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Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP) - A Global Partnership for Sustainable Groundwater Management


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Presented by Yvan Altchenko at the 6th Africa Water Week held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on July 18, 2016

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Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP) - A Global Partnership for Sustainable Groundwater Management

  1. 1. 6th AFRICA WATER WEEK: “Achieving the SDGs on Water Security and Sanitation” Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, Dar Es Salam, Tanzania, 18-22 July 2016 Yvan Altchenko Senior Researcher IWMI South Africa Karen G. Villholth Principal Researcher IWMI South Africa
  2. 2. GRIPP objective Securing groundwater resources for livelihoods, food security, climate resilience and economic growth while sustaining the resource for future generations
  3. 3. The toxic groundwater cocktail Why this initiative? • The strategic importance of groundwater is increasingly being acknowledged • Groundwater is a lifeline for communities • Groundwater underpins most terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems • Groundwater supports global food security, and contributes to public health and economic growth The base of GRIPP • The Global Framework for Action Groundwater Governance Project (GEF-funded and implemented by FAO, UNESCO-IHP, IAH and World Bank) • IWMI’s three decades of research and partnerships
  4. 4. HOW GRIPP WORKS: • Creating long-term partnerships • Sharing transferable solutions • Scaling-up successes • Filling knowledge gaps Antidote
  5. 5. Understanding progress
  6. 6. Impact pathways of GRIPP
  7. 7. Long-term horizon (10 - 15 years) Added advantage of GRIPP Interdisciplinary and multi-partnership approach Documentation and easy access to cases and tools Solution oriented Integrated (conjunctive use, climate change adaptation, SDGs, water quality, land use,……) Demand driven No one-size-fits-all approach
  8. 8. Number of completed projects (1 to 8)* Number of ongoing projects (1 to 8)* *Only for those projects mapped to specific countries in their description IWMI project Portfolio on groundwater (2005 – 2019)
  9. 9. Region Ongoing projects Completed projects Asia (Central, South, South East) 7,801,269 5,572,510 Africa (Western, Eastern, SSA) 5,358,512 4,979,363 Others (*) 1,863,219 Total 15,023,000 10,551,873 (*) projects with global scope not mapped to a particular country Level of investment per region in groundwater projects (or projects with a groundwater component) IWMI project Portfolio on groundwater (2005 – 2019)
  10. 10. GRIPP Partners, June 2016
  11. 11. GRIPP represented at major events in 2016 South Asia Groundwater Forum, Jaipur, India 01 - 03 June 2016 ISMAR9, Mexico City, Mexico 20 - 24 June 2016 Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture, San Francisco, USA 28 - 30 June 2016 Africa Water Week, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 18 - 22 July 2016 World Water Week, Stockholm, Sweden 28 August - 2 September 2016 35th International Geological Congress, Cape Town, RSA 27 August - 4 September 2016 IAH-60, Montpellier, France 25 - 29 September 2016 Groundwater in Earth system Models, Paris, France 3 - 5 October 2016 Picture: NASA
  12. 12. Join the GRIPP to: • Advance the agenda of sustainable groundwater management at a global scale to achieve the SDG’s • Be part of a network of partners with the critical mass to confront today’s groundwater issues for the benefits of future generation • Assist with recording and dissemination of proven technologies and approaches • Provide a platform for guiding groundwater research and management • Capitalize on funding opportunities Join the GRIPP
  13. 13. Thank You