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Industry 4.0: The Future of Productivity and Growth


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- John Ford, GE Digital -

IVSZ | EuDEco project
Data Economy Conference
Budapest, 2018. 01. 31.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Industry 4.0: The Future of Productivity and Growth

  1. 1. Confidential. Not to be copied, distributed, or reproduced without prior approval. Becoming Digital Industrial: The Future of Productivity and Growth John Ford Leader of the Hungary Digital Hub GE Digital
  2. 2. GE Digital 1 Digital Transformation  Deliver outcomes  Consumer ≠ industrial  Talent follows ideas  Assets + devices matter The Principles  Build digital content  Reform IT  Simplify culture  Industrials trust each other Industrial productivity 4% 1991 – 2010 1% 2011 – 2016 Meets the Digital Twin +Physics Analytics The Idea
  3. 3. GE Digital enables productivity around industrial assets Design & Build Maintain Asset Performance Management (APM) Brilliant Manufacturing Operate Digital Services End to end approach connecting across the asset value stream Operating platform 2
  4. 4. GE for GE GE for Customers GE for World Sharing the Digital Industrial blueprint • Digital thread • Digital twin • Services transformation • Outcomes for customers • Optimize GE machines • Industrial apps portfolio • Enable industrial companies • Industrial-focused security • Predix industrial operating system Productivity: Brilliant Manufacturing Apps: Service Transformation Platform: Operating System • BP – 650+ connected wells; 2-4% higher global operations efficiency • Exelon – 33k MW, enterprise- wide • Port of LA – digitize maritime shipping • RasGas $2.5M outage savings • Parts supplier savings $25M • FieldVision - $200M outage productivity • Schindler – 200M data points collected per day from connected equipment • Lixil - reduce scheduling time by 66% • Gerdau – 11 plants, 600 connected assets Outcomes 3
  5. 5. Edge to cloud distributed compute Digital Twin and physics-based analytics Digital transformation+ =Built for industry + Machine connectivity Industry insight machine apps automation & control + intelligence machine learning scalable cloud machine- level security data governance Digital Twins The Predix difference: built ground-up for industrial computing 4
  6. 6. GE4GE: Driving $$ through Data 28 November 2017 Problem: Complex coating machine in factory experiences costly unplanned outages Solution: Implemented data capture & visualization of 30+ KPIs locked within the machine; new Operator monitoring process Outcome: • ~$5MM+ in Annual Savings • Reliable data stream for predictive models • A business partner / evangelist 5
  7. 7. GE Digital 6 GE customers are leveraging machine sensor data, sophisticated analytics and software to gain greater reliability, flexibility and productivity to serve their customers and markets. 10,502 Turbines Optimized 62/261 Customers / Wind Farms Around the World 1.3/$75MM Estimated TWh and value (USD) of additional generation Global Customer Experience Digital Plan of the Day deployed at 200 GE-managed sites Partnering with Renewables Customers to Deliver Value