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Services and Projects for Business

Our portfolio includes a great number of successful integrated IT-projects ranging from software and hardware supply through to consulting and further implementation of IT and business-processes automation. In long-lasting collaboration with our clients we define, design and deliver IT solutions that fully meet the industry-specific requirements.

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Services and Projects for Business

  1. 1. TechExpert Company SERVICES AND PROJECTS FOR BUSINESS Custom On-premises Clever
  2. 2. TechExpert Company WHY TECHEXPERT?  Business-process integrator and provider of integrated IT services with 18-year experience  Wide range of managed IT services for end-customers and service providers  Implemented projects of different types of scale and complexity on all IT and infrastructure levels  Team of certified specialists  Partnership with leading vendors
  3. 3. TechExpert Company OUR CLIENTS & PARTNERS
  4. 4. TechExpert Company OUR SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES Development of custom Data Centers IT-processes and services development and management services Backup and monitoring TechExpert Business Cloud Unified communications and networks SharePoint and CRM maintenance Application development Infrastructure migration and administration IT Education & Certification Industry-tailored solutions Business Training
  5. 5. TechExpert Company DEVELOPMENT OF CUSTOM DATA CENTERS1 We offer a full range of possible options for the implementation of different scenarios:  synchronous data mirroring, which allows lossless switching from a damaged site to the running one  asynchronous replication, which allows for quick recovery in the case of failure  Information backup to keep your data safe  and all of this options at the same time in different combinations
  6. 6. TechExpert Company TECHEXPERT BUSINESS CLOUD2 IaaS DaaS SaaS Dedicated and Virtual servers Cloud telephony OnBizTel Monitoring Corporate mail, portal, communication Backup and Restore Businezz OnLine Virtual desktop as VDI Business analytics Project management Hosting of ERP and accounting systems Virtualisation
  7. 7. TechExpert Company BACKUP AND MONITORING3 Windows/Linux Incremental backups and deduplication Flexible backup scheduling Recovery at a sole document level Data compression and encryption
  8. 8. TechExpert Company UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKS4 Design Implementation Upgrade Collaboration tools Audio and video communications Networking technologies
  9. 9. TechExpert Company IT-PROCESSES AND SERVICES DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES Implementation of the process approach to IT service management (ITSM) GLPI-based automation of the IT department IT department optimization and automation based on Microsoft System Center Service Manager 5 Services:
  10. 10. TechExpert Company Industry-tailored solutions for business process management TechExpert. Portal CRM Hospitality CRM Pharm  Effective communication and collaboration  Single database  Joint work of employees of the various departments  Formalization and automation of management processes requests from employees  Creating a single database of customers and their histories  Business Process Management  Management and marketing automation  Management and automation of the sales process, increasing its efficiency  Quality customer service (including service and resource management)  Data analysis and reporting  Unified database of physicians, medical institutions and pharmacies  Storing the history of the relationship with the client  An effective tool for planning visits and Itinerary  Management and distribution of sales plans on regions and affiliated societies  A single information resource management and accumulation of marketing and medical materials in drugs 6
  11. 11. TechExpert Company SHAREPOINT AND CRM MAINTENANCE7  Consulting and Training  Documentation Preparation  Other Services upon Request  Expanding the functionality of the system  Consulting (incidents, problems, changes in the standard)  Performance Monitoring and Event Management  Incident and problem management
  12. 12. TechExpert Company APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT8 Project outsourcing Full-cycle product development Time & Material Backend and Desktop Custom features development Databases Frameworks
  13. 13. TechExpert Company Migration on Windows 10/Office 2016 Implementation of planning services within the framework of INFRASTRUCTURE MIGRATION AND ADMINISTRATION Migration Administration  server support  workstations support, office equipment administration  IP telephony support and maintenance and other services 9 Outsourcing Prepaid service Incident service Outstaffing
  14. 14. TechExpert Company IT AND BUSINESS EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION Microsoft Cisco Systems Open Source (incl. Linux/FreeBSD, Asterisk, Xen) Hewlett-Packard ProCurve Oracle Lotus VMWare Symantec ITIL IBM 10
  15. 15. TechExpert Company 00CONTACT TechCenter s.r.o. Chudčická 1311/7 635 00 Brno Czech Republic +420 725 123 645