Miratech Infrastructure Support Services


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Miratech services for IT infrastructure support enable organizations in Ukraine and outside the country to save more on IT through outsourcing maintenance of infrastructure's core equipment and software. Service delivery is regulated by SLA that also controls performance indicators and service reporting

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Miratech Infrastructure Support Services

  1. 1. IT infrastructure support services
  2. 2. IT infrastructure support IT services set for:  operational support  maintenance  technical support of infrastructure’s core equipment and software
  3. 3. Service catalog Telecommunication Server operations equipment support Load management Load and throughput Availability management management Throughput Remote access management management IP addresses Documentation of Server Network management (DHCP, DNS) changes Technical support Server failure tracking infrastructure infrastructure support support Installation and deployment Database Application Configuration Availability management Performance management support support User management Availability management Data backup management Performance management Logs control Updates Installation of updates Data backup Setup and optimization
  4. 4. Server infrastructure  Infrastructure support in all regions of Ukraine  SLA-regulated IT services’ supply  Setup, customization and support of hardware  Retention of the Benefits: Client’s key IT specialists through  Business support discontinuity outstaffing  Reduction in IT personnel related expenses
  5. 5. Server infrastructure  Corporate networks administration  IP telephony support  Contact-center (Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco) support  Structured cabling systems support (SCS) Benefits:  Network security  Reduction in IT infrastructure related expenses maintenance  Only services that are available are billed
  6. 6. Databases support Benefits:  Development of service- on-demand approach  Less problems related to hiring and retention of highly-professional IT specialists are faced  Stability in quality of support  Remote or onsite service delivery  Lower cost of service in comparison with an in- house specialist  Any model that the Client is comfortable with can apply
  7. 7. Application support Benefits:  Broader service line (technologies) and higher quality of service in comparison with using an in-house IT department  Lower volume of risks associated with IT threats  System and application software support  Service is delivered  Incidents’ consultation and resolution regardless of the Client’s IT specialists physical availability
  8. 8. Technologies  Operating systems:  Specialized servers: Windows, Microsoft CRM AIX, BizTalk Solaris SharePoint HP- UX Microsoft Exchange Linux Lotus Domino OEBS  Databases SAP Oracle JBoss MsSQL IBM WebShere Informix Seibel Interbase VMware MySql  Network equipment: Postgresql Сisco Sybase Avaya Pervasive Alcatel
  9. 9. Benefits of Miratech services  Regional IT cost-saving effect achieved through:  Economy of scale  Fixed costs distribution between clients  Infrastructure standardization  Exploitation process standardization  Direct and indirect cost control  Remote resolution of incidents and inquiries from users  End-users’ support quality is improved due to  Reduced reaction time for requests’ processing  Employment of mechanism controlling user generated requests fulfillment  Cost-saving function for IT personnel hiring and retention
  10. 10. Miratech service delivery approach  Client’s benefits justification in terms of a project  Existing IT infrastructure and services modernization and improvement (if necessary)  Dedicated IT specialists’ team allocation  Availability of Miratech highly-professional specialists on the Client’s request ( in case Client’s regional team qualification is insufficient)  Transparency in reporting format for IT services delivered and costs incurred
  11. 11. About Miratech
  12. 12. Miratech today  IT outsourcing market leader in Ukraine  Listed among Eastern European Top 10 IT outsourcing services providers  Delivered over 600 projects to its clients in Europe, US and in Fortune 500 list CMU/SEI, ITIL, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Rational, Sun, IT certified
  13. 13. Clients of Miratech in Ukraine
  14. 14. Partnership with EDB  In 2007 Miratech was acquired by Telecom 13% EDB Business Partner (“Other Business” Unit of ) Public  EDB is one of the largest IT sector Bank & Operations and Service-on-Demand 16% Finance companies in Northern Europe 44%  Miratech is EDB’s supplier and partner in application support and services in Ukraine Retail and Industry 27%
  15. 15. EDB  # 1 in the Scandinavian market  Belongs to TOP 5 IT Operations suppliers in Europe  Listed in the TOP 10 of the world’s largest IT Services providers  Employs over 6000 people  Delivers its services to clients in 24 countries of the world
  16. 16. Контакты Elena Yablonovska Miratech Corporation LLC 41 Nauki Ave., Kiev, 03 028, Ukraine Phone +380 44 206 40 90 Fax +380 44 206 40 91 mailto: Elena.Yablonovska@miratechgroup.com