateway pattern rather than direct connections
  7. 7. Some references Zero MQ ( ZeroMQ Guide - RabbitMQ ( RabbitMQ in Action - ActiveMQ ( ActiveMQ in Action -
  8. 8. Any questions? Twitter: iainemsley Website: