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Global Water Challenges


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Presented by Donald Blackmore, Chair of IWMI Board of Governors, at a high level policy dialog held in Kathmandu Nepal, on April 27, 2016.

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Global Water Challenges

  1. 1. Nepal Don Blackmore | 27 April 2016 Global Water Challenges
  2. 2. The immediate future Sustainable intensification– the only way forward THE KEY QUESTION IS HOW DO WE ACHIEVE THIS?
  3. 3. Large Scale Irrigation Systems are big business……... Assuming a single revenue of $2500/ha, the total turnover provided by 115 million ha of LSIS can be calculated to be 288 billion US dollars. LSIS would be 7th ranked by revenue (above Volkswagen, Samsung and Toyota but below PetroChina and BP (Forbes Global 2000 for May 2014). The turnover of 150 to 250 million dollars for a single large irrigation system of 100,000 hectares is about twice the size of a SME, defined by EC.
  4. 4. Water productivity improvements in China Cities now take almost all the water…. but agricultural output relatively steady
  5. 5. Global groundwater development and usage……. Prominent groundwater-irrigation economies: Volume of groundwater use (billion m3/year), proportion of the population dependent on groundwater-irrigation (%), and value of groundwater-irrigated farm output (US$/m3)
  6. 6. Smart solar pumping – water, food and energy nexus  India on cusp of solar boom moving 80 gigawatts in next 5 years  Energy subsidies of $6 billion annually driven groundwater depletion.  Solar power as cash crop with a guaranteed market at attractive price. Addressing the energy crisis in India
  7. 7. The reform agenda Policy | Institutional | Instruments | Tools