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Presentation ITV Blue


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ITV Blue delivers Instant Interaction between Television and Internet

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Presentation ITV Blue

  1. 1. Interactive Television Network
  2. 2. What is ITV Blue? ITV Blue is an Interactive Television Systemenabling any TV broadcaster to deliver related web content at home, while viewers are watching Television.
  3. 3. Dual ScreensThe growth of the Internet to now over 2 Billion people, and the drastic rise insmartphone and tablet sales, research have shown that viewers in growingnumbers are using their internet device together with watching TV.In some countries the growth of dual screen usage while watching TV is up to77% and lowest is 57% in Spain. (see reports later in this presentation).So with millions of people ready at home, it is time for ITV Blue to deliver theworlds most advanced tool for TV Broadcasters to link their web content tothe TV programming enabling Interactive Television with millions of viewers inreal time.Perfect for Sports, News, Entertainment and Advertising
  4. 4. Program coverageThe ITV Blue System can deliver synchronized web content at home, based onboth LIVE or Recorded TV programs.When programs are recorded, the system can organize a script that displays theexact right page at home, while the show airs on TV.For LIVE coverage a producer – select a prepared series of links, ready forbroadcast live, once something happens (soccer player scores – stats are shown athome etc.)Best usage for the broadcaster: News (LIVE) Sports (LIVE) Game & Quiz Shows (pre-recorded) Reality shows (pre-recorded) Real time viewer polls (LIVE) – political debates, live shows Advertising (pre-recorded)
  5. 5. Success criteria and modelAs a broadcaster – you have both TV and Web content, ITV Blue is purely theLinking Company providing a white label solution - that enables you as abroadcaster to connect your viewers at home on any Internet Device in realtime.In order to achieve success, it is essential that you market the service to youraudience, both on air and online to gain massive viewer participation, everytime you have decided to cover a program online as well.The business model with a large audience works in the following two areas:A. CPM based model – creating massive page views on your web siteB. Full Screen web commercials, linked with the TV commercial
  6. 6. Viewers Accessing ServiceThe way for the viewers to access service can be done in various ways:A. Promote the link on TV, and online (example: Ask viewers to SMS to a short code and receive link via SMSC. Promote a QR Code that links to the URL (print media)D. Implement URL into your existing App (very little work)When viewers access service, they will have your Station ID displayed on their deviceand a visual bar delivering thumbnails of each new page received.During broadcast the viewer can interact with each page, pause for any new page, orstop any new pages from arriving.After completed broadcast, the viewer can now repeat the entire program (with sametiming as originally) or select any thumbnail with text and review any page received.
  7. 7. Main Broadcast ControlWhen you sign up for the ITV Blue system, we will provide you with a web login as main stationadministrator, where you can assign individuals access with rights management to handle theday-to-day operation.Main features are setting up a TV program’s Web Content, with a START page (explaining to theviewer what to expect in this program, also if they join after the program started). END page is apage displayed after a show has completed, thanking the viewers for participating, perhapsupdating them about show results, or promoting next interactive show on the channel.After setting up the show, producer can now1. Add URL’s and text description2. Add thumbnail to the URL (150X150)3. Select the exact time page should be shown, after broadcast start4. Define potential expiration time of a URL (if needed)5. Export show, Import shows (can be edited in Excel)During show, producer can watch real time stats on how many viewers are using which deviceand can extract full statistics after a show has completed.
  8. 8. Stats moduleAfter a show have completed, the stats module is the tool you need to invoiceyour advertisers.Here you can view every page and how many viewers watched which pageand on what device, in what program, which day and on which channel.We also provide a 3D diagram of how many viewers watched in average andon which devices they used during the show – this provides essentialinformation for future promotions of shows.
  9. 9. Delivery and SupportThe ITV Blue System can be delivered – ready for service within 7 days of signingyour agreement with ITV Blue.We provide a 2 day training session and first 7 days at launch, we provide on-siteassistance to help you get started.Standard system handles 30.000 real time viewers at home, which can beexpanded to unlimited.ITV Blue is hosted on Amazon (global presence) with full fail over and backupsystems to make sure – your service will be available at all times.During broadcast, ITV Blue provides real time support assistance in case you needhelp with anything.Main Controller will feature multiple language versions, including English, French,Spanish, German, Russian, Bulgarian and Danish among others.
  10. 10. AgreementITV Blue normally offers a 12 month contract, with automatic prolongation atexpiration of yearly agreement.There is a setup fee (12 month hosting, support and license) which in mostcases are earned back within first month of service.Standard SLA – can be selected (your choice)Expansion of service (additional 30.000 viewers) can be done within 48 hoursof order.ITV Blue work on a revenue share basis of new revenue (To be agreed).Agreement is always non-exclusive.If you wish to test the entire system before signing an agreement, we canprovide you with a USD 5.000 test system that handles a small number ofviewers until you are ready to go live with the full system. (will be reimbursedwhen signing agreement).
  11. 11. Next StepsContact ITV Blue today for a LIVE demo Write to: or contact us hereAziz Taj, COO Ivan Solvason, CEOMobile: +4540 681 682 Mobile:
  12. 12. The Growing MarketThe market for services that integrates Television, Computers, Smartphones aregrowing with amazing speed.Currently 60% of US population will use another internet connected device, whilewatching TV, according to Nielsen Media each month – see graph on next slide.Americans are now spending as many hours online as they do in front of their TVscreens, according to a survey released by Forrester on Monday (13th of December2010). Source: Forrester
  13. 13. Multi screen usage in USA Source: Nielsen
  14. 14. TV 2 Web Content Examples • Deeper information on a story News • Real time viewer polls • Participate live with contentGameShows • Win prizes in real time • Participate in competitions/promotionsAdvertising • Buy products advertised on TV
  15. 15. Voting example web page
  16. 16. Multi Screen experience Real Time Triggered online eventiPhone/Touch Tablets Android WM7 Mobile PC Mac