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Presentation of Miratech IT outsourcing offering listing Miratech customers, list of services and general information on the company. For more information please contact info@miratechgroup.com and vladimir.rybalkin@miratechgroup.com

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Miratech It Outsourcing Services

  1. 1. Miratech: IT outsourcing services
  2. 2. Key Services Team Management Services (ODC) Research & Development Quality Assurance Product and solution technical support Operation of information systems Application Outsourcing Development and testing of applications & system Migration of applications & system Maintenance and support applications & system Horizontal Services and Solutions Contact center & call center solutions (Genesys) Customer Interactions and management solutions IT infrastructure setup and management solutions Document workflow solutions
  3. 3. Main technologies Operating systems: Windows, AIX, Solaris, HP- UX, Linux RDBMS: Oracle, MsSQL, Informix, Interbase, MySql, Postgresql, Sybase, Pervasive Languages : C++, C#, VB#, Java, PHP, XML, HTML, VB, NLP, JScript Application servers:  MS CRM 3.0/4.0 , BizTalk 2004/2006/2009, Sharepoint 2003/2007, Exchange 2003/2007, Lotus Domino, OEBS, SAP Technologies: .NET, J2EE, J2ME, Linux API, Win32 API MFC, CGI, Corba, TCP, UDP, SMTP, COM, DCOM, DirectX, Sockets, OCR, OLAP etc Methodologies: ITIL, ISO, CMMI, TF-IDF, CASE, UML, Enterprise Architect
  4. 4. Why Miratech  Only highest quality standards are in use: ISO 9001:2000, SW/CMM  Support of both obsolete and up-to-date technologies  Track record of successful projects with complex applications and systems in banking and finance, telecommunications, e-commerce business domains  Miratech ensures the transfer of technology and products’ consolidated knowledge to the client’s technical specialists Miratech staffing practices make possible the placement of resources with needed qualification in accordance with the scope of work Miratech – the first Ukrainian company to achieve Level 3 Certificate according to SEI SW- CMM
  5. 5. Methodology  Quality Management System (QMS ) consists of principles, procedures and best practices  QMS instruments include project management systems for management of all aspects of a project lifecycle, covering development work order management, change management, configuration management and bug tracking QMS instruments include such tools as project documents warehouse, version control systems, accessibility management, tracking systems and resource booking  Miratech QMS v 4.0 has been developed in compliance with ISO 9001:2000, BSC Miratech QMS includes best engineering practices RUP, PMBOK, SWEBOK, ISO ITIL; EDB IT 9126/FURPS, ISO 15504 Operation Book  Services and project lifecycle management is based on SEI/CMU CMM, CMMI, eSCM, PMBOK, MSF, Agile
  6. 6. Miratech’s Projects
  7. 7. Outsourcing with Genesys Miratech is a supplier of the following services for Genesys since 1998: IT operations services (HelpDesk, production infrastructure support) >500 servers, 9 of which are located in Kiev IT support (Genesys testlab & development environment) > 2000 servers Software development Software testing Research & Development for Biz Apps BI Support of Genesys customers and partners 24x7
  8. 8. Genesys Technical Support Genesys provides 24/7 USA Kyiv UK Japan support by keeping its teams in different time belts Tier1 X X X Supported products: WFM, VoIP, Reporting, GPlus SAP Adapters, T-Servers, Routing 15% from general technical Tier2 X X X X staff are located in Kiev Tier3 X X X
  9. 9. Infrastructure Management Services Customer: NetworkD Industry: Technology Details: Provision of best Desktop Management practices and a scaleable resource model with international delivery expertise to deliver improved services at a lower cost Services proposed help the client to increase the ROI of LanDesk implementation and move from Reactive mode of IT infrastructure management to Proactive, Integrated and Predictable The typical client size: 5,000 – 100,000 desktops Service Levels: SL1: Service Level Foundation (71 products) SL2: Service Level Foundation + (34 products) AS1: Administrative Services Level 1 (78 products) AS2: Administrative Services Level 2 (28 products)
  10. 10. EMS Solution for Retail Customer: Retail division of a leading UK ICT provider Industry: Multi-channel Retail Solution: An EMS solution Geographies: United Kingdom Details: An IT support tool was developed to monitor health of PCs and devices in network and support them through: remote control, inventory, file transfer and reboot Domains and Technologies: LANDesk addon, C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL2000
  11. 11. Miratech
  12. 12. Miratech today Ukraine’s oldest (since 1989) and one of the largest IT companies 600+ successfully delivered projects Clients include US, Western European corporations and Fortune 500 companies Cisco, CMU/SEI, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, VWware, Rational, Sun, Veritas certified personnel #2 in BlackBook of Outsourcing 2008 list of Top 10 ITO Offshore in CE/EE  Corporate Training centre, Architecture Bureau, PMO  Certified Project Managers (IPMA, PMI)  Certified MBA in Top Management
  13. 13. Miratech in Dynamics 1989: Miratech is established on the base of the Institute of Cybernetics of Ukraine 1991: First International Customer from Switzerland: Lynx Software Research AG (later Miracle AG) 1998: Miratech enters US market with outsourcing services for US clients 2001: Miratech is the first Ukrainian ISO 9001:2000 certified company 2003: Miratech is the First Ukrainian CMM Level 3 organization 2004: Miratech jointly with a few other IT companies institutes “IT Ukraine” Association 2005: Miratech acquires Novatec, a local Ukrainian consulting company 2005: Miratech acquires KSE, a Ukrainian arm of big Belarusian outsourcing company 2005: Miratech and NetworkD create Joint Venture to synergize Miratech delivery and NetworkD marketing capabilities 2006: HP (Russia), IBM (Russia), Phillips (Belgium), DirecTV (USA), SBB (Switzerland), Finansbank (Holland), UMC (Ukraine) are Miratech clients 2007: EDB Business Partner (Part of Telenor “Other Business”) acquires 60% of Miratech shares substantially increasing its offering as a Global Sourcing provider
  14. 14. Main Partnerships Current Partnerships: Genesys Premier Partner Microsoft Gold Certified Partner ISV Royalty Partner Business Dynamics Alcatel-Lucent Partner IBM Partner McAfee Abbyy EDB Member of Associations and Communities: American Chamber of Commerce European Business Association (EBA) Fort-Ross Ukrainian Telecom Club IT Ukraine 14
  15. 15. Miratech Clients Finance Telecom Public Retail Technology Transport
  16. 16. Part of Telenor Group Telecom 13% Public  Since July 2007 Miratech sector belongs to EDB Group of 16% Bank & Finance Companies (Telenor Group) 44%  EDB is #4 in the list of Top 10 IT Services suppliers in the Nordic region  Miratech is an exclusive Retail and partner and IT services Industry 27% supplier for EDB
  17. 17. Continuity and Security Measures  Security measures are in compliance with Telenor security requirements  Badge system to control physical access to project or customer account premises  Project and customer data reside in the designated storage areas with access limited to the project team members in within their roles in the project  Set of IT security policies and measures to protect against viruses and hacker attacks  Maintain a paper framework with consultants and employees to ensure a legal accountability for improper handling of confidential information and/or customer property  365/7/24 onsite security staff to handle emergency incidents 17
  18. 18. Language Practices English is an internal language of written communications at Miratech. All project materials, emails, quality system are only maintained in English language At a minimum intermediate level of English is a must for any Miratech consultant and verified prior to hiring Communication and English skills level are part of requirements to grow in seniority levels for each of employees Above intermediate and advanced levels of English are required for team members who are assigned to management roles or to roles which require communications with the client Miratech employs full time English and German teaching staff to maintain and improve English and German skills of employees 18
  19. 19. About Ukraine
  20. 20. Outsourcing to Ukraine Second-largest country in Central and Eastern Europe with Ukraine population 46.6 million  A high availability of qualified personnel and the state's proximity to Western Europe make it very attractive for offshore outsourcing. Even better, prices are 40%-50% lower than in Western Europe  Stronghold of high tech since the USSR epoch: 40% of USSR’s science and technological industry was based in Ukraine. About 70% of adult Ukrainians have a secondary or higher education.  Cities/Centers of outsourcing: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov 20
  21. 21. Outsourcing industry  Ukrainian offshore outsourcing companies have been providing software development services since the early 1990s.  Growing pool of qualified human resources as well as European mentality and competitive rates turned Ukraine into an exciting emerging outsourcing destination.  Ukraine is now among Top 10 outsourcing countries in the world, and inching up in the ratings.  Accelerated growth is forecast in BPO area, while ITO area might experience more moderate growth within the next 3 to 5 years.  Economic situation has made the labor market even more attractive to new investors, since the crisis stopped rapid wage growth in several industries, including outsourcing. Infrastructure costs, including office rent and communications, are also decreasing 21
  22. 22. Geography of Ukraine 22
  23. 23. Kiev Capital City Proximity to Europe Highly educated tech workers Good telecom and communication infrastructure An attractive cost structure that promises tremendous savings Kyiv was included (by Tholons) in Top 50 Global Emerging Outsourcing Cities list 23
  24. 24. Thank you for your time!