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Warner brothers presentation


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Warner brothers presentation

  1. 1. Media Institutions<br />
  2. 2. Who did we choose to <br />Distribute our film?<br />In order to match the profile of mass audience disaster movies we decided we needed to go with a major conglomerate, after accessing the possible distributers; we decided on Warner Brothers, due to the company being both horizontally and vertically integrated.<br />Warner brothers was also a well respected and established history originally formed in 1918 plus it has many blockbuster films to back up its acclaim such as Harry potter series (one of the highest grossing series of all time) and Batman dark Night, another extremely popular film.<br />Another reason for choosing Warner Brothers is that it fitted with the disaster genre, hence major action films are shot in America and distributed abroad. Warner brothers main base is situated in California.<br />
  3. 3. How would Warner brothers be<br /> implemented into producing<br />And distributing our film?<br />Whilst Warner Brothers already have an established production company in place that produce the majority of their films “Warner film studios" we would consider looking at teaming up with their production company to produce the film, this may help us to attract larger name actors due to greater financial backing.<br />Warner brothers will though be fully implemented into the distribution of our film through Warner Distribution and may exhibit the film through Warner Cinemas. Clearly they are a vertically integrated company.<br />
  4. 4. How are Warner Brother <br />horizontally integrated?<br />Warner brothers have various channels of distribution already established and as a result should have no issues in the marketing of our product.<br />They are horizontally integrated in the way that they can produce a variation of other media products and merchandise from our film. They currently own Rock steady games so the production of a video game should be no issue and have various links with other companies that could be used to produce merchandise. <br />In terms of existing films, Warner brothers have brought out various video games including the popular Arkham Asylum for batman, the dark night. By making use of Warner brothers links to produce other types of products from the film, it should diversify and target people outside the original primary audience to come along and watch the film.<br />
  5. 5. How could our film be marketed <br />by Warner brothers ?<br />Our film could be marketed in a series of different ways through Warner distribution. As Warner brothers are a major company financially any method of advertising is viable this means we may be able to feature a trailer on TV. to target a mass audience, make use of posters, fast-food deals (such as Burger king did with dark night) plus other methods such as advertising on social networking sites or via Youtube.<br />