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Miratech software testing and QA services


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Brief presentation of Miratech software testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services for international clients.

More information about Miratech and its IT outsourcing offering can be found on the public website

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Miratech software testing and QA services

  1. 1. Miratech software testing products and services 1
  2. 2. Agenda  Miratech processes in brief  Miratech testing products and QA  Success stories Company
  3. 3. Approaches Miratech – first Ukrainian ISO and CMM certified company, since 2003 ITIL; EDB IT Operation Book
  4. 4. Standard development/start-up process Company
  5. 5. Offered software testing products and QA Consulting Development testing and QA Application Acceptance outsourcing maintenance testing service IT staff outsourcing
  6. 6. IT staff outsourcing Opportunities: • Needed specialist in needed quantity and in needed time • Database with over 23.000 resumes, 800 specialist in project team • Majority of tools and technologies • Specialists available for short term and long term projects Benefits: • 100% migration of fixed costs into variable (risk reduction) • Employees search recruiting cost reduction • Employees hiring and firing cost reduction • Employees search time reduction
  7. 7. Development, testing and QA outsourcing Term “Testing” include following activities:  Technical review, verification, critical analysis;  Software and user’s requirements traceability check;  Design component’s and software requirements traceability check;  Unit testing;  Integration testing;  System testing; Development testing and QA outsourcing
  8. 8. Software testing process organization Project Plan (or Software Development Plan) Software Architecture Document Test Test Plan planning Software Requirements Specification Use Case Specifications Design Model P1 Plan Supplementary Specification(s) Change Request(s) Records registered in Software Engineering Issue Tracking System within previous iteration(s) Records registered in Software Design Tests Test Case Specifications Implement Test Cases Test Suite Setup Test Environment Test Environment Execute Tests Do Engineering Issue Tracking System Test Protocol D1 D2 D3 D4 Test Suite(s) (from previous iterations) Build of software product Ro Evaluate les test results C0 Check Test Evaluation Summary Test Manager Test Leader Test Designer Assess and Test Engineer improve test CM Engineer effort A0 Act Test Plan (updated) NODE: Test:0 TITLE: Test Software Product process NO.:
  9. 9. QA processes during project fullfilment Senior Management Corrective actions SQA reports PDP Project SQA Project activity SQA reports activity Project documentation SQA Manager Project team
  10. 10. Application maintenance service  Transition process design (Configuration management, Incident management, Resource management, etc. )  Testing environment administration  Process design of patches, releases and hot fixes testing  Regression testing autamation  Instruction and procedure submition  User training Application maintenance service
  11. 11. Acceptance testing  Acceptance testing strategy development based on SOX  Testing team reinforcement  Development of acceptance test cases (end to end)  Reporting on acceptance testing Acceptance testing
  12. 12. Consulting  Process development and implementation (not only testing)  Current processes analysis and recommendation for improvement  Testing process maturity evaluation Consulting
  13. 13. Process development and implementation decisions Miratech SQA Process Process SQA reports Process Establishment Standards improvement SQA group Customer’s Process Owner
  14. 14. Current processes and recommendation for improvement 1. Gap analysis in current IT processes 2. Recommendation to minimize risks related to defects in current processes 3. Procedure and process development Methodology is based on CMMI, ITIL, eSCM and Miratech experience: 1. Interviewing Client’s representatives (5 days) 2. Report preparation
  15. 15. Testing process maturity evaluation
  16. 16. Result sample
  17. 17. Key difference between products Product Service rendering specifics IT staff outsourcing Specialists with defined skill level are provided. Client is responsible for specialist work load management, work results and quality Development, testing and QA Defined volume software testing. Miratech processes are customized according to Client’s desires. Miratech is responsible for technical risks, testing quality, oursourcing working schedule. Application service Installment, configuration task fulfillment based on formal or informal SLA. Releases and patch testing. Miratech processes might be customized according maintenance to Client’s desires. Miratech is fully responsible for service quality. Acceptance testing Acceptance testing process development, Client’s testing team reinforcement. Consulting Consulting services to set up testing processes based on Miratech experience
  18. 18. Thank you! Miratech 41 Nauki Ave, 03028 Kiev, Ukraine, Tel.: +38 044 206 4090