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Solar power as remunerative crop


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Presented by Neha Durga (IWMI) at the 7th World Water Forum in Daegu & Gyeongbuk in South Korea

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Solar power as remunerative crop

  1. 1. Solar Power as Remunerative Crop Neha Durga International Water Management Institute
  2. 2. Transforming Energy-Water-Food Nexus 6 billion lt of diesel Under irrigation- Lower Productivity 130 GW –Installed capacity of irrigation 15 Billion USD- Commercial Losses of Power Utilities Solar Pumps will bring the long awaited green revolution in eastern region Solar Pumps will retire grid power but will be bad for aquifers Solar Irrigation will transform the nexus?
  3. 3. Solution : Grow Solar Power • In grid connected region – selling surplus power- opportunity cost to pumping. • Relieve stress on drying aquifers without affecting farmers economically – earnings from selling Solar Power to the Grid. • 100 GW of Solar Power Installed Capacity to be achieved by 2020 as per new targets of Government of India. Opening doors for a virtuous Water-Energy Nexus
  4. 4. Earnings for different Crops Grains, Pulses and Oil seeds Fruits and Vegetables Solar Power as Crop 1250 USD 84000 USD No Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides Just Land- Farmers own 50% of the land 4200 USD Per Ha of Land
  5. 5. Solar Panels 8 kWp Grid Tie Inverter 7.5 HP VFD 7.5 HP Pump GRID IRRIGATIONSPaRC Enabled Free to 0.8 cents /kWh FiT 8 cents /kWh How to grow SPaRC?
  6. 6. Anand Pilot 7.5 HP SPaRC enabled pump Crops under the panels Thank YouPhotos: Neha Durga / IWMI