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Построение частного облака на примере использования Windows Server 2012R2 и семейства продуктов System Center 2012 R2

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Построение частного облака на примере использования Windows Server 2012R2 и семейства продуктов System Center 2012 R2

  1. 1. БорсукАлександр, Архитектор инфраструктурных решений
  2. 2. 1. Улучшения Hyper-V вWindows Server 2012 R2 2. System Center для Дата центра 3. ВозможностиWindows Azure Pack
  3. 3. • OnlineVHDX Resize • Resource Metering • Storage QoS • Live Migration with Compression • Hyper-V Replica • Generations 2VMs • Динамическая миграция без общего хранилища • И т.д.
  4. 4. {
  5. 5. Self-Service – Silverlight based web experience for users to consume VMs, applications & services, managed by VMM Deployment – Users can deploy from Templates, or Service Templates and can upgrade services if allowed by role settings Access – Console & RDP access to VMs is provided, if allows by role settings Service Providers – Through the Service Provider Foundation, users can consume clouds from on premise, and Service-Provider capacity Rich, self-service experience for VM & app management
  6. 6. App Controller integrates with VMM, and provides access to any VMM clouds VMM clouds can consist of capacity from Hyper-V, vSphere, XenServer or a combination Users & Groups can be delegated access to these vSphere-based clouds with individual-level capacity limits Users can deploy vSphere-based VM & Service Templates to vSphere hosts Users can also have access to Windows Azure for deploying VMs & applications Self-Service access to VMs running on vSphere
  7. 7. Azure Infrastructure Services – Spin up new Windows Server & Linux VMs in minutes & adjust usage as your needs change Rich Interface – Intuitive experience for creating and managing virtual machines through the browser Integrated – Use App Controller to deploy & manage apps & services on Azure Combined Templates – Use existing Azure images, or upload your own using App Controller Integrating Public Cloud IaaS with On Premise Infrastructure
  8. 8. Rich Dashboards - monitors the key elements of the infrastructure – physical, virtual, hardware, software, and within applications and presents the key information through simple visual dashboards Centralized Alerting – OpsMgr collects information about monitored services and in the event of an issue, raises an alert Extensible – Management Packs enable OpsMgr to monitor other technologies Knowledge – Helps admins remediate issues faster with inbox product guidance Topology Views – Visualize key systems and applications across physical and virtual Comprehensive infrastructure & application monitoring
  9. 9. IT Service Management – Service Manager provides Incident, Problem, Change & Release management. Service & Request Offerings, along with SLA Management are also in the box ITaaS – Rich self-service portal based on SharePoint providing role-based access to the service catalog. Integration – Connectors simplify and streamline integration between Service Manager and other System Center components. Business Intelligence – Powerful data warehouse for rich, integrated reporting. Cloud Services Process Pack – Free download providing pre-built Service Requests, Request Offerings and Runbooks IT Service Management with System Center Integration
  10. 10. Custom Automation – build, test, debug, deploy, and manage automation in your environment. Integration – integrates with System Center, other Microsoft products, and non-Microsoft products to enable interoperability across the data center Orchestration – provides the tools for orchestration to combine software, hardware, and manual processes into a seamless system Workflow management solution for the data center
  11. 11. Workloads – DPM protects key workloads, at a granular application level, up to every 15 minutes. Disk/Tape – DPM supports protecting short-term to disk, and long-term to tape. Azure Integration – DPM now supports archiving data up to Windows Azure Centralized protection for key VMs and applications
  12. 12. Scalable Web application platform Infrastructu re Services (IaaS) Thepower of Software Defined Networking VMsand Database as aService Reliable messaging
  13. 13. • статистика использования ресурсов, возможности интеграции биллинга облачных систем с учетными системами 1С, Dynamix AX, SAP --> Необходим Cloud Cruiser Express • отчеты о мгновенных используемых ресурсах и доступности(масштабирования) ресурсов или средствами ваших систем и/или использования для этого средств BI SharePoint и др; • прогнозирование необходимых ресурсов требуемых через какое то время( месяц, квартал, полугодие, год) на основе данных расходования ресурсов(Capacity Management) --> Необходим Cloud Cruiser