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5 Simple Steps To Get Your Business on the Radio & TV for FREE In Less Than 30 Days!


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Despite the internet's meteoric rise, television and radio are still major information and entertainment forces across the world. But many businesses perceive that getting access to the broadcast media is impossible; they believe themselves to be too small to be considered by, or not of interest to, broadcasting companies.

They could not be more wrong!

Iain Betson has spent his career working in the broadcast media for both national and local radio and television broadcasters.

This slideshow is an introduction to the eBook "5 Simple Steps To Get Your Business on the Radio & TV for FREE In Less Than 30 Days!".

In the slideshow and book Iain will let you in on the secret that 1000s of business owners don’t know. A proven strategy to not only gain access to the broadcast media, to create valuable publicity, but also how to do it in less than 30 days and for free!

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5 Simple Steps To Get Your Business on the Radio & TV for FREE In Less Than 30 Days!

  1. 1. 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Business on the Radio & TV for FREE In Less Than 30 Days! Iain Betson
  2. 2. About the person in front of you: Iain Betson •Has worked in the broadcast industry for over 26 years •Started his career with the BBC in local and national radio •Has trained BBC journalists & program staff •Has part-owned a radio station (then sold it) •Has worked in radio & television in the UK and internationally •Once met President Ronald Reagan
  3. 3. “You Want More Business Exposure”
  4. 4. Your BIG Idea! Promote your business on the radio & television! I know!
  5. 5. WHY use radio & TV to promote your business? •Anyone can create & upload an audio or video promo •Being on the radio or TV still creates a talking point •You get third party credibility •It’s a marketing opportunity that is not open to all •You get a great testimonial
  6. 6. So, can you see yourself sitting in one of these?
  7. 7. And doing this?
  8. 8. Or how-about here?
  9. 9. In front of one of these?
  10. 10. Well if you want to, you can. But, to appear on the broadcast media you will need a strategy.
  11. 11. The Broadcast Media •The broadcast media is not a closed shop •Radio & television are still major forces in the media “mix” •Realise that broadcasters need to “keep the furnace stoked” BUT •Is your business of interest to the general public? •Is what you have to say relevant to the broadcasters audience?
  12. 12. Why Are You Going To Do This? Treat it as a strategy designed to: •raise your profile •create credibility •act as a testimonial: “As seen on TV” BUT You are not doing this: •To sell! (You won’t be asked back!) •To become famous (yet!)
  13. 13. How Are You Going To Do This? •You will position yourself as the expert in your field •You will “Bring something to the party”. I.e. Add value to the show BUT •Do your homework first! •Treat your approach in the same way you would a business prospect •Research the station you plan to approach – listen and watch their output
  14. 14. The Approach •Contact the producer, NOT the presenter, of the show •Email is the best method of approach •Tell them what you can offer and what you can bring to the show BUT •Do not knock the show or an existing contributor •Do not sell!
  15. 15. The Follow-up •Time your follow-up: Not just before or during the show! •Call them this time rather than email. •Be prepared to explain your pitch again BUT If they say “Yes” then: •Be prepared to be flexible “How high do you want me to jump?” •Be guided by them. Don’t “gush” ideas
  16. 16. Your Appearance •Don’t expect hours of rehearsals – you are not in a play or film! •The interviewer will guide you •Don’t waffle. Make sure to get your main point(s) across first BUT •Don’t be a afraid to get your point(s) across •Do not sell! •Seize the opportunity
  17. 17. Post Appearance •Contact the show by email to thank them •Make it plain your enjoyed it and are available again •Email is the best method of approach BUT •Do not think you are now the media’s best friend •Do not be afraid to contact them if you have something interesting to offer or a comment to make
  18. 18. Making The Most of Your Appearance •Make a recording of your appearance •Use it on your website, as a give away on MP3 or MP4 etc. BUT •Do not contact the station for a recording •Make sure you have permission to use it in your promotions.
  19. 19. In Conclusion •The broadcast media is not difficult to access – you just need a strategy •It still has the power to create a talking point for your business •It will add third party credibility to your business
  20. 20. AND It could even lead to a new career!
  21. 21. Get a FREE eBook! Free stuff is always nice, so either: Copy this link: Or scan the QR code to get your copy of the eBook.
  22. 22. 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Business on the Radio & TV for FREE In Less Than 30 Days! Iain Betson