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21 DIY to Local Internet Marketing By Jason Weaver Organizer of IWMM


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21 DIY to Local Internet Marketing By Jason Weaver Organizer of IWMM

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21 DIY to Local Internet Marketing By Jason Weaver Organizer of IWMM

  1. 1. 21 DIY TO INTERNETMARKETING -By Jason Weaver Organizer of the Idaho WebMarketing Meetup
  2. 2. PPC / SEO / MAPS
  3. 3. Quality / Relevance / Trust“Google exists to provide the world’s best Internetsearch experience. Google accomplishes this formillions of users daily by delivering a powerful, fast, andeasy way to find the most relevant informationavailable…” -Google
  4. 4. Be On Page 1 v
  5. 5. 79 Local Search RankingFactors
  6. 6. Your Business Identity N. Name A. Address P. Phone Number “Do not create a listing or place your pin marker at a location where the business does not physically exist. P.O. Boxes are not considered accurate physical locations.” – Google Places Guidelines
  7. 7. Your Business Identity - Tips Have a business address near where you do business Don’t use a P.O. box. If you don’t have a physical location use your home, shared office or rented mail box with street number. Don’t move. But if you do clean up your N.A.P.
  8. 8. Understand Online Customers Keyword Tool: Research Tools: to-do-online-research-for-your-brand
  9. 9. Understand Online Customers
  10. 10. Understand Online Customers -Tips Map the keywords to existing page or create new pages  keyword + location = geo keyword Start by create pages for each category of products Optimize SEO on those pages – I like SEOMoz on page grader, Free 45 day trial Build out the locations you serve
  11. 11. Get More Online BusinessThere is only 2 ways to get more business online1. Get in front of more people2. Or catch more already seeing youBecome Awesome + Get in Front of Your Target= Success Online
  12. 12. BecomeAwesome
  13. 13. Pest Control – 24% ConversionRate
  14. 14. Awesome Landing Pages
  15. 15. Sponsor / Member Badges
  16. 16. Sponsor / Member Badges
  17. 17. A/B Testing
  18. 18. A/B Testing
  19. 19. Become Awesome - Tips Have clear calls to action (Phone Number, Buttons, Forms) Have a clear message which is the most compelling message you can think of Include – see perfect landing page:  Trust symbols  Pictures of staff  Testimonials  Review links  Map  Relevant local information Put the sponsor or member badges on your website A/B test when possible
  20. 20. Get More Eyes byTrack Everything
  21. 21. Track Everything & Focus onKPI’s Web traffic Web form submissions Phone calls Spend on advertising Direct emails Value of a sale
  22. 22. Track Everything & Focus onKPI’s a-direct-mailer-vs-website-leads
  23. 23. Track Everything & Focus onKPI’s a-direct-mailer-vs-website-leads
  24. 24. Track Everything & Focus on KPI’s- Tips Start tracking everything (I compile it all in Google Docs) Use this to empower you to find more channels to bring in more visitors (Google PPC, Facebook, ect…) Make improvements at every level Admit you might need a new website, marketing team, or a better you
  25. 25. Links & Citations
  26. 26. Links & Citations – Google+Local
  27. 27. Links & Citations
  28. 28. Links & Citations tools-methods
  29. 29. Links & Citations - Tips Have a Google+ Local Page Write a review for another business Get listed everywhere it matters to your industry & local ranking geo
  30. 30. Reviews – Do This
  31. 31. Reviews – Sustainably Plan1. Ask for a review2. Gain customer contact information3. Provide the easiest way for leaving a review possible reviews-testimonials
  32. 32. Reviews - 5 Biggest Mistakes1. Posting reviews for others or hiring a company to do this for them2. Asking for a review but not making it easy3. Not responding to reviews bad or good4. Trying to incentivize reviews5. Never asking for a review reviews-testimonials
  33. 33. Reviews - Emails
  34. 34. Reviews - Website
  35. 35. Reviews - Tips Hug Obama if you dare Implement sustainable plan to get reviews from real people in your area at their home
  36. 36. Who to Follow – Local Help Three Ways to Learn Internet Marketing Personal Blog Idaho Web Marketing Meetup Blog
  37. 37. Free 30 Minute Consolations 208-932-1714
  38. 38. Questions